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  1. On reflection it''s unlikely to be as much as 7,000 - but could be close to 5,000. I''d prefer us to be at home in the second leg though. Bring it on I say.
  2. Is it true we would be entitled to take an allocation of  about 7,000 at Poorman Road? Imagine the police overtime for that one...
  3. I know it''s harsh, but much like the injury to Zema is our promotion season which led to the final push for the loan signings, I think the injury to Nelson might turn out to be a key point for us too, because of the replacement it brought in... I just think Barnett gives us that extra mobility at the back, not quite as wooden.
  4. A reminder to those knocking Grant Holt: a) He has already scored the winner in TWO away games this season b) The guy is a ****ing hero after what he did last season and deserves 100% support c) Who won the penalty today? d) If Lambert thinks he''s good enough - he IS good enough e) Grow up  
  5. What a frightening list of bang average dross. Lee and Lewis the only ones I''d touch with a barge pole - and that would be only as benchwarmers.
  6. To my mind the fact we''ve pulled 27k for this game is evidence not only that we could be a world cup venue - I know we''d have to increase the capacity - but also that we really do have the catchment area to support a Premiership club in the long-term. Great advert for the club, even though the crowd will be a mix of hi-pitched kids and chavs counting down the minutes before they go and get pizzed on PoW Road.      
  7. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"] Sorry got the mathes a bit wrongwhichdoes occur often at my age!   River end upper tier holds 2500, Barclay upper tier nearl 3000, community bottom tier 7-800 and both City stand corners infills hold 600 each.   I''ll be surprised if the crowd is over 20,000!  [/quote] Still reckon there will be less than 20k there? Don''t think so. Funny how the FA chose Norwich rather than its prospective world cup venues of MK or Plymouth when it needed to garantee a decent crowd for a kids game against Romania on a Friday night...
  8. I know it ends in a swear word so will be greeted by disdain by most, but to the same tune as the "When I was just, a little boy..." puppet chant about Ipswich: Paul Lambert, remember the name; He marked Zidane, out of the game, And now he''s ours, he quit Col U, He said I''m off to a big club - Robbie Cowling **** you! De de de der de da (repeat).  
  9. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]Wicked, love watching the older games. I bought a 1989-1990 handbook from ebay for 2 quid, brand new condition too. Looking at our games from the previous season, player and staff interviews and all the results from all the games in history, one game when we were near the top, we had about 11000 fans present.[/quote] It''s true our support did not used to be as good, as least in the 80s and 90s. But I think you have to take some of the *official* attendances from the Robert Chase era with a pinch of salt. Many was the time I would look around the ground and think it was pretty much full, only for an official attendance of 13,456 to flash up...maybe it was just me though...
  10. Well they robbed us of Europe for years, they robbed football in general of standing areas - why not take our manager too... I am enjoying every minute of their decline. As I tell all Liverpool fans: "Football changes. You are just the new Everton. Sometimes good, sometimes bad - but no longer Big Four. Get used to it." Newcastle went down and they get bigger crowds than Liverpool.
  11. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"] 80% of the river end upper tier haven''t been sold and they haven''t started selling tickets in the Barclay upper tier. The Aviva Community stand lower tier hasn''t sold many and neither has either of the City stand corner infills.   Therefore I''d say its very unlikely we''ll see the biggest crowd for years cause at the moment theirs at least 13,000 unsold tickets, though of course it would be nice to see the ground filled!   I''d say the Leedscum home game and S cum Derby game are the 2 games where we''re most likely to see 26,000+ crowds. Hopefully if our good run continues then we''ll see some more 26,000 crowds towards the end of the season!  [/quote] Not sure where you have got the figure of 13k from. Looks more like 5-6k at the most to me, and still five days of hype left to sell them. Think it will get close.
  12. "Arthur "Jedward" Whittle"]I''m with mainline on this. You may very well laugh it off but it is just one of the many things sky has done to change the face of British football and not for the better IMO. Please give an example of how Soccer Am has affected Norwich City for the worse? Not having a pop, just interested.
  13. I have a theory that John Ruddy is just Dean Ashton trying to start a new career as a ghoul keeper. Looks just like him. Would explain the gaffes.
  14. [quote user="Mainline"] [quote user="6088m canary"]It is absolutely moronic..... I agree it is symptomatic of the current attitude towards football.  Two "trendy" twentysomethings putting on mockney accents and generic chants that they may have heard down the pub once. Used to be a big fan of football focus....good interviews with managers,coaches,even groundstaff and fans. Half decent punditry. Soccer AM really is the white van man''s show of choice......and as such should it not have a much fitter presenter?!?! The daily star wouldnt put her on page three would they?!!? :P [/quote] 100% agree with the points you make there. SKY / Soccer AM have helped kill the game as we know. There are so many things that are wrong with modern day football and SKY is at the heart of the problem.     [/quote] "Soccer AM have helped kill the game as we know." - Dear oh dear. Calm down pal.
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