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  1. this thread will probably be removed. Nowt to do with ncfc official commentary
  2. foxyproxy does not seem to be compliant with firefox 3.6
  3. [quote user="Big Slob"]My bet365 stream has been top notch, hasn''t lagged/stopped once, and the quality has been brilliant [Y] Shame about the penalty, think we''ve looked quite good, although i don''t think K. Smith has touched it once yet. They look pretty dangerous going forward though especially Taraabt and his wicked through balls.[/quote]how have you managed it?, you rreckon you''re in norwich, yet bet365 aint streaming it in england. you got an ip hider or something?
  4. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Anyone else''s Italian stream disappeared? I got an error message about a copyright claim and it won''t restart. Disappointing - it was the smoothest one I''ve ever had [:(][/quote]i got that too!. what a shame
  5. [quote user="Adam NCFC"]Lordy can u put the link in here mate?[/quote]archant aint gonna like it. i''ll pm you all
  6. you ever watched a game with italian commentary?. This f**ker aint shut up!
  7. [quote user="Death by Chocolate Starfish"]It''s on Bet365[/quote]it dont seem to be on their english site
  8. [quote user="liamcicada"]this ones up http://tiny.cc/uhxps[/quote]IDIOT! for those who like me are mug enough to follow the link. Its RICK F**KING ASTLEY!jog on son
  9. martin peters - world cup winnerpeter osgood - washed up p1sshead [yes he was on our books, for the youngsters]billy steele - good pub landlordalan taylor - delivered my papersian mellor - the spider manduncan forbes - hard but fairkevin bond - fathers first choice
  10. [quote user="Adam_2010"]13 midfielders!?! They don''t play 4-6-0 do they!?![/quote]no, silly, thats what scotland does!
  11. the long and the short of it is quite simple......get 6 points off them job''s done
  12. [quote user="Col Canary"]Yep. 7 of us going. Train to Liv St then Central Line to Shepherds Bush. There are plenty of pubs in Shepherds Bush Green and also up the Uxbridge Rd.[/quote]can i suggest the ''shepherd and flock'' on the goldhawk road.............why?.........I USED TO BE THE MANAGER THERE!otbc
  13. Have just got home to read that the u21 game on friday is sold out. With ticket prices like that, i am not surprised though. Now thats how to market a game compared to the terrible empty seats in colchester. Well done city fans and the people of norfolk. This will show that we can hold and support international football at FCR.Would love to be there, but due to work, virginmedia''s v+ recording will have to do
  14. [quote user="Willmeister"][quote user="lordyfan"]have got on:black country communion: black country communionto be followed by.....yes: 90125/the electric boys: funk o metal carpet rideprobably nothing you guys ever heard of but hell, i like it[/quote]Lordy, what do you think of BCC. I''m a big Joe Bonamassa fan, but on first listen to BCC was slightly disappointed but its now really growing on me. Song For Yesterday is an absolute cracker.[/quote]now, i''m not a fan of joe, but a huge fan off glenn hughes. its nice to hear jb not in his usual style. personally, its taken me a few listens, but its by far one of the best cds of the year. I spoke to glenn last friday, and there may be another album before they tour next year!
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