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  1. kingsway - the section of block A closest to the wall never went on sale for this one, it was blocked out on the online ticketing from the start. Presumably the people who were in there had tickets further along and moved over. Not sure what the reason was - maybe a one-off closure order by the SAG.
  2. Worth flagging that those prices you''ve listed - £23, £18 etc - all include a £2 discount for which the £25 outlay of Priority Membership is required, so that takes the average cost up for buying casual tickets - not to mention the £1.50 a time booking fee unless you buy in person. Having done the maths on the individual ticket prices so far, even with this £10 deal included ST holders are still well up on average across the season - and that''s without having had the Ipswich and Leeds games yet, which will presumably both be £40 as in previous years. It''s clear from the seating plan that Brentford have sent back a big block of seats - as a ST holder while I agree we are paying too much, I''m also fine with a deal at an expensive time of year that ensures those seats will be filled with fellow fans who are perhaps unable to commit to a ST.
  3. Recommend you don''t use Trainline in future as they charge booking fees. You can buy the exact same advance fares on any train operating company website (e.g. Greater Anglia''s) with no fees. However the £10 fee to amend tickets is an industry standard.
  4. Contrary to what a few are stating here, the Man City FA Cup game last year was £20, not £15, fwiw: NORWICH City''s Emirates FA Cup Third Round home game with Manchester City will take place on Saturday, January 9 (3pm). Tickets for the Carrow Road tie are now on general sale and are priced in the following categories: Adults: £20 65+: £18 Under-17s: £10 Under-12s: £5 http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/norwich-city-manchester-city-fa-cup-tickets-2842160.aspx
  5. Another issue with buy back alongside the valid ones raised above is that I believe on the current system, seats put up for buy back only become available when the rest of the stadium is sold out. This presumably means that all of the individual scattered seats in areas like the Wensum corner with restricted views have to be sold first...there''s a game coming up I can''t attend where my two seats in the Barclay would get snapped up as there aren''t many other seats together available, but if they won''t show up for sale until every other seat in the ground is sold, i.e. maybe never, is it worth even putting them up? Of course, I haven''t got an invite to the meeting either...but it would be good if someone could raise these points!
  6. To the tune of ''Everywhere we goooo'' etc They''re the Murphy twins They''re the Murphy twins When they''re on the pitch, we can''t tell which one''s which They''re the Murphy twins
  7. There WERE NOT more fans in the terrace than had tickets. The Leppings Lane terrace was split into four pens which it was almost impossible to move between laterally once you were in due to the high fences. Before the exit gate was opened, the two central pens were already full, while the ones either side were almost empty (watch video footage from the day and you will see, John Motson mentions it in his commentary). What the police should have done was close off the entrance to the two central pens and direct the fans into the side pens where there was plenty of space. They failed to do this and so when the exit gate was opened the crowd naturally headed for the nearest access point to the terrace, directly in front of them, not realising it was already full inside. Once they were in, they were unable to turn back, and the crush built up. There were not more fans than had tickets on that terrace. The issue was that they were not evenly distributed across the terrace due to the bad design of the stadium and the mismanagement of the situation by the South Yorkshire Police, as has been evidenced in this latest ruling. There are plenty of explanatory reports and videos on news websites today (Guardian and BBC particularly good) which explain visually what I''ve stated above and what is describe below from the official report. ''202. Secondly, such figures as are available from the Club''s electronic monitoring system and from analyses by the HSE suggest that no great number entered without tickets. They show that the number who passed through turnstiles A to G plus those who entered through gate C roughly equalled the terrace capacity figure of 10,100 for which tickets had been sold. The Club''s record showed 7,038 passed through turnstiles A to G. However, the counting mechanism on turnstile G was defective, so the HSE did a study using the video film and projecting figures from the other turnstiles. This gave an assessment of 7,494, with a maximum of 7,644 passing through A to G. Again, using the video, the HSE assessed the number who entered the ground whilst gate C was open at 2,240 with a maximum of 2,480. Accordingly, the HSE''s best estimate of the total entering through gate C and turnstiles A to G was 9,734 with a maximum of 10,124.1 recognise that these can only be rough checks because, for example, some with terrace tickets were allowed through turnstiles 1 to 16 and there would be other similar factors which have not formed part of the assessment. Nevertheless, the figures do suggest that there was not a very significant body of ticketless fans in the crowd which built up.''
  8. The points reset every year. Your current total works out as 1000 (season ticket holders) or 500 (priority members) + 50 points for every 2014-15 away game (inc play-off final) + 50 points for every 2015-16 away game so far. At the start of next season the 2014-15 games will be knocked off so everyone''s points will drop to be built up again in the new season.
  9. It hasn''t been moved yet, it depends which day Man City play the following week (Tuesday or Wednesday) as to whether the TV slots for our game and their game get swapped. It will either be Saturday 5.30pm or Sunday 4pm, both would be on TV. We will know after the draw on Friday.
  10. Yikes, I hope you''ve paid by credit card nycanary - ticketbis.net is a notoriously dodgy operation...
  11. For Kiwi and any others interested - I was in there for the Newcastle game and there were plenty of Norwich fans in watching in the front snug, with all the usual City flags up. It''s technically for Capital Canaries members and their guests only, but you can sign up on the day - membership is only £10 a season and entitles you to all the travel discounts and events.
  12. Smiley is corrrect, these websites are extremely dodgy and I implore anyone not to be tempted. They simply list lots of tickets in various sections to all big events at massive mark-ups, but they do not actually have the tickets. Should anyone actually make a purchase, they''ll then try and source the tickets via the black market, usually keeping the purchaser hanging on until the last minute with promises - often that you need to wait at the venue on the day for someone from the company to meet you. If you''re lucky you''ll get your tickets (usually in a different section to what you booked) - if, as is more likely, you''re not, you''ll either get fake ones or they''ll admit there are no tickets, by which point you''ve no chance of getting any legit ones - and good luck getting a refund of your money, particularly as the sites are almost all registered abroad. You can check reviews on independent consumer sites by googling the website name - be aware that they frequently post fake positive five star reviews, but in between there''s usually plenty of disgruntled customers who''ve experienced what I describe above.
  13. Just in case anyone is tempted by the TicketBis link posted above or any other similar sites - AVOID - these are very dodgy sites (see online reviews) and you are highly likely to be left with no or fake tickets, and no chance of a refund of the hundreds of pounds you''ve paid. Only buy tickets through the club
  14. Play-off final tickets are printed by the league and in recent years sales have been outsourced to SeeTickets (who do Glastonbury, big concert tours etc) so I expect it would be through them online/on phones, with all tickets sent through post. Club would supply the list of season ticket holders, members etc to SeeTickets to ensure fans can buy in whatever priority order is applied (presumably one per ST holder, member etc)
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