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  1. According to Jamie :) twitter.com/literallyjamie
  2. not slating Ruddy at all but when you look at the stats he has conceded 6 goals in the last two games so not looking that great on paper at the moment.
  3. can see them all selling out to supermembers. are there still super memberships available? as that would be the best way of getting a ticket.
  4. harsh to put all 3 goals on ruddy, there was one that he should of made the save but all goals were down to shoddy defending. anyway write it off main focus is now villa away, a point there would be great.
  5. I was sitting in the upper barclay and could cleary hear the players shouting to eachother at times
  6. Ahh, I thought you meant the subs made during play.
  7. I''m pretty sure they do announce them, well mumble them.
  8. it''s tough Holt deserves a start but we can''t change the current line up, the form is too good.
  9. cringeworthy to see these old, bald, fat men playing billy bright on the weekends,
  10. Profits up and debts down. http://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/norwich_city_release_annual_accounts_1_1090986
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