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  1. Garbage Sinani, nunez, omabadelle very poor, tell how poor we are, McLean our best player!
  2. K Sara Sara It's plain to see to see He's better than Villas Emi K Sara Sara
  3. As long as its not Sunak, Badenoch or Zahawi, Braverman. Liz Truss for me
  4. As long as its not Sunak, Badenoch or Zahawi, Liz Truss for me
  5. Glad they've gone! We certainly don't want a muslim in the hottest, no good for any of us! Boris, stop telling lies and get on with doing the good job of leading our country, you're the man, bulldog spirit will always prevail!
  6. Haa haaaa Women's football, its a joke, stick to netball and take your commentators with you!!
  7. God you lot talk some b.llocks, l know most of you are cabbage, but even so, keep on topic FFS!
  8. Self funding club? Fantastic!. Delia tell the Yanks to 'kiss my ****' A huge percentage of clubs would love to be in our position, Man U 700mill in debt, mo thanks!
  9. Just listened to the interview, talks a hell of a lot of sense, I for one am proud of our club on and off the pitch, Webber is doing a great job running the club as most supporters would have wanted. Finance is always gona be an issue, that's why the academy is vital. He gambled on signings in the close season, no doubt they had quality but as a lot of foreign players, didnt deliver on the pitch, not all Webbers fault. He talks about the fans, we need to get the atmosphere back, lm sure it will be next season if we are doing well. But to create atmosphere you need singing, new songs and plenty of them, not Ye Army or OTBC 20 times a game, pathetic effort. We need a Viera type next season, someone big and strong who can boss midfield, then lm sure we will be OK. If your a fan you like excitement at games, promotion is great let's keep achieving it, ld prefer to be a yo yo club rather than a boring Burnley or a skint Sheff Utd!
  10. Oh dear lve rattled the cabbage window lickers cages. Forget it numpties lve sorted it
  11. The day l go and watch women play football, the world will ice over! Its sh.te! Get back behind the sink!
  12. They are all too busy licking the windows or singing yee army, also OTBC (Wrongly) to get back to you!
  13. Must be a scummer as even more embarrassing than our window lickers on cabbage!
  14. The Snakepit is the core of this Football Club, always has been always will be, for noise and intimidation. You don't like the area then that's your problem!
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