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  1. Hardly, most of their goals were inside the 6 yard box. Their xG will be almost as big as their actual goal tally I also imagine our xG would be less than 1.
  2. Mumba coming back will/could be the replacement
  3. It started as “One more year Pukki one more year” Then ”Got five years Idah got five years” however that only happened the once and we did that chant several times
  4. It’s not the end of the world but it’s a bit embarrassing when the guy is doing all his beats and still no one can produce any noise
  5. Definitely have him over some of the other names mentioned - Dyche? Bruce? Really?
  6. Here’s one - no idea how credible it is
  7. Know one of the “Elite” members pretty well and he was pretty sure they’ll be bringing it in starting Friday.
  8. I’d go for Hassenhuttl or if we could get him Knutsen
  9. Their fans seem to be enjoying it
  10. An interesting development has come out from the QPR fans yesterday…
  11. McCallum going to make it hard for Dimi to get back into this team
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