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  1. If we were really going to embrace the past with our kits we should have that as an away kit
  2. A vape company as a sponsor? That’s a terrible idea. You don’t see cigarette companies on football shirts, you shouldn’t see those either
  3. That Watford game showed Sargent to be an actual decent footballer. Despite my profile picture () I actually think he was one of our better players at the end of his season before he got injured and for most of the season in general. He is going to be important this season.
  4. New kit soon to follow I’d assume. Looks very good imo, crest and sponsor sit very nicely
  5. I think we’re the last team who will need to switch kits
  6. As we're American now we should be loving this!
  7. This is the first time I ever even noticed that pattern on it!
  8. This concept kit often floats around each season and gets people somewhat excited. It looks brilliant though, I never understood why we haven’t used it
  9. He got away with it because of how well he played before his injury. Gilmour never played well.
  10. Losing star player (Grant Holt) and replacements (van Wolfswinkel) being very sub par… Would surely never happen again.
  11. I think we will get 22 points. However, I said this when we lost to Newcastle, I think we will have another 6-match losing streak. We will pick up a point or three from Tottenham
  12. What is it with our players and Instagram posts??
  13. The supposed "in the know" account on Twitter had this to say about the matter
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