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  1. Wokeys at work with no concept of fierce rivalries between clubs. The wet behind the ears people who run football clubs these days have totally lost the plot.
  2. She has been asleep at the wheel for years and a messy crash is imminent.
  3. Can we afford 'cheap' these days? Pushing the boat out isn't on the agenda these days.
  4. NCFC has a village club mentality. We have become an embarrassment in the eyes of the wider game.
  5. You overlook the great years Chase gave the supporters and the many other players he saw at the club besides Sutton and 'want away' big time Charlie O'Neill. Sutton would have left anyway in due course as he was too good to stay much longer. Delia hasn't been honest about very much from the original 'I saved the club' nonsense her spin machine pumped out. I surprised you have understood that yet.
  6. My sun tan says missing this God awful shambles of a season is a good idea....
  7. Dear me... is that really the best you can do? Still upset because you weren't a member of the Purists?
  8. You can only keep a dirty secret for so long before you get caught out. How she fooled so many for so long is beyond me.
  9. We used to be described in the same mould as West Ham once upon a time and quality talent came to our geographical outpost to be a part it.... now we are a sanctuary for donkeys that no-one else wants.
  10. Did she ever care or was our club just a shop window for her ego? She may have got away with it had she not clung on and made it so patently obvious. Her weak kneed legacy will linger long in the club I'm afraid.
  11. Delia sees talent as money in the bank. Always has. My how the great Robert Chase got castigated for doing much less after so many wonderful years of success..
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