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  1. We've had enough goakeepers to make up a full team. Maybe Webber was planning on breeding with them.
  2. I would add another half dozen to that plus some which I hope will be sold on to League One clubs or below. Farke's show ponies need to go before we can get this club back on track.
  3. Hey up.... Mrs Brown's Boy has just chirped in looking for some attention.
  4. Get your own. The Clappies Whatsapp Group award is precious.
  5. And you being a teacher too.? I wonder what your head would say about your online behaviour?
  6. Imagine getting stuck in a lift with you for half an hour? I'd be praying for the cable to snap.
  7. The rot set in when Chairmen and Chairwomen became Chairpersons.
  8. Can't wait for the presentation on Sunday.
  9. Sinani for me for having the sense to get out of it.
  10. Strange that these gay people seem to think they are so interesting. Get on with it and just be who you are wthout telling the world where you choose to park your car. It's football and football should be all about football.
  11. I wanted him gone long before he went. But for Teemu and Emi making him look good we would have been a bang mid table Championship club.... and notice there were few tears in the dressing room when he left. All that happened is Delia got more millions and Webber wasted most of it.
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