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  1. Oh dear. With fools like Nutty around what hope is there for this once fine football club?
  2. So that's 4 guaranteed tonkings this season then... Ipswich plus Leeds home and away. Along with the rest I fear.
  3. I think when people see no future they tend to look back with rose coloured spectacles.
  4. Farke won't last the season at Leeds. Nasty club.... nasty fans. Norwich was a one off 'success' for him in English football and he should have stayed in Germany.
  5. Women's cricket is just as funny....as for women's rugby the less said the better.
  6. Max to Leeds at a knock down price with Delia's blessing.
  7. You and your kind are very much part of the problem at the club and things won't change as long as the stands are full of 'sensitive souls' with mother fixations.
  8. Like I am bothered about what the forum whatsapp clique think? Some of us have known better days.... and better support.
  9. Abuse? Or just just disagreeing with the forum cancel culture zombies who can't bear not having their own way? I suspect my NCFC supporting pedigree would put most of the cry babies on here to shame. You and they don't own opinion whether you like it or not.
  10. Yep. Cricket at all levels is still mostly about 'playing the game' and treasuring it's history. I'm just enjoying it while I still can.
  11. Maybe they have got a life and don't see Norwich City (a business) as their bestest friend?
  12. A proper sport played by true sportsmen.
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