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  1. your customer number should not change   as to the season tickets - i know, they are taking their time.  i''m sure i had it already by this time last season.  however, i have no doubt they will arrive in plenty of time for the 13th Aug.  One month guys woohoo!
  2. having just read this, i now have the urge for a beef sarnie...   ... with fried onions...   ... and mustard.   yum
  3. it''s in his own hands, so to speak.  as morty says, a lot will depend on how well he plays this year - for him, and so many of our team, this is the biggest season of their careers
  4. i''d be happy with Upson for a 1 year contract so long as wages were not excessive (and no one on here can say for sure what they would be)   fact of the matter is that Whitbread has had excessive injury problems and whilst i hope he''s seen the last of them, we cannot pin all hopes on it. to a lesser extent the same could be said for Barnett who has only just come back from a long injury spell.   sometimes experience doesn''t have to be about how they play on the pitch - it can be how well they know the opposition players, the opposition''s manager and how he changes tactics during the game, and even experience with the referees.  for that reason - i''d sign him.
  5. I''ve seen both Titus and Tes in the city before - never met Titus but i have spoken to Tes and in my opinion he''s arrogant and nasty.  must have been hard for such a huge star to sign for Felixstowe or wherever he plays now!
  6. i''d like to see an experienced centre back come in - Ward, Whitbread and Barnett are fine but Whitbread has well documented injury concerns and Barnett has only just come back from a long term injury himself. Upson could be a good option, what with his Norfolk connections.  He may have been on £40-50k pw at West Ham but he''s not stupid - a player on a free transfer at his age is not going to demand "at least what i was on at West Ham". Also talks about Illunga and Gabbidon.  I''d prefer Upson out of those and Martin Taylor personally.   Would also like to see Adeyemi stay - even if just out on loan again for next season.  Bradford didn''t go as well for him as i''d hoped but in some friendlies i watched him play in he looks really promising.
  7. [quote user="ryan1992"]To be fair, When we signed Helveg, I was bl00dy impressed! At one time he was one of, if not the, best full backs in world football, and I believe won player of the year at least once for both Milan clubs. He obviously disappointed here, but this proves to me atleast, that you should never speculate how good a player will be until they have appeared in the green and yellow for a few games first! Pilkington, Bennett, Vaughan, Morison and RDL do definately seem very shrewd/clever signings however, which could turn out to be some of the best signings of our recent seasons [/quote] totally agree, no one can be sure how a new signing will turn out.  few examples would be Torres, Owen, and on a lesser extent Brown for us (who then did well, for a while, for Preston!)
  8. that rhyme has always confused me - who, in the history of the English language, has ever pronounced potato as potarto? i''m sure De Laet is pronounced der lat 
  9. haha - Charlton has done one now!   tell you who''d i''d like to see write one - Sammy Clingan.  "it could have been you Sammy"
  10. When you look at the list of players released on a free this summer it''s not surprising no one is interested yet.  I''d imagine those clubs are trying to sign any of the free players they can afford to pay, before having to pay a transfer fee for a contracted player.   BBC reckon Oldham are preparing a bid for Cody, other than that we''ll have to wait and see.  i wouldn''t be surprised if most of them stayed and had the odd loan here and there to League 1/2 clubs.
  11. haha - indeed, roll on next season   actually, i''ve just seen Jonathan Woodgate on London Road - oddly he''s selling the Big Issue magazine, so i guess he''s doing some charitable work prior to signing for NCFC.  seriously, if you look at Woodgate''s picture on google it''s definately him - same haircut and everything....
  12. I went to CR several times in movers and shakers week and predictably, there was not many seats available.
  13. He is on a free and i wouldn''t imagine his wages are in excess of the £20-25k mark so he could be a possibility. however, we just signed Johnson who plays in the same position, with Crofts and Fox competing for a similar position.  i''d rather we looked at positions in the team personally.
  14. i agree it''s getting old now but i guess no news is better than bad news... i''d rather we have very little going on than being in say Swansea''s position with the transfer issue or QPR''s position with rumours Warnock is off
  15. you would hope that any problems with player/ref attention would have been tested and corrected by clubs that had it earlier i for one won''t be watching the boards next season, the games should be much more interesting.
  16. exactly - what has football got to do with their town status if only the Govt had done what i suggested and, upon receiving their application to be a City, demoted them to a Village.   Ipswich Village - it just sounds right   ps. isn''t there an Ipswich City in Australia?
  17. Alysha; your name comes up as Estrella Alysha Estrella on my screen...
  18. Grant Holt CAN believe it''s not butter   Grant Holt doesn''t have a chin, he just has a third fist.
  19. i would suggest that was a sarcastic dig at some of the hilarious callers to Canary Call - glad only those in Norfolk can hear the sh*t they come out with
  20. i would love to go, and may still do so, but it is far away - for some reason i thought Wigan was this side on Manchester not tother! will keep an eye on it and wait for the club to confirm how much they charge season ticket holders for the coach up.
  21. love your attitude and optimism Mr Jas - i would love it if u were right and can''t wait for the season to start
  22. I think Dion is making less appearances on Sky as he has a contract with the BBC for the local Monday night football show, whatever it;s called.
  23. ashamed to say i was born in a Suffolk hospital, and grew up in Thetford.  now live in Norwich, ah home at last. lived on Fodhdhoo, Maldvies for a month if that counts!
  24. I''m surprised not many have mentioned Upson, what with his links to Norfolk etc.. Ok he''s past his peak but he has a lot of experience, and is still physically strong which we may need at CB if say Barnett got injured again.
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