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  1. Reykjavik Canary

    Pre season USA & ???

    Noticed that Mexicoan football legend Cuauhtémoc Blanco places for Sinaloa. That''s quite something (but he''s 40).

    They''re currently a mid table team in the Mexican 2nd tier (no doubt a strong division though considering the quality of Mexican football).

    This season they lost in a playoff-final for promotion to the top tier.

    They''re definitely some players in the Mexican division we might be having a look at. Considering they''ve won a number of trophies in younger ages recently (Olympics, U-17)

  2. Reykjavik Canary

    Thank you Simeon Jackson

    Bit racist of our club to ship out 3-4 players at once due to skin color.
  3. Reykjavik Canary

    Feels like losing a friend

    Clearly some here who don''t remember Pompey away. What a magical night.

    We would never have gotten into the top flight without this fella and Hughton hasn''t given him a chance to flourish.
  4. Reykjavik Canary

    Feels like losing a friend

    Why did Chris Hughton release Simeon Jackson. Almost every decision he makes completely baffles me.

    He''ll defo be picked up by our rivals and scoring hat tricks against us in the Prem next season.

    Can''t see anything but doom and gloom.

    Thanks for your services anyway Simeon, you''re forever a big part of this football club.
  5. Reykjavik Canary


    No much rather they go into administration and theyr players get injured. Hate that scum of a tin pot team.
  6. Reykjavik Canary

    Marc Tierney off to Bolton

    Sad to see him leave Chris wanker Hughton really starting to destroy this club from within.

    Sad sad day, never want to see a club legend leave.
  7. Reykjavik Canary

    If Holt leaves..

    I''d personally drive him back up to tinpot Carlisle, pay him 100$ for transferring to Carlisle and walk home. Don''t give a toss about that fat moron.

    Don''t want him near my club again.
  8. Reykjavik Canary

    Norwich tracking Harry Arter?

    You know that my account is attached to an Icelandic email? I''m at an Icelandic school?

    How that makes me English or Somali I don''t know.

    Been a Norwich fan since 2003-04.
  9. Reykjavik Canary

    6th highest end of season league position ever.

    But It''s 5th from last in points collected. More like lucky from a weak league than good season.

    Ship Hughton to Ipshit before he leaves us in the same mess Roedent did.
  10. Reykjavik Canary

    Holty finished as our top goalscorer!!

    That fat plonker must be shipped out back to non league Carlisle. Not fit for top level football anymore.

    Don''t give a toss about what him does as long as him leaves us.
  11. Reykjavik Canary

    Mark Halsey

    Thank god that tosser won''t step on the green again. Worse referees I can''t remember in a short think. Absolute tonkers that he can even pick up a flute. Completely empty between hers ears.
  12. Reykjavik Canary


    Darren Huckerby
  13. Reykjavik Canary

    Norwich tracking Harry Arter?

    plese not he''s utter trash a grade a bellend.

    dont want him in 500miles of carrow road. best kept in a cage in wales.

    hope we go for gary jones instead
  14. Reykjavik Canary

    Let silly season commence!!!!

    Gary Jones from Bradford - 100K

    Sell Bradley Johnson to Swansea - 2.5mil

    Daddy Madden (if we can afford his wages) - 150K

    Christian Jolley - 25K

    Michael Gash - 75K

    That way we don''t need to break the bank and go the same way as QPR. Important we sign players who are willing to give everything every game for us.
  15. Reykjavik Canary


    Last season we improved about nine places. This season by one place.

    If we dont give Hughton the boot we will finish 8 places lower in 19th.