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  1. my mates dad called up the Wigan ticket office, they are releasing the tickets to us this week. We get up to 5000 tickets. Wouldn''t be surprised if we near fill that!
  2. oh yeah! I''d forgotten about Chris Martin. Another Grant fact, he once ordered a Big Mac and Burger King, and got it.
  3. If (or when) Grant scores this season, he will have scored in the main 4 leagues in consecutive seasons (League 2 - Prem). There can''t be many players who have done that?
  4. but the companies you have worked for, don''t have 20000 people paying a lot of money for season tickets to watch you do your job, you don''t have another 5000 or so paying 30 odd quid each game, you also don''t have these 25000 chanting your name, buying shirts with your name on etc. Do you have people crowding around your work place, cheering you if you do something right? You say we need to realise to them its a job, maybe some players need to realise, to us its a lot more.
  5. we will be doing well to get the Birmingham centre backs! Roger Johnson, no chance. Scott Dann might be a better shout, but didn''t they get him for 5 million or something from Coventry?
  6. the bit i don''t like, "if Norwich were a Championship club, we wouldn''t be having this conversation"
  7. Away games will be good [:)] just hope not too many people jump on the bandwagon because we are going to Old Trafford. By the way, do you call the Jarrold, the Jarrold or the South Stand?
  8. another season in the River End it is then [:)] i still get to see the game so i guess i shouldn''t complain.
  9. Basically, i have sat in the N&P for 10 or so years, as an 18 year old i''m getting a bit fed up of the lack of atmosphere. I started to pay for my season ticket in February i think, but wondered if i am still able to change to the Barclay?
  10. i posted on one of there forums the other day explaining about the 1p5wich game being moved etc etc etc. Trying to be fair and nice about it all. I got some fair comments back but most were like "PRESSURE IS ON NORWICH" blah blah blah so i just went back and posted again [:P]
  11. haha! Well i was only trying to make a point [;)] and i agree Div, why are they even in our leagues? * off back to your own league!
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