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  1. We''ve had 5 shots on target so far, not bad but considering we are playing a championships second team and they''ve had 9.... Yeah it''s bad.
  2. Obviously highly rated, started the first game, was subject to rumoured interest from lambert and now a new 2 year contract just after getting injured. Good luck to the lad.
  3. It is EA we''re talking about so wouldn''t surprise me if it was real, all completely wrong though. Bit harsh on Redmond, and hopefully they get a bit of potential on this fifa so Redmond could reach the top along with the other youngsters if you get it right.
  4. Not going to say I have always been pro hughton because him and the board got it wrong by not signing quality upfront. With a few of the correct signings of a similar magnitude to van wolfswinkel we will be a good counter attacking side. We need quality no nonsense wingers possibly an attacking midfielder and possibly another defender. Just my opinion....
  5. Says at the end of the article that he is in the last year of his contract. Pretty sure he signed a new long term one in January...
  6. Would love for us to be at least in the mix for a player like this but it justs seems to obvious, we never sign obvious players....
  7. It wasn''t likely to happen though was it... we were getting caught out time and time again on the wings, thankfully there crossing was awful, all we needed was Wes leaving another gap for Jarvis or Vaz te to run in to.
  8. Jesus, imagine if Hughton stuck on Hoolahan for Surman, Hoolahan got caught out when drifting around the pitch, as he does, and Jarvis burst through, whipped a ball in and Nolan scores. Which at the time was quite likely to happen as the game was so finely balanced and West Ham were probably looking the more likely. This board would have gone into meltdown still! Hughton has already given us an incredibly more stable and strong defence this season without losing the potent attack, we had enough chances to beat QPR, Friedel had an amazing game against us for Spurs which is why we didn''t beat them and West Ham keeper made 4 or 5 great saves again denying us a victory. We had 14 shots on target, not to mention the chances that just went wide. Another day we would have won that game comfortably. Jackson is looking very lively so far this season, Grant Holt never starts well and our midfield will also score plenty of goals to. The football I have seen so far this season has impressed me a lot, nice little one two''s and through balls, we have been creating chances... Calm down people!
  9. We had a tough run in last season and everyone got all nervous, we beat Spurs and that all changed. There are tough runs in the Premier League, look at Southampton, it doesn''t boil down to that.
  10. Did you see the game today? Because I remember an opportunity for Snodgrass to score easily, Holt had an easy chance and Snodgrass also had a chance to pick out someone for a tap in when he got the better of the defender. Not to mention the four saves their keeper made in quick concession, on another day we would have won comfortably. IMO we have been playing a lot better than we did last season so far.
  11. We had 14 shots on target today, more than enough to win the game, Hoolahan wasn''t needed, someone that can put the ball in the back of the net is though...
  12. It was such a physical game I think Hoolahan would have struggled. Fox or Tettey, if he were on the bench, was what was needed. I thought the atmosphere was okay actually.
  13. It will be easy if we continue with the last two performances and Wet Spam have a fairly poor game but as we all know, Norwich, never, ever make it easy. I hope for a 2 or 3-1 win but it could easily be the other way around.
  14. Poor from EA again. I get excited about FIFA hoping we might have a little more budget or slightly higher rated players but it doesn''t change 1 bit. Just hope they made it so the transfer budget increases after a few seasons or your team can have a board takeover meaning more money its boring when nothing changes through the seasons.
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