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  1. I know he has said that he wants to go to villa but im just letting everyone know i saw him in the city. Maybe it has something to do with us going to the training camp in germany and its somewhere near where he lives? i dont know.
  2. [quote user="JF"]Has also been posted on here http://boards.footymad.net/forum.php?tno=400&fid=191&sty=2&act=1&mid=2117039176 though may be the same poster![/quote] I can confirm, it wasn''t me who posted on there!
  3. [quote user="swindoncanary"]Ben, like everyone else who spots a player of renown. please go up and have a chat with him, it would sound a lot better if you''d said ''I talked to Hitzlsperger in the City'' maybe you could have even asked the man what he was doing in Norwich.  [/quote] I wish i did now! Oh well, guess we will have to wait and see. Papers are talking about him going back to villa today. Again, considering he''s in the city it is just odd.
  4. It would be a great signing! I wish i had the balls to go up to him and ask for a photo or something for proof for the b**tards that don''t believe me!
  5. I am dead serious. He was walking around with someone who was in shorts and an adidas top, looked like some sort of trainer. He also went into Pilch and was looking at running trainers (i promise i wasn''t stalking him). Heard him speak and he had the german accent although his english is brilliant. Considering most clubs start pre-season tomorrow, it is quite strange he is just walking around the city. When do Norwich return for pre-season?
  6. basically, ive just seen him walking round the city. Its up to you what you want to make of it but why would he be in norwich? Would be a brilliant signing but surely we cant afford his wages.
  7. If he still is at forest next season, what reception do you think he will get? IMO its got to be good hasnt it!?!?!
  8. I might be wrong but it may be because BBC has it as one of their feature games and SSN dont have the rights to show it until Football League Show have shown in. Or SSN couldnt show it until a certain time for the same reason.
  9. As much as i want to, dont do it! Just read on the official site that the players will come back out after the game if results go our way. Basically, if we are all on the pitch they arent going to come back out are they. OTBC
  10. Darren huckerby has facebook but im not his friend. Lee croft has it. I even got as far as finding dickson etuhu, his team mate john pantsil and even found giles barnes.
  11. John hartson and the Fonejacker/Facejacker on the show, shouldnt be a too bad watch then!
  12. Kicking the ball away would be a good idea!
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