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  1. No! Judging from Wikipedia it seems like he turned down the Huddersfield manager''s job at the 11th hour - in order to stay on more money as Pardew''s number 2. What does that tell you? Anyway, I wouldn''t want Pardew as manager, let alone his understudy (again!). 
  2. Obviously Hucks cares about the club and is merely stating the facts. Why not? As a senior professional I would think he has a duty to speak out. It''s not as if the manager disagreed with him and I''m sure he is supported by the majority of team members. Keep going Hucks!
  3. No! It would be an absolute disaster. No guarantee we''d come up for years. Dreaming of being able to attract the likes of the players we have now. This is why Grant had to go, we can''t afford to risk relegation. We are not Leeds. Get real!
  4. The Spanish is...........FRACASO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO! = Grant Out!
  5. This is true! I saw him in sainsbury''s too. He had a trolley almost entirely full of...........pitta bread! .........In broad daylight!  I said hello darren and he looked all sheepish like.
  6. You''re right. The comparisons between then and now are frightening. But neither Chase or Delia deserve to come in for personal abuse. Football finances eh? But really, granty has had more available to him than many in the division, and so did worthy, so we really can lay most of the blame with the management and players.
  7. It is beyond belief that Delia is coming in for the kind of abuse that Chase did. Even he didn''t deserve half of it eiher. The fault lies with Grant and the players. Other teams with less money made available than us (csunthorpe? colchester etc..) are performing better. It is time for the players and manager to deliver.
  8. Whats wrong with toxic!? If there hadn''t been a toxic athmosphere against Burnley a year ago, u no who would still be here. I''d rather a toxic athmosphere than no athmosphere.
  9. Are you mad? Part of being a football fan is having to derive pleasure out of pain! It is the muppet show. It is a shakespearean tradgedy. It is going to the gallows to watch a hangin''.  What if we demolished csunthorpe? Endure the lows in order to appreciate the highs or you run the risk of labelling yourself as a glory hunter. ffs just turn up and booooooooooooooooooooooooooo.    
  10. My team for Csuntsthorpe...after much deliberation.                           Marshall semmy         d''oh           murray         drury croft          russell         jarvis            lappin                   dublin       cureton
  11. I would love to see Dion given a caretaker role, I''ve said for ages he would be ideal for the job if only he wants to do it. He can be given a handfull of games while we hunt around for a new manager, much as worthy was. If he impresses, he gets the job, simple. He would probably be able to get Hucks playing again. The players, worthy and even grant have said what an influence he has around the place so why not?
  12. Surely Hucks has refused to play anymore in such a rubbish team and has take his ball and gone home.
  13. This is shocking even by our usual Molineux efforts I expected us to lose but this? I think this even takes the biscuit from the 4-0 under Bryan Hamilton.
  14. Could we at least experiment for a few games without hucks. Relying on him as our sole provider is ridiculous and every team now has him sussed. Worthy is so blind to this fact. Of course he is a favourite but sometimes it just doesnt work. Like Norwich, hucks is also inconsistent and frustrating. If you build your team around such a player, what do you expect??? I mean will the sky fall in if hucks doesnt play? Maybe we will discover other options. As a team one of our biggest faults is players take too many touches. Hucks must release the ball quicker, hold the ball and choose the simple pass. he needs to reserve his energy for that blistering burst into the box when its possible. He wastes his time trying to take on too many players too far out from the goal, the team is pulled out of shape, moves break down and players struggle to recover their positions. We all know what it does to a team to have a player who does this. Demoralising. His ego needs to shrink. The other thing is that he doesnt defend or head. There is no i in team. Even the terrible burnley understand this. Now there is nothing to play for, why dont we play this... Green flem doc shack drury (charlie) Johansson safri hughes Mcveigh earnie Mckenzie    
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