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  1. if your country arnt in the e.u you need to have a work permit. poland are in the e.u so they dont.
  2. stupid is not the word for this post. relegation would be a disaster, if we go down imo there will be no way back for years. just look at european cup winners nott''m forrest.
  3. sorry mate for a first post its pretty poor. could rip all your points to bits. but cant be bothered. just read many off the post in the last few months and you will see why people are anti board.
  4. the board deserve all the stick they get. they are incompetent they admit they have made mistakes this is not good enough. when we won the championship and when we were in the prem she couldnt keep of the tv and radio. where is she hiding now. come on delia lets be havin you.
  5. huckerby is our best player you idiots. why cant you see this. name a better footballer at our club ?. he may not be at his best at the moment, or he maybe on he wain but he is still our best. stop whining and slagging off our players, now is not the time.
  6. it was a deffo red card. which ever player conected they were going off. it just happened to be hux
  7. The club is getting on for £17m in debt, the board is under fire for putting too much emphasis on prudence and not enough on ambition, the majority shareholders are ready to sell up - “anyone who can find idiots like us to put money in and get nothing back can have this club tomorrow” said Delia Smith. interested to read this in chris lakey''s report. has she fell out of love with our football club ? and as for putting money in and  getting nothing back, i thought she exchanged her loans in to shares. so when she sells if its for the right price ( cant imagine she would sell at the wrong price ) she will be quids in. any thoughts.
  8. im going back to bed. this must be a very bad dream.
  9. [quote user="YellowIce"]they would have been awful. We needed a calming head head with premiership experience . . . and thats what we got. Well done to the board! [/quote] der we arn''t in the prem league we are bottom of the championship. with his record the only way is down.
  10. good luck glenn ???? good luck the supporters of norwich city i say. ( yeah i know im not a true supporter ).
  11. dont think we have a special right for anything. but 3 years after we were in the prem league we are now bottom of league 1, think we deserve more. and you don''t say " the board makes mistakes ". the latest being glenn roeder.  
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