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  1. Anyone hear the phone in.Neal thought whits had a decent game.OMG.Has macs made anouther howler?
  2. So we are as good as down.where are the happy clappers who abused me and others when we said get rid of the manager at christmas.very quite. will they be at brentford and bournmouth next season.lets get a decent manager and stop keep going for old players.adams would be a good number 2.more games next season real supporters
  3. can you beleave it.get this idiot houghton out of my football club
  4. i have supported norwich for 48 years.in the sixties there was one gate which was only 4000 odd.i was one.i have never seen so much negative football.so sad.
  5. malky has just been on sky and said chris houghton and calderwood would have let us score.so someone is telling lies
  6. just to clear this up.if the goal would have stood norwich were going to let cardiff score.
  7. whatever you lads are drinking i want some.we can beat man city.behave yourself!
  8. i think he needs to ask him if his surname begins with h,if so sack him
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