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  1. sorry for being thick and stewpid but as u can see i''m  a newbie!   how does the free bet thing work? wot do i have to do to help the academy?
  2. how about the Robert Fleck one two(cant remember who with though) against Man Utd again cant remember wot season either dur! right in front of the barclay, when we were all singing "Score in a minute, we''re gonna score in a minute!) oh happy days!   Or Asa Hartfords deflected goal that won the Milk Cup in 1985?
  3. I''m absolutely speechless and numb after the events of tonight! lets just hope that the other team in my life has benefited from the 2 week international break! And look on bright side- Wenger, Fergie, Benitez and co wont be moaning about their players bein tired at start of next season!
  4. i am happy we''ve chosen a manager wiv experiance! so he got 2 clubs relegated but thats all in the past......................lets look to the future and for me this season starts on sunday!!!! if Glenn can motivate the squad and pull a win out of a hat we all know he''ll be a bl**dy hero.... good luck Glenn and NCFC lets beat the sc** and kick start our season
  5. here here, trouble sometimes with speaking your opinion is you get slated....both as a player and poster!
  6. listening to Neil Adams briefly on the phone in this saturday, one or two people mentioned a BAD APPLE(s) at Colney! just wondering who they might be? as most of players are new to the squad so should they be stirring the S*** or is it an old player or two? or is this just yet another feeble and pathetic excuse(made by the fans)(no disrespect meant so please dont take offence) for the board and lack of management and coaching ability!
  7. Norwich striker Dion Dublin says he wants to become the club''s new manager. (The Sun) just read this on the gossip column on BBC FOOTBALL website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. just wondering one of two things: firstly what the score is likely to be tomorrow, a pleasant surprise maybe....... also has smudger disappeared off the face of the earth or has he moved away?  
  9. fyi ct, a newby on this site yes, but new supporter no! my first ever norwich city match was the infamous boxing day 3-3draw against the s***!, also been to munich,milan, wembley, millenium stadium and a season ticket holder for at least 10 years until work and family commitments kinda prohibited my attendance!
  10. just a thought as i''m not sure wot songs are played in pre match,but should the team now come out to "HELP" by the Beatles and at the end of the game the a choice of 2 songs to be played.....either "ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE" or "I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES" what do you think?
  11. it would be nice to know exactly what stage our beloved club are at with appointing a new manager, after reading the headlines in todays EDP its looking more like duffy will stay! is this what we really want? especially after saturday! new man comes in and plays huckerby on the right!!!! whats that all about!!! anyway delia and co if you are reading this whilst eating your expensive fish eggs for breakfast....please please let us know what stage you are at before we end up bottom of the league we were top of for half a season!!!!! thanks in anticipation of your reply!
  12. cos i had one or 2 removed!!!! not quite sure cos i stirred up a hornets nest the other day....hense th apology
  13. i''m posting to apologise for my comments the other day regarding NCFC support, after reading a Rick Waghorn article, i''ve realised why we are like we are.. we are all the same and just want the best for this club! unforunatley none of us ahve the money to provide such a thing as best players etc so guess we just have to put up with wot we got.. we are the best supported club outside the premier league and possibly one of the best supported clubs when we were up there! just look at wigan on match of the day(how many empty seats) i''m not going to whittle on, just wanna say sorry to any one i offended!
  14. smudger-----read my earlier post! you''re a disgrace to the yellow and green army! i''m pretty certain you''re a trctor boy scum!
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