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  1. breaking news titus shambles and his bro were in mercy last night! a double swoop may b on the cards!! hahahaha they cud turn our season around with a big strappin slightly over weight (being kind) proven centre half and a free scoring striker!!
  2. Well i think it is unfair that a few of you lot are trying to tell me to not post anymore!! The whole point of this forum is to ''have your say'' and this is my opinion on this particular topic! The ones that do want me not to post again obviously cant accept someone elses opinion! And to the ones who are trying to be funny with their replies i found myself laughing a lot at you and not with u, mayb its because i am nt part of the close knit pinkun family of posters??!!?? The club is in absoloute freefall and i am glad that i did not renew this season, mayb u will have the same opinion when league 1 football is where we will b in the near future! 
  3. haha ure all a bunch of muppets!! that is my opinion and will stick by it, especially as the money i as a fan put into the club will go someway to their wages then at this present moment in time i feel it is a disgrace yes because of the situation the club is in! like i said they are only human but their proffession is that they have to b in prime condition to compete at this level and them going out drinking bottle after bottle of champagne really is not the way to pull this club around!! yes if we are sitting pretty on top of the table then they can do what they want i just thought it was a little disrespectful to the fans to which this club apparently thinks a lot of. This is all my personal opinion which a forum should be for so i wont b told by whoever it is that this should b my last post!
  4. Hi, this is my first post on here! I was absolutly shocked and disgusted to see norwich players in mercy VIP (of course) until the late hours on thursday/friday morning. Like the rest of us they r only human but when ure sitting in the relegation zone then i think it is an absolute disgrace, especially when fans like myself would see them!! its an embarrassment to the club and it shows a total lack of respect for me towards the fans who turn out week in, week out to watch the * that is occuring at present!! what is everyone elses thoughts??
  5. i aint bothered bout ure comments. we will hav to wait and see!!!!
  6. deano is off to west ham!!! jerome and mcsheffry to join us!!! this is genuine information from a employee of munby. i am not trying to stir things up or bring back old news but this is what i hav been told will happen
  7. it would be a YES anyday for me. we need players like idiakez and buzsaky to create things.
  8. i thought that they both looked better. they let themelves down again on some occasions but on the whole they both showed glimpses of why they have been signed. i think that we should give both of them time to settle in and play a few games before we start criricising them. yes they have been extremly poor the first few games but who apart from doherty,ashton and maybe a couple more has had a good season so far??
  9. my personal opinion is use the youngsters we hav at the club. i think everyone could see the difference in a passion to play football when spillaine and cave-brown came on. yes they may not have the experience but if there good enough they are old enough. i have seen the youth team play a few times as i have a mate chris martin who plays. personally i feel spillaine is definately good enough. i think that the bench versus west ham was extremely negative with four other defenders/ maybe midfielders on the bench. that was our problem against the hammers when we got to 2-1!!!!! why not have at least one academy striker there???
  10. the source is in the form of an employee of munbys business. has been spot on so far with information.
  11. i think if we can get him cheap then yes. if you look at the teams record since he is been in then it seems he does a job that the fans dont see. i think we need all the midfielders we can get right now and robinson is a solid championshiop player. can we extend the loan for him????
  12. hi guys, just signed up.   i have a good source and i am told that we r going for michael chopra. maybe deano is goin the other way????
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