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  1. Bury Yellow

    Buendia for POTS

    Great post Duncan. I agree 100%
  2. Bury Yellow

    A club without ambition

    Congratulations Dr Greenthumb and Ward 3. Seems hogesar is indeed a snowflake, a pathetic condescending one at that
  3. Bury Yellow

    Webbers Interview

    This thread is worth it simply to witness Hogstar's contributions.
  4. Bury Yellow

    Webbers Interview

    Oh I see where I've been going wrong. Its the supporters that were responsible for the AV defeat.
  5. Bury Yellow

    Wilder 😂

    Yep the bloke is a total plonker. Not a bad manager but a total plonker. I thank you!!
  6. Bury Yellow

    R.I.P. Roy Blower.

    Sad news indeed. RIP Roy, a real gent and will be sadly missed
  7. Bury Yellow

    TWTD the gift that keeps giving

    Seems pretty fair to me dylan. Unusual I grant you
  8. Bury Yellow

    Congratulations to Sheffield Utd

    I have visited Sheffield on many occasions. Ignore a few boneheads, its a great pace to visit with fantastic, friendly people. Well done the Blades, they thoroughly deserve promotion.
  9. Bury Yellow

    Tim Krul

    I believe the OP doesn't live locally, so perhaps can't attend many games lately but I can assure him Krul gets plenty of vocal support home and away.
  10. Bury Yellow

    The Fans

    The support was brilliant tonight splutcho. Although I too was at Wigan and thought it pretty decent there.
  11. Bury Yellow

    The Fans

    Unbelievable total tosh
  12. Bury Yellow

    Matt Gill leaves Norwich U23’s

    For me there are two positive points.

    i) Lambert has only been successful in the period when Culverhouse joined him at Wycombe.

    ii) Whilst Gill has been proved to be a good U23 coach, I am sure the club/Webber will secure an excellent replacement.
  13. Bury Yellow

    Lambert’s a binner

    Just a thought but didn''t Butcher and Osmond apply for a manager and coach role for us way back in nineteen hundred and frozen to death?

    Of course it could be that my old grey matter has frozen to near death!
  14. Bury Yellow

    Steve Stone

    Purely a coincidence Webbo.

  15. Duncan - calling me a bellend by someone of supposed intelligence disappoints me. You don''t me, my background or my life style buddy