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  1. Rivvo

    Todd Cantwell Instagram post

    He is after Waveneys scampi in revenge.
  2. Rivvo


    Been linked with Isaac Keise Thelin a Swedish striker, according to the front page.
  3. Rivvo

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    Careful, Andy Hughes doesn’t like critics
  4. Rivvo

    City v Spurs match thread

    Even the spurs fans on the live bbc feed are complaining that it was disallowed, I’m sure that’s what the Premier league wants
  5. Rivvo

    Leicester fan in peace

    Wow gracious in the extreme, at last a proper ambassador for our club.
  6. Rivvo

    Jingle bell’s

    Jingle bells jobsworth smells binner all the way oh what fun it is to see him choke on sh1t scampi
  7. Rivvo

    Parma’s Tactics Masterclass 19

    You know people on here have met him in real life right?
  8. Indeed yes, the same old names sniping at each other in self perpetuating pointless arguments. Perhaps they should all meet up for a drink to discuss it in person?
  9. Rivvo

    VAR, Timekeeping, Refs

    Now Wenger has been appointed as FIFAs head of global development, with responsibility for the technical aspects, including VAR, I wonder if we will even see changes such as introduction of the pitch side monitor, this season? It wouldn’t surprise me considering his previous views on the standard of refereeing in the Premier.
  10. I don’t want anyone to do anything, I’ve found over the years that people invariably do what they want regardless of my wishes. I don’t see how people moaning about the same thing constantly on here will help them achieve their objectives. Presumably they could organise a twitter protest if they don’t fancy doing something physical like demonstrating or attending AGMs to put their view across?
  11. I don’t think anyone’s overly happy with how results, not to say performances, have gone so far. However I get fed up of coming on here after a poor result and seeing the same old names starting thread after thread with the same theme. If you all feel so strongly about the ownership then do something positive about it rather than subjecting the rest of us to constant whining, particularly if you’re not going to quote the entire thing just to validate your own viewpoint.
  12. He actually said they said that and then said ‘off the pitch’ but I guess to quote everything would show balance, luckily no one on here has an agenda.