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  1. The more games/results I see in this World Cup, the better Englands first result looks.
  2. My name was Harry Kane, but I’ve changed it to avoid getting a free pint from Greene King.
  3. It’s quite well documented I believe, he hadn’t been at Spurs long and the ball got hoofed over the fence.
  4. They’ve removed their branding from the bottles so that they’re not openly associated with the tournament apparently. I can believe companies are advertising the fact they’re involved in sponsoring this sh1t show.
  5. Where did I say I wanted a red, I said the way the game is officiated nowadays it would have been a red. That’s the only way I can judge it, by the way the game is officiated currently not what used to happen.
  6. Grabbing his arm while he’s ahead of him with the ball at his feet, if the ref had been able to see it he would have been gone.not saying that’s right but how the game is officiated nowadays it would be a red if he was last man.
  7. Replay suggests otherwise with a clear pull back on Cantwell arm. In the prem that’s a red card with VAR dependent on other players positions.
  8. Some posters on here are young enough to answer Ipswich
  9. According to BBC Boro have pulled the trigger, and they haven’t even beaten us yet.
  10. Are they working for you? Not working here.
  11. Heard it on the radio yesterday, Ajax were asked to check the dimensions and had to increase the size.
  12. Yes, two poor results at the start of the season, on the plus side since then we’ve beaten several sides who haven’t sacked their managers, so I guess that means they’re good teams and we did well to beat them.
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