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  1. Rivvo

    Match Night Thread -

    I’d be interested to hear what the other options are instead of ‘accepting this’ perhaps you could enlighten us?
  2. Rivvo

    Stinking rich Chinese investor

    Well it wouldn't let me quote you BV it seems even the software on this forum has standards.
  3. Rivvo

    Stinking rich Chinese investor

    And in that period of time that you refer to (1973 to present presumably as you refer to Sir Arthur?) Football and its finances haven't changed at all have they? In fact our most turgid period was probably 1996 to 2001 where there was little to be positive about on or off the pitch. This was of course under our present owners which I know you'll be glad to acknowledge. However we have to look at who paved the way for this period and we don't have to look much further than your hero, fat Bob do we? Selling all the crown jewels of the team, buying useless land (at the time) investing in bricks and mortar instead of the academy and team , forcing the manager with the best chance of getting us back to the top flight out by refusing to buy Windass and his breathtaking contempt for the fan base, don't see crowds of angry supporters getting charged by mounted police under Delia's tenure do we? Guess we must all be happy clappers.
  4. Rivvo

    Stinking rich Chinese investor

    Well let’s hope they don’t get relegated then because there still could be penalties for breaching ffp rules, classic short term planning, we’ll see how that works out for them in the long run I guess.
  5. Rivvo

    We've just f'cked it up.

    Yeah too right mate, I want someone in charge who will say “if (insert player name here) isn’t here this time next season then neither will I” Someone with honesty, integrity, sound financial acumen who would never lie to the supporters or criticise them by calling them a nest of snakes!
  6. Rivvo

    Match thread

    You're Vince arent you?
  7. Rivvo

    Paying for the sins of the present

    1. We're trying to be self sustaining and villa spent millions to scrape into 6th place last season which may catch up with them if they get relegated. 2. There may be something to this but the injuries aren't all the same type so maybe not. 3. Love some but it would have to be the right people for the right reasons, not some asset stripping arms dealer who is happy being top of league 1, as are their mahoosive support.
  8. Rivvo

    Villa must win

    The phrasing of the title gives a completely opposite impression to the content of the post, but then Pete’s punctuation is not his strong point.
  9. Rivvo

    Press conf / injury update

    I think we did strengthen in the summer where we felt we could get better players than those we had for what we could afford and those who had the right attitude, maybe we couldn’t find a CB that fit the bill, however this is absolutely the worst season in my memory for injuries, especially as they seem to have been concentrated in the defence. I still think we’ll have enough, especially once the injured start to return.
  10. Rivvo

    When will it end

    Give Justin some credit, he also posted on the Liverpool match thread. As an aside if I try to find the League 1 scores I now have to scroll down below the Championship, the Scottish Premier League and the Womens Super League, got to be worth another star being top I suppose?
  11. I watched the super cup final there against Sevilla a few years ago, the atmosphere was quite poor even though the games was good, I think there are concentrated areas of support and the rest are casuals or football tourists, like we were, and in a big ground you lose a lot of atmosphere due to size and dispersal I guess.
  12. I think you may have misconstrued that one!
  13. Rivvo

    Anything's Possible

    Thanks for this