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  1. Ah ok, I wasn’t sure what time it got dark there.
  2. Wouldn’t it still have been light at half time? This looks like it’s after the game.
  3. Yes, it’s a lovely city and the transport is excellent.
  4. I mean we have done in the past, but you do have to qualify to be able to bottle it……. Just saying.
  5. I don’t now about that , most people seem to agree that the whole was greater than the sum of the parts and he’d got them playing well above their levels, he was a known quantity, whoever comes in if he goes will have to do the same with the addition of a few signings, I think they stand a better chance of survival with McKenna than without him.
  6. I mean he was our only player in the Championship team of the season, so people clearly rated him as one of the four best midfielders in the division.
  7. Yes he made himself look a right Cnut trying to gain a professional advantage, what’s your objective for doing the same?
  8. Sorry to be pedantic, it was the Maginot line.
  9. And we got a lot of grief from a couple of Sheffield Utd fans on here as well saying we didn’t give it a go and shouldn’t be allowed to be promoted, I guess we won’t be seeing them back any time soon?
  10. So we’re only counting the promotions that suit your agenda? Same old same old…..🤣
  11. I mean if you’re only going to post half the facts then no one will really listen to you.
  12. Yes, apparently there is now movement on it in the last couple of months, we’ll wait an see I guess.
  13. I also went to North Denes! The Iron Duke has a preservation order on it and is going to be redeveloped as a bar/restaurant apparently.
  14. Great Yarmouth is like every other place in the country, it has it good parts and also it’s bad, I would say good parts include the sea front, circus, racecourse, Beaches (if we’re including ‘Greater’ Yarmouth then Gorleston has one of the best beaches in the county) cultural diversity, not just the Portuguese and East Europeans but the Greeks who have been here for over 50 years, lots of restaurants, again some good, some bad and some decent pubs, if you know where to look for them. The bad, well like most town centres it has been decimated in the last few years by businesses folding and the increase in out of town and internet shopping, adding to that the influx of betting shops, charity shops and discount stores creates a difficult environment for new independent shops. But, I hate to break it to some of you but much as I love the City, Norwich has some of the same problems, look at the decline of Castle Mall and the numerous empty shops in the City Centre, the massive increase in rough sleepers/beggars because support services are underfunded, it is a nationwide issue and not just in Norfolk where it’s happening, I can’t see how the centres will revive unless a lot more is done by the local authorities. oh yeah GY Council seem to be grossly incompetent and have been for years!🤣
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