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  1. Gunn Aarons McKay. Fleming Bowen Buendia. Andy Johnson Goss Eadie Holt. Sutton
  2. Rivvo

    Corona Virus main thread

    Absolutely mate but the the frenzy is being fed by irresponsible reporting, fake news (not Trump definition) and people reporting stuff with good intentions but without checking the veracity. I went in Lidl this morning and the only shortage was tinned goods and toilet roll (none) Tesco was pretty much fully stocked again apart from toilet roll, WTF is it with toilet roll? Who uses that much... ever?
  3. Rivvo

    Corona Virus main thread

    Not sure people dying is minutaie KIO, but I’m sure you didn’t mean it like that. Trouble is people are posting all sorts of stuff and sharing it and if it’s inaccurate they really shouldn’t, the TV news is showing daily pictures of supermarkets with empty shelves when I’ve not seen any in that state for several days, it feeds the fear of ordinary people and that should be discouraged in my opinion.
  4. Rivvo

    Corona Virus main thread

    So hang on, we’re there 4 deaths in one hospital in Cornwall today (or yesterday) or have there been 4 in the last week in the whole trust? Staff Being About the 4 deaths on the same day doesn’t clarify this for me, could someone please say what the facts are? Cheers.
  5. Rivvo

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    I don’t know about you Ricardo but I have a family of five, I haven’t got room to store all the food we would need for 3 weeks mate.
  6. Rivvo

    Krul's bottle

    The commentators on iPlayer were saying that the new goalkeeper rules had been relaxed in England and keepers were allowed to a be a step off their line at penalties, I hadn’t heard of this but I guess it would explain the leniency.
  7. No, forensic nonsense is VAR being used for marginal offside decisions which the technology isn’t actually good enough to determine properly, in this case it obviously hits the attackers hand and he scores = no goal, under the rules that’s correct.
  8. Rivvo

    Man City two season ban

    Yep, that's why I drew the similarity between selling sponsorship to their owners company and the clubs that sell their training grounds and stadium naming rights etc.
  9. Rivvo

    Man City two season ban

    Birmingham breached a transfer embargo to sign a player, having been repeatedly warned not to, I think they may have done it twice while under Garry Monk? It seems Man City’s offence is more along the lines of the clubs ‘selling’ their assets to companies who are owned by the club’s owners, obviously at an inflated price.
  10. Rivvo


    What, Death and being stalked on a forum?
  11. Rivvo

    Coronavirus in Newcastle

    Jesus KG, Pathos is in Cyprus not Newcastle!
  12. Rivvo

    Sheffield United

    I thought they were a better side than us last season, solid, able to game manage and scored enough to win games, they defended better than us but didn’t score quite enough to take the title from us.