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  1. Don’t stop him for Christ’s sake, he may be about to say they’re good and that would be the first positive thing I’ve seen him say this year.
  2. Apologies for butting in gents but I don’t get how SU approach is ‘sustainable’ if the owners keep bailing them out every year (like that lot down the road) surely sustainable is the ‘self sustainable’ approach that we are trying relying on income and player trading to cover costs?
  3. Stretch it to 87 though and we won the old second division, oh how I wish we could have success like that again........
  4. The best memory was silencing their extremely big for their boots fans
  5. Yeah it was a quagmire and the ball only just passed the roll test, my eldest was our mascot that day and got thoroughly soaked in the warm up
  6. You don’t get on here much do you?
  7. Which is why the one big pay day is so important, who knows what money these guys were on before their newest contract, and none of the ones likely to move are 25 yet are they (I Haven’t checked)?
  8. And that’s the difference, a career in the Championship, 10-12 years maybe or one transfer to a top club where you could get injured the day after but still get your full contract paid, no brainer to me I’m afraid.
  9. As it’s about an event during the current match, perhaps post it in the match thread? Or are you concerned that some posters will scroll past and miss your devastating insight into the coaching tactics?
  10. I keep asking Kenny Foghorn the same question when he posts he wants a change of ownership, but he just disappears and posts the same stuff on another thread, I need to check my deodorant I guess.
  11. Well I said apparently as I don’t know the source myself, my son passed it on to me and he used to work at the club and still has connections there. I guess we’ll see if it’s true or not in the coming weeks.
  12. Morty told me, or is that you?
  13. Apparently the club are considering erecting statues to Duncan Forbes and Justin Fashanu, I wonder where they’ll site them?
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