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  1. Rivvo

    Last Nights Banner

    I remember Leeds fans and the Liverpool kop applauding his goals at their grounds, last goal in front of the anfield kop too
  2. Rivvo

    Last Nights Banner

    He was at the club for well over 10 years I think but I don’t recall him playing regularly before 92? He didn’t score many either but when he did they tended to be crackers.
  3. Rivvo

    Last Nights Banner

    Flecky was the Grant Holt of the late 80s for me, similar type of player and character, his second spell wasn’t quite as good but yeah I think he deserves to be on there, Gossy I recall as being a bit part player really but scoring some spectacular goals, don’t recall him playing that often back in the day.
  4. Rivvo

    Referee for Sheffield Wednesday

    Don’t worry, apparently he’s going to get some ‘gipsy justice’.
  5. To be fair Unthink’s comments are fairly similar to the match thread on Owlstalk, page 43 onwards if anyone’s interested, it’s fecking hilarious how they were cheated out of the win
  6. Buy back from the club ticket shop will be your only (unlikely) option I think. dont know if you need a membership for that though?
  7. Rivvo

    County Hall Parking

    If you get to the Barton way one about 3 hours before kick off you won’t have to pay as it’s office blocks with a large car park, not sure what time the others open tbh.
  8. Rivvo

    County Hall Parking

    They’re generally full about an hour before kick off but there’s one on Barton Way, Clarence Road and behind the large office building on the south side of Yarmouth Rd, oh and the Broadland council offices as well.
  9. Rivvo

    McLeish Gone, I wonder...

    Isn't the Lambert the only person in the country with a worse recent win record than the current Scotland team?
  10. Rivvo

    City on German TV Sport channel

    No, no I can’t say that I do!
  11. Rivvo

    City on German TV Sport channel

    I sat in the South stand for the QPR game and there were 7 or 8 German guts behind me with Norwich scarves and some shirts, they had come over especially to watch and we’re staying in the city for the weekend, they seemed to enjoy the game a great deal.
  12. Rivvo

    Relegation countdown thread

  13. Millwalls bus was late to the ground apparently!