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  1. Rivvo

    Ricardo Remembers Part 1

    Wooden stool at the front of the South stand, first game was the cup, league I think, when we won 2-1, mid 70s I think.
  2. Blast beat me to it as I was typing!
  3. Troy Archibald-Henville?
  4. Rivvo

    Brum Sack Gary Monk.

    They all seem unified in anger on their forums....understandably.
  5. Rivvo

    Timm Klose on Ipswich

    I had the radio Suffolk commentary of that goal as my ringtone for a while, I used to get some funny looks when my phone went!
  6. Rivvo


    I think all of us, well nearly, know that!
  7. Rivvo

    Women’s World Cup

    Very good cross, the stubborn argie defence has finally been undone.
  8. Rivvo


    Ding dong!
  9. Rivvo


    Yep, that’s about the size of it Ricardo, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Anyway I’m off to the church for some fence ringing.
  10. Rivvo


    Unfortunately long term premier league membership for a club our size is likely to result in mid table to flirting with relegation season on and out, not sexy enough to fill an enlarged stadium in my view, of course we could survive and prosper ah la Watford, Wolves and Leicester.
  11. Rivvo

    NCFC Memorabilia in Obscure Places

    There is a retro Mayor Kenny sticker on a lamppost by the Coliseum in Rome.
  12. This week I’ll mostly be getting p1$$ed.
  13. Rivvo

    New to the Forum.

    But you then spelt Parma as Palma, which was the reason for my post
  14. Suing Derby for allegedly breaching FFP rules over the sale of their ground to their owner. Could set a precedent if successful. on TWTD several posters are all for it until a couple pointed out that Evans had bought their training ground and leased it back to them