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  1. It’s very popular at Oktoberfest too, try picturing 8 thousand Germans singing it with Australians vomiting on them
  2. He has been at the top, top level dontcha know?
  3. Yeah and your failure was before the parachute payments began, but of course we have had to succeed first before we could fail, on a regular basis however.
  4. Looks very similar to the box that Dortmund have at their training centre, I read an article on it a few years ago and it states that players pass, move and control stats had increased significantly by regular use of it, obviously that’s a different bit of kit but I assume it does a similar thing.
  5. Ah ok, cheers, didn’t realise that.
  6. Was it a straight red? I thought it was a second yellow, if so is it not just a one match ban?
  7. Pointy flask? Not seen any of them but I bow to your superior knowledge.
  8. Getting it together a bit now I feel, Barnsley tiring?
  9. Cheers for the replies, sorted now, didn’t seem to be listed until it started.
  10. I don’t have a red button as I’m watching it through a firestick, I am but sport 1 extra but it’s not showing anything....
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