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  1. With us playing in the evening on the 12th Jan what time will the pitch be inspected 1700 / 1800 ? Why is that games get called off once all away fans have left their grounds, decisions should be made earlier Temperatures for the midlands are not expected to get much above freezing for some time, with -6 at night http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/2?count=10&area=Walsall Why not play this game later in the season? Who decides when the game is to be rearranged the clubs or FA?    
  2. Double trouble!!! Peter Grant and Glen Roeder - Both useless We gave West Ham our star players and in return we had their rejected management, how did the board get away with this!!! Hooray for PL
  3. There is a fair chance it will be cancelled again, can’t believe that it has been re-arranged as an evening game in mid Jan!!! If it gets cancelled again will the club put on free coaches again!! Lets hope the weather is good on the 12th Jan. Looking forward to game after the disappointment on 28th Dec.... Lets hope we turn them over after all their moaning and trying to report us to the FA!!    
  4. The weather will be fine but cold on Monday, anybody staying over there is snow forcasted for Tuesday - Thursday
  5. If you want a pint/drink your last chance if to grab one is in Birmingham Station or just outside the station, as there is not anywhere once at the Bescot stadium this includes the away supporters stand and the railway station is a platform only.
  6. Please can anybody answer this question, how do you reply online without getting type of answer, there are loads of members that are having the same problem. Come on the pink un - may be a help button on your webface might help. Great site lets make it better, what do others think on the IT side.
  7. [quote user="UEA Canary"]lets say the football gods have said we are only allowed 1 win vs southampton before xmas, which game would you rather us win, the league match or jp? id just about take the jp[/quote] We need to get out of L1 Pty no1 but a trip to wembley would be nice for players and fans. We will acheive what is right for us by having a good squad!! Getting a bit fed up with questions on this or that, i.e what whould you prefer. Answer to that is; Norwich Promoted JPT Winner, Carling/Leugue - Forget it FA Cup - Forget it
  8. Buy in Jan, and make the defence stonger, we need players that play in the champonship and get us out of L1. If we get up, we need a defence that can stand up to this. We need strong players at the back for the second part of the season, with play offs and cup games, were going to be playing many games in the next few months. improve the squad for the future!!!
  9. Look at Leicester after coming down from the championship
  10. L1 is doing us a favour, would you swap the feeling compared to Ipswich Town fans!!!
  11. Thats whats going to count in JPT & Play off if dont get second place!!!
  12. Win this one, and we have got to be favorites to go to Wembley, worth playing our best team available for a semi final (Area) as some of the reserve player that played at Swindon might not contain Southampton as a side. Automatic promotion & a trip to Wembley via the paint pot !! The bookies don''t think that is impossible as they have heavily slashed our odds over the past weeks!! If going to win promotion and cups we need to win at home and away and not be bothered about away games
  13. 9 -13th Championship, not quite there for the play off. five years is a log time in football!!! any ones guess !!
  14. He is great a saving and stopping shots, but every time he kicks the ball out i am worried that he is going to miss kick it. Last night he missed kicked it serval times, how can a professional goal keeper kick the ball out straight out for throw in?? Swindon knew he was weak at kickig and therefore had a man close by on every kick he took, this seemed to make him more nervous. including the crowd at times. However perfect for the pens.
  15. Started at 6 years old, I think once you have started school and a started to kick a ball arround you ready to go. Things are better now for families and children compared to when i started going in the 1970''s and early 80''s. I can remember the Barclay end, the away supporters caged area and coins and opjects being thrown. The game and the ground has come a long way forward since yhose days. Although there was something special about standing in a packed crowd.
  16. Great turn out tonight, just got back. There is a lot of support for Norwich from supporters that have moved away from Norfolk but still travel to away games our fan around the country helps these figures on our away games, having say this full resect to everybody traveling from the City and Norfolk to a paint pot game on a wet and foggy night. It was great to have 1/4 of the ground in yellow and green.
  17. Match stats and line up were aslo not working on tuesday mights game against Gillingham either. there a good feature lets hope they are back for the next game!!
  18. 12/1 to win the title with each way odds splitting the odds
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