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  1. [quote user="NCFC-47"] If we got promoted to premiership would you seel him or loan to another club? [/quote] not "If" but When we get
  2. This makes the game of football , not the fighting but the banter during the game . We should be all able give it and then take it its all part of the atmosphere . However like someone said there is always some that cant take it like a man and end up having a scrap over it .
  3. What a great man to NCFC and Norfolk , RIP
  4. Goss is a top bloke off the field and im sure he will do a good job helping the boys out.
  5. [quote user="canaryjock"]Harry Redknapp is a saggy-faced, tax evading bloodhound therefore does not merit consideration in this matter.[/quote] lol but true
  6. Saints looking good now . I think they will make the playoffs and come up with leeds and us .
  7. Hoolahan to score first Norwich win 4-0 @ 70/1 . 50p Holt to score first Norwich win 4-0 @ 40/1 . 50p Norwich win 2-0 11/2 ( wifes bet ). 50p all on skybet So im going for 4-0 and i think Hoolahan to score first
  8. [quote user="mastoola"]i first took my daughter to a match(friendly-isreal and palastine vs real madrid) at the age of 9 months. it was a nightmare. i havnt taken her to a game since and will probably not consider it again untill she is at least 6.[/quote] Israel and Palestine v real madrid ? bloody hell what was a nightmare the football or the 3 sets of fans fighting ?
  9. What age do you think it would be ok ? I have a 2 1/2 year old but thinking is it to young , father in law is brain washing them to support Arsenal , so wanna put my foot down asap if you know what i mean .
  10. And big shout out to Lamberts mum for giving birth to him !!
  11. Jamie scores with his misses every night i think , have you seen her ? fit as
  12. [quote user="Making Plans"] Posts in the wrong sections - does nobody ever look at the options. Duplicate/Triplicate/Multiple threads on the same subject all saying the same thing - does nobody ever look at previous posts. Totally irrelevant posts that basically are about nothing of any significance whatsoever - some of today''s efforts are a prime example. People unable to use the "quote" facility correctly - it''s not rocket science. We urgently need someone to sort all this rubbish out - amalgamate duplicate threads, move threads that are in the wrong section, delete threads that are irrelevant rubbish and sort out posts where "quotes" have not been used correctly. Persistant offenders, along with posters who make offensive comments, even when using * to disguise swear words, should be banned. I''m not necessarily talking about going back to the old system of posts being vetted before they appear but even that would be better than having to wade through the mess that this board has become. Please can someone sort it out.     [/quote] Did i use the quote button ok ? take a chill pill
  13. [quote user="Jacoljam"] Doc is crap. Lambert is our saviour Doc is great. Everybody wants to buy us. We are too good for this division. We are getting relegated . Gill is crap. Doc is excellent. Gill is crap Unsure about Lambert. Delia out Doc is crap. Gill is crap. Delia out. Why doesn''t Paul Laaambert talk proper. Wes must stay. Hoolihan must go. [/quote] He he he
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