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  1. [quote user="Madwall"]Dave Martin didnt go in the end couldn`t reach terms on wages. You will struggle to get up to the top if you have a lower ticket though the stewards are jobsworth mini Hitlers! Quite looking forward to this game it will make a change having a decent away support quite hard to get an atmosphere going against 150 Wallsall fans. Fancy us to nick the game 1-0 [/quote] sounds just like our stewards then!
  2. lol if your below on your own! I think the two tiers share a concourse so you could easliy come up top!
  3. [quote user="morty"]Sorry, but I don''t care. There, I said it. [/quote] agreed anyone spending that amount of money to travel without a ticket when it is a 5minute task to buy a ticket deserves nothing.
  4. lol the amount of tickets availible to pool fans was decided by HARTLEPOOL. They opted for 500 so if they sell 450 THEY should tell THEIR fans it was pay on the gat but only 50 remaining. If its pay on the day and you take the risk of travelling without a ticket you cant think that there is going to be unlimited amount of tickets in a sell out stadium week in week out.
  5. [quote user="The Pig Will Eat You"]I reckon they have a case to sue us, if we said they could pay on the day. [/quote] yes we did say it was pay on the day but its not like their are going to be 15k tickets on the gate is it?
  6. no its their fault what idiot turns up to a game as a far away has hartlepool knowing the game always sells out without a ticket. There is a new invention the telephone you look on another new invention the world wide web find your ticket office number and then use the telephone to ring that number and buy a ticket. They also turned up to charlton after the game being called off two days prior.
  7. [quote user="cityangel"] [quote user="Simon Lappin King Of Spain"][quote user="Brendan"][quote user="scrimmage"]How many tickets have we been allocated? I heard a fella on the train saying we had an unlimited number, but seemed rather unlikely to me as I''m sure if we wanted to we could end up selling out their stadium. [/quote] I heard we had 4000, which seems pretty good. Hopefully a decent following, like always. [:)] [/quote] I spoke to the ticket office lady last week, upper tier was almost sold out so they were starting to sell the bottom tier too, don''t know if we''ll fill the allocation, i reckon we''ll get 3-3500. [/quote]   Thats what I heard too, 2000 have been sold for the upper tier and I guess we will request 500 at a time for the bottom tier to meet demand. I''m not confident we will win this one either but then we''ve been lucky not to see too many defeats this season, plus of course our team needs our support. Third away game in a row for me which I dont get to do very often nowadays. [/quote] 2400 in the upper thats what it says on millwall charter.
  8. probably best to drive down to red bridge then tube and train to bermondsey station.
  9. untill we find a mega rich owner delia and jones are the best people to have in charge ( now that we have macnally influencing football matters) they have always had the club at heart yes they made mistakes regarding footballing desicions but the safety of our club is in good hands imo. Voting jones out would effect that.
  10. [quote user="Mello Yello"] [quote user="Madwall"]How many tickets you lot sold? Those that are a bit dubious about coming to Millwall needn`t worry its by far the safest ground in the country the O.B have it sussed down here and there is very rarely any trouble at all. Those wanting a drink are better off staying around London bridge or Waterloo as there are no boozers near the ground. If your driving good luck parking and take down any sign that you are at the football from your car otherwise you will have a cold drive home.  2-0 Millwall [/quote] I think the upper tier of the New Den North Stand is full, and tickets for the lower tier are now being sold to NCFC fans (I''ve got one).....So, maybe over 2,000+ Canary supporters at least - will be making their way down to the New Den.....Should be a good day out and hopefully a good game. London Bridge boozers will be awash with Yellow..... Bermondsey! Here we come!!!   [/quote]   if youve got lower tickets means all upper has been sold wich i read on their os is 2400 rekon 3000 plus to make the trip?
  11. play counter attack are you taking the piss? To play counter attack that pretty much rules wes out of the game as he doesnt defend and needs lots of support. Lambert always says he trys to win every game.
  12. played for the academy at the ripe old age of 11, left due to being bullied pretty much by the coach a year later three months after i left and a few others left he was sacked! Had three or four trials since then for city. Was scouted by cambridge united this year after playing in a friendly against them for wroxham under 18s. Made my debut a day after my 16th birthday for wroxham ressies played a quite a few games before braking a bone in my knee around november last year havent been the same since but still hoping to earn a few quid in the future.
  13. just read on the millwall charter that upper is 2400 and not many of them left. Then we can have 1600 lower tier providing police allow this, if they dont allow it for us there not going to allow it for anyone i guess.
  14. we have just upper atm and its unreserved when we sell them out we will get lower and they will be unreserved.
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