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  1. nutty fans are easlily pleased because so much turmoil at the club, in the last 5 years winning games has deflected the wider issues at the club.
  2. investment implys the person or poeple want something in return,
  3. winning games tends to paper over the cracks ,
  4. i think the tatics are right for this division, but i  fear we are going to need more width in the championship, should we get there any thoughts.
  5. When will people realise for delia smith norwich city is a hobbie, not a buisness many times i have heard her say we are just glad to be here, ie premiership, championship,  league 1 
  6. I know but being warned already  ( lamberts piece in this mornings edp)  could be a fine just depends on the fa.
  7. once a selling club always a selling club
  8. norwich city could be in trouble for not feilding a stronger enough team in the jpt, haveing already being warned in the previous rd. i think a fine is round the corner
  9. i have u know beausant bryan gunn should have never have been given the job, but some posters thought he was our saviour.
  10. Paul lambert in my book has been a bit lucky , because the youngsters he has brought, in have performed, had they not then he would have been begging to the board, to spend money we havent got.
  11. norwich 3 tranmere 1  holt  wes  martin  og tranmere
  12. When nigel worthington was in charge there was a 5 year plan, do you think this current board has a 5 year plan.
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