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  1. This club is spinning so much the Board are probably all dizzy. Munby also says today about having to keep things hush hush bloody laughable when we have been shouting about Hulse and Howard for weeks . So many lies they forget what they have said before , sit back and wait for the crap panic buys to arrive.
  2. Explain Peter Thorne then please , not young , not hungry .What we are after is CHEAP , and if you buy cheap like we did last season you get a rubbish team . We tried the Premiership reserves on loan last year and what a complete shambles that was.
  3. I said if we are very very lucky , trouble is at the moment we are not lucky , a failed Blackpool manager in charge of the team and a ancient tv cook who knows diddly about football in charge of the club. I am hopeful though a good 80% of fans HATE this manager , that counts for a lot when things get nasty , and nasty its going to get.
  4. I think they have let the trialists go now , but according to the evening star website they are hoping to name 2 if not 3 new signings before Fridays match .....meanwhile at Norwich well the phones still turned on i suppose.
  5. Waste of time waste of money , count up the failed loans since Huckerby , Worthington got LUCKY once and people thought he was a manager , chances are he wont get lucky again . Sacked after 6 games if we are very very lucky.
  6. I never fail to laugh at you blah and the rest of your lot , you should all sod off to Portman Road you are clearly Ippos trying to wreck this club . bye bye now you have been sussed children.
  7. Yawn yawn , why dont we rubbish a true City legend like Sutton for something to do .
  8. Quite a few were signing a post to bring him back on the official site a few nights back , 3rd ,4th ,5th place finishes in the top flight , European football, 2 fa cup semi finals compared to Delias what ? 1 promotion from a bad league and a season as a laughing stock in the top flight ....you decide , this is a FOOTBALL CLUB , not a plaything for a camera loving cook.
  9. Cannot be any worse than this shower we have now who seem to be short in the guts capacity. Chase for me everytime , success on the field thats what people want , you wont get it with Delia , what shes achieved does not even come close to Mr Chase.
  10. They are good enough to survive in this Divison , as far as Delia and the Board are concerned thats fine.
  11. Better our best players being sold than a team of third rate players you could not give away.
  12. They wont get a look in once the serious stuff starts.
  13. Didnt Saint Delia promise a big push this season , didnt Munby promise they would do everything possible not to have a repeat of last season , didnt Doncaster promise new players ..... boy are they working hard to put things right . Bring back Chase  3rd, 4th,5th place finishes in the TOP Division , European football , 2 FA Cup semi finals ...thats football not the dross this lot are serving up.
  14. Spot on Alex , it makes you wonder just how blind some people are when you read some of the rubbish they write.
  15. We go to football to watch a decent football team , not look at a piece of land , some people just cannot grasp that .
  16. Nobody wanted to buy him when he was fit so selling him whilst injured may well be tricky.
  17. As for not having any money Beelsie whats happened to the parachute payments then ? this club is fast becoming a bigger joke than Ipswich.
  18. Its going to be Ashton all over again , we will be nowhere near the top 6 and Earnie will want out of this club . We are going to be in this division for quite some time now you dont have to be mystic meg to see that .
  19. And what good is that million going to do , this Board have made £6 million parachute payment vanish into thin air so another million should be no problem.
  20. And if we had signed Howard you blah would be on here saying what a great bit of buisiness it was , the Board and Worthless will get away with whatever they like while people like you pretend everything is ok .
  21. How many will Leeds be up at H/T in a fortnights time ???????? i will go for  3-0 .
  22. We are not divided , a huge majority want this manager removed from the club asap , expect Worthy out chants and sack the Board at the first home match .
  23. Its just taken Worthless all summer to realise Howard and Hulse are out of our price range .... the man is a complete liability.
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