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  1. So if we can''t bring in top quality players on permanent deals, what loan options are available? Any suggestions?
  2. The will undoubtedly be more signings, however, based on current players...                     Ruddy Martin   Bassong   Turner   Ollson              Johnson     Fer Snodgrass    Hoolahan   Pilkington                       RVW Subs: Bunn, Garrido, Bennett R & E, Redmond & Becchio  
  3. Hell, it''s more likely than most ownership news seen in recent years. You''d hope the board (through external consultants) would have at least sent an exploritory letter? Still highly unlikely though.
  4. I went to the game on Sat and for me this has to be the team for Tues. I''ve considered consistancy and except that this prob won''t be the team. It''s just what I would pick...                                         Alnwick Spillane                 Askou             Nelson (just)     Drury                     Adeyemi            Hughes          OTJ (just)                                          Hoolahan                        Cody                           Holt    
  5. Just got back from the game and was delighted with the performance! I know it''s only a friendly but Wigan still put a strong team out that cost more than our club. They weren''t exactly in our faces but will have far more athleticism and ability than anyone we''ll play in the league this year. My ratings are below. Bring on next Sat! Theo: 6/10 - Not a lot to do. At no fault for the goals. Seems to have a good boot on him and I could hear his calls from the back of the Jarrold. Drury: 6/10 - Looked like the old Drury today, Mr Dependable may be back. Spillane: 7/10 - Hadn''t seen a huge amount of Spillane before today, but was quite impressed. Looked good in the air and tried to play it out of defence if he could. Having seen Askou last week I''d be inclined to go with him next week but wouldn''t be concerned if Spillane is on the teamsheet. Doc: 7/10 - I''m not Docs biggest fan generally but did nothing wrong today. Will be fine in League 1. Otsemobor: 9/10 - Got the MOTM and you can''t argue too much with the decision. Looked superb today. Set up Martins 1st with a great birst of speed and an accurate pass. Has to start at right back next week. I don''t know if anyone else noticed but both full backs were pushing high up the pitch from goal kicks, leaving three at the back. Wasn''t sure about the logic initially but it gave midfielders options if we picked up the ball and made winning the second ball more probable. Otsemobor was more involved today than I''ve seen him in a long time as a result. Well done Gunny. Hoolahan: 9/10 - My MOTM. The bloke is class! He ran the show today and he seems to thrive in his ''free'' role. Praying nobody bids for him cos he''s capable of being the spark that can ignite our title challenge. OTJ: 8/10 - For me this guy is our best midfielder. He has the natural attributes without doubt, also has the ability to get a toe in when most wouldn''t reach. Will brake-up play and give a simple ball whenever possible. Will probably get a few goal from set pieces too with any luck. Hughes: 7/10 - Took a while to get into his flow but I personally saw enough to be convinced he should start next week. Looked composed on the ball and got stuck-in when required. Got his head up and played intelligently. V.happy without OTJ and Hughes as our starting CM partnership. Whaley: 7/10 - Took his goal very very well and had Wigans left back in trouble on more than one occasion. Him and Otsemobor looked like the real deal today, 2 players out of the same mould physically and the interchange was a pleasure to watch. Held his width (with Hooolahan drifting this will be v.important) and delivered consistantly good crosses. Martin: 8/10 - Scored two, which gives Gunn a hard decision to make for next week. Some nice touches and interplay with those around him. Tracked back very well, which is nice to see from someone whose temprament has been questioned in the past. Some nice runs, which created space for those around him and I was particularly impressed with his quick feet for his second goal. On merit he deserves to start for me, their may be better strikers but if you score two you deserve to start! Holt: 8/10 - Solid Solid Solid. Finally a target man of genuine quality. Works hard and will put his body on the line. Will also by us precious time this year as he won''t be nudged off the ball easily. Has to start next week. Subs: Gill & Adeyemi: 6/10 - Did nothing wrong and showed what strength in depth and competition we now have in CM. The team did not look any weaker when they came on, which is a great sign. McDonald: 6/10 - Looked lively, as you would expect, but did not see enough of him with Holt to judge how they may play together. He has pace, which may be important with Holt, Martin and Maric not having a great deal. Cureton: 5/10 - Did not deserve the boos from some sections of the crowd when he came on - I''m sorry but to boo an NCFC player with the current feel good factor is just plain stupid! It''s not like he doesn''t give his all either - I want him to do well for us but does look past his best and off the pace. Sorry, but wouldn''t currently make the bench for me.
  6. Fully agree with what you say. I''m also someone that views a lot but posts rarely. I''ve been visiting the forum for years but recently have started coming on here less. I click on a title that I think might be of interest and within a couple of posts the topics discussed decend into bitching matches. Don''t get me wrong I find people like 1st Wizard hilarious and he often stimulates debate which is healthy, but it just goes to far. I don''t come on these boards for social banter but to talk or read about FOOTBALL. Is that asking to much?
  7. 1. Derby 2. Birmingham 3. Nottingham Forest   7. Norwich
  8. I confess I''m almost scared to post this as I don''t want to be slated if for whatever reason it doesn''t happen, however...apparently a striker will be arriving within the next 48hrs. Unfortunately I think it''ll be Howard, my source refused outright to give me a name though so not sure who. He''s not let me down in the past but he doesn''t work directly for the club. We''ll see I spose, fingers crossed though as we really need one. If we can get this last position filled with a quality player I''ll be happy with the summer spending. Problem will be that I''m gonna be on here every 5 minutes instead of doing what I should be! This time of the year drives me bonkers, I''ll just be glad when the season starts.  
  9. Cureton was OK tonight considering he''s not the lone striker type! Took his goal well and put in a lot of effort. Martin was not on for long and we were out of the game by the time he arrived, good enough for the squad and with a bit of application he could do alright for us. Forget past personal issues, I simply don''t care if he performs on the pitch, he looked more in shape than when I''ve seen him previously so that''s a good sign of his intent I would say.
  10. Don''t normally like to knock a player if it can be helped...BUT...he was terrible tonight, ok the opposition is better than he''ll face all season but still to poor for the first team.
  11. Yep, pub for me too. When will the team be announced?  Really looking forward to tonights game, first one for well over a year for me as I''ve been out of country (and pocket for those who recommend I could''ve had Canariesworld!) Norwich 1-3 Tottenham but hope we put up a good show. Good to see the new signings on show
  12. So realistically then...we will sign nobody on full_time basis. Maybe one on loan who nobodies heard of and will not be that much better than what we have. Sorry to be pessamistic but i am wrong would be happy if i was.
  13. Will centre backs and strikers be on top form against Leicester knowing that it''s more than likely new people will be coming in over the next week or so? I know that they really should be playing well constantly but it''s suprising how an imminant arrival can motivate! Lets hope so cos a win would be a welcome shot in the arm after a pretty poor week.
  14. Just to give everyone something to talk about. I''m bored of everyone (positive and negative) coming to conclusions that simply aren''t there on players who are/aren''t supposed to be coming to NCFC. I know everyone has the freedom of expression but so do I damn it!  
  15. But you don''t make any points! You just moan over and over and over and over...So your either tragic or a wind-up merchant. I hope your a wind-up merchant though cos your funny.  
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