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  1. Paul Lambert knows that he has done a tremendous job in getting us this far, and he is focussed on keeping us in the Premiership.  He is putting together a squad which is capable of keeping us in the Premiership for a long time hopefully.  Speaking for myself he is one of the best managers I have seen here since I first supported Norwich back in the late 50''s.  He is respected by the players, the board, all NCFC staff and more importantly the majority of supporters.  He is still young as a manager and has years ahead of him, so why wouldn''t he want to stay here for a few years to build on his success, and enhance his reputation at the same time.  
  2. Crawley or Stevenage at home would be a good draw.  Lambert would give the same respect to those teams as he has done to all the Premier teams we have played this season.
  3. I prefer to watch the football game myself and not listen to any of these so called experts. I think Merson is better qualified to talk about drinking rather than football.
  4. I think we have to accept that a large majority of current footballers would not be out of place on a stage. The high stakes involved nowadays in staying up or getting relegated, has led to players exagerating any slight contact, either to disrupt the flow of play, or get an opponent booked. Sad that it is, this is the modern game, and we have Norwich players who are equally guilty.
  5. They are off the bottom and playing good football, it would be foolish to sack the manager after a performance like yesterday.
  6. Good captains are those that lead by example and Wes has certainly fitted that bill in the last two games. His energy levels are unbelievable and he certainly does his fair share of defending as well as attacking. PL very rarely gets it wrong, and funny old thing he seems to have got it right again.
  7. It has to be johnson for me because of his efforts at bossing the midfield.
  8. You need to understand that when Croft tackled Drogba from behind that was a yellow, however, when Torres tackled Johnson from behind that was just a free kick. These referees are afraid to send off a so called big star on his own ground. If they want to earn respect how about a bit of consistency. These referees and assistants are supposed to be professional - what a joke!!
  9. I do not think PL will change it too much although I do expect to see Bennett or Pilkington to start in place of Croft or Surman. In defence it will be a case if Whitbread is still injured of either Barnett or Ayala in the centre alongside De Laet.
  10. Now is the time to get money on them to finish in the top six.
  11. You cannot be serious. Pacheco will probably get into the Spanish side within the next two years. The player oozes class and would definitely add to our squad.
  12. [quote user="Salopian"]Looking at the players already signed, strikers are five, and surely sufficient, the midfield a little extra pace, bite and goal scoring, which leaves a need at the back. I have a sneking suspicion that PL may wait and see on the goal keeping front - there are often sveral good if not outstanding keepers available. I am still concerned about the fullbacks, especially at RB where there is little cover. De Laet is a left-sided player, I believe, which may explain why he didnot impress against us. We have two good fullbbacks, who can bomb forward, three if we count Drury, but how good will they be defensively against the pace and guile of the Premiership? They may cope, and Martin has certainly raised his game since we signed him. Of the list Upson could be useful, but do we need a cast-off from another prmiership team? The others would be generally good signings, but we have good creative players in the midfield, and now we have Bennett and Johnson to add what was lacking. My own hope is that PL has his eye on a quick fullback or two.[/quote] I have watched the Portsmaouth game again and De Laet actually played at RB and had a very good game, so there is your cover fro Martin.
  13. Reading for me, although Swansea may make it if they can contain Long. The most pleasing thing for me is that we will not have the whinging pair of Jones and Davies in the Premiership.
  14. He is bound to come up with the old chestnut about us having extra time to prepare.  When the pressure was on them they bottled it.  Will Man City pay Bellamy''s wages for another season in the Championship.  I guess they must have lost money on showing the Norwich game after theirs, as most of the supporters could not wait to get out of the ground.  There is still time for them to drop out of the Championship and join the League of Wales.
  15. Now I hope either Reading or Swansea go up and leave Jones and Davies to comeout with the excuses as to why their clubs were not promoted.
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