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We need a Manager

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  1. No the new manager will sign some proper players in January.
  2. Some people do talk nonsense , if Worthless the clown is doing such a great job why are we a mid table championship side ??????? Sacked before November and good riddance to bad rubbish. As for fatso Croft ..we will see.
  3. You are so right nh ncfc , you wont hear a kind word from me about Worthington i cannot stand the sight or sound of the man and the only thing he could possibly do to please me is hand in his resignation. As for Croft he is what i say a Man City reserve and to compare him with Huckerby is nonsense Huckerby had been a first team player at quite a few clubs before Man City , Croft has about 4 starts to his name .Heres hoping for 5 straight defeats and a sacking.
  4. Oh a tap in against Man Utd , bet nobody has ever achieved that before lmfao.
  5. We have bought a well respected young player ? no we have bought a Man City reserve lets not get carried away .As for McKenzie well carthorse may be a bit strong , but he would be better suited a division lower .
  6. A chimp would do a better job than the present manager.
  7. Peter Thorne  or Chris Sutton , Thorne is not fit to tie Suttons bootlaces .
  8. Giving the man 45 minutes is 45 minutes too much , as for a Director of football role no thanks run him right out of the club .
  9. He is so predictable the mans nothing more than a joke.
  10. Most managers can make the good signings if they are given 2 or 3 million to spend .
  11. In the long run getting beat untill Worthington is sacked is by far the best thing for the club.
  12. You are right Foghorn this is the only site with any Worthington supporters and even on here they are a pathetic tiny minority .
  13. And nothing will change untill coco the clown is removed from the managers position.
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