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  1. What''s Col U''s goalkeeping coach like...in for a penny eh?
  2. Perhaps if we can increase the capacity of Carra, we could do some marketing with the new Polish and Portuguese community to make sure they know about our Catholic links. Both great footballing nations!
  3. I agree that we are currently weary after a 3 match spell, but a clear week without a game should work wonders. We have aclimatised to the spell without Holty...that''s three games now if you count the one he was sent off in, but that doesn''t mean we''re as good without him. Millwall will be a stern challenge. Holty is worth a goal a game, whether he actually scores or not himself. It would be sensational to get a win at the New Den next week and if we do I would hope that the media (in particular the BBC) starts to see us as the probable League Champions.
  4. The song thing was put to him in the last canaries world prematch interview and he was clearly amused by it and beamed with a huge smile throughout. I''m convinced he loves it and its only a matter of time before he starts to acknowledge it on the pitch, the way Holty and Lambert respond to their chants. More Spanish flags, please
  5. Sorry i dont follow all the politics of this , but what are the main issues for and against his re election?
  6. Dream on! wont matter if we are 1st or 21st...we are Norwich...expect a friendly reception and enjoy the day out in London. It''ll be the best of the three visits this season
  7. How many inches? ...sounds like snow envy to me!
  8. "We''ve only got FOUR songs, we''ve only got FOUR songs..." things are really looking up!
  9. "We''ve only got THREE songs, we''ve only got THREE songs..."
  10. The penalty shootout was great fun and the kids looked like they loved it celebrating their goals in front of us. Carra could learn a thing or two from this.
  11. To get roadside parking you need to be there quite early as it gets quite congested. Prittlewell Chase is the best bet I think, but the Secondary school up there opens for match day parking for about a fiver. 7-8 mins walk to the ground
  12. I think the point is that we need hungry young talent or others looking to surpass their current level reached in professional football to ensure that we keep the fighting spirit going. We aint gonna be able to afford the falling stars so its a pointless thread anyway, but a big name in the current dressing room would probably disrupt the place, even the great Darren Huckerby would, if he hadn''t hung up his boots, would have been a difficult addition to the squad.
  13. I personally think Southampton away is the biggest test we will get this season. If we are as good as we hope we are, and I know that it is difficult to be totally confident after last season and the start to this, but this match could be a watershed. What we achieve in the league this season will depend on how we fare against the better clubs in this league. So far it doesn''t look that great. Lost to Leeds away, Lost to MK Dons away, Lost to Colchester at home...we need a big scalp while the team''s confidence is high. I shall be watching tomorrow afternoon''s game against Brighton with more than casual interest.
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