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  1. I watched the Man City victory from a hotel bar in Tanzania, where it was on so many channels the bar staff asked us which of 4 languages we wanted to watch it in. Amazing really.
  2. It now appears the club has released ‘a code of conduct’. Although the working is different on the official site and the snapshot on the Pinkun.
  3. I think the argument on increasing capacity by terracing will centre around building regulations which have clearly defined m2 values per person, i cant remember the value for a sporting venue of the top of my head, i think concerts are 0.5m2 per person. These values apply to the whole building but i have a feeling with venues such as this is only applies to the viewing area and not the concourses (concourses are 0.7m2pp) for example. Im also not sure if the whole ground is taken into account or only that of new construction (ive only ever done new build where user density applies not extensions), if its new construction only in terms of space 0.5m2 is around 7cmX7cm which is nothing but you''d realistically allow more which wouldnt be much smaller than the space used for a seated spectator (based purely on the size of the seat when its flat down) to make it confortable to stand, also this would have to be balanced with the addition of barriers and possibly extra gangways to break up the groups of people.While it may seem the Building Regulations work in favour of more people per m2 based on their guidlines im sure the arguments over what space is measured to calculate the capacity will take forever, do gangways count? (as im sure they''ll be have at least one foot in each side), do barriers purely count at the base where they stop you from putting your feet or does the area directly underneath count to?. Thats just the way council planning/building works!.Personally im all in favour of standing but i think terracing under current regulations (which some of the older grounds won''t comply with since changes have been made, they will comply with league rules however but they may not conform to requirements on new structures under building regulations) will be an issue, it would probably be best to build for seating and attempt, along with similar minded clubs to allow standing infront of seating in pre-determined areas of the ground (Barclay A-C for example). A policy that all supporters, officials, FA etc are happy with and will not contravene and safety regulations.
  4. Although it was the first time ive ever seen a side get a penalty for the attacker stamping on a defenders leg.......odd one that but you can see why it was given at first glance.
  5. More fact.....Of all the teams Fergie has played at least 10 times Norwich City have the best record against him, beating Man Utd on 34.8% of occasions.Also of all the sides that have visited Old Trafford 5 times or more under Fergie Chelsea have the best Old Trafford record with UTD winning on 41.4% of occasions, every other side has lost over 50%.
  6. 1. Ipswich Town (1.9 m)Portman Road2. Colchester United (17.8 m)Weston Homes Community Stadium3. Norwich City (38.1 m)Carrow Road4. Southend United (41.2 m)Roots Hall5. Gillingham (54.1 m)Priestfield Stadium6. Dagenham and Redbridge (55.6 m)London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Stadium7. West Ham United (60.3 m)Boleyn Ground8. Leyton Orient (60.8 m)Matchroom Stadium9. Tottenham Hotspur (61.0 m)White Heart Lane10. Charlton Athletic (62.4 m)The ValleyOh my god its hidious!.
  7. The only sure fire things are that i cant spell, even got the guys name wrong now ive looked again, and that someone stabbed him in the legs. Other than that who knows what the hell went on, not a trial jury thats for sure.
  8. [quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="can u sit down please"]Bugger i thought he was on trial for us! [/quote] And now it turns out he not even on trail for us, either. Perhaps Mr Knife Maniac might be a useful back up to Holty? [/quote]Misleading thread title I suppose, don''t see them very often [;)]Maybe he would!. Although me spelling Maniac right would be useful also.
  9. [quote user="claud"]88, 182 or 164.[/quote]very clever [:P], although there is only one possible answer, as there is a pre-defined order in which X, / ,+ ,- should be applied in instances such as this [:D].
  10. Maximum love to Firefox and AdBlock Plus!!!.[;)]
  11. Both are great, but im afriad to say i have to go with Hull [:|]. Our boys put on a great show but how can you beat the Macarana (SP?).....and that handstandy thingy maflip?.
  12. [quote user="Spartan"]I reckon I might be able to get a trial at NCFC at the moment, and possible my Mum as well![/quote]No need, everyone has already heard about your mums ball control.......[:P]
  13. My Garden Shed......One of the best ever i do believe. a great one to bring out at almost every ground next season.But lets not forget a slighty naughtier one......wheres your father, where your father, wheres your father referee?, you aint got one, you aint got one, your a b@st@rd referee.....works perfectly with mr D''Urso....not that i know about his parents marital state, still it fits :-). Does anyone remember at the play-off final, a small group of gents singing.....We are the boys who are Norfolk ''N'' good. which is pure genius, without even swearing!.
  14. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"][quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"]I''m 41 and hubby is 52.[/quote]Ooh, he''s a cradle snatcher... [:P]I''m 27, student and family man.  Bored at home yet again today...[/quote] lol EM, you look at him and wouldn''t put him at 52 that''s for sure. [/quote]72? [:P].Im 23, and always on here, though hardly ever post!. believe it or not i do have a job too, just nights. three hours sleep is all a man needs. [:|]
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