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  1. Not  at all, I was being sarcastic, I meant I would love him to be next to me....Not !! As for doing someone as you put it, it may be your style but it aint mine.
  2. You really are a prize tit City1st, I wish you was sitting next to me at the derby game, total arse.
  3. Well played to you guys, deserved the victory, was actually enjoying the game until the red card ruined it as a spectacle, but red it was. Enjoy the bragging rights while you can, we all know how quick fortunes change in this bloody game which i hate right now at present !! Bring on April, we may just have a new boss with a bit of direction by then.
  4. I wouldnt get too cocky just yet. Keane got a team promoted to the Premiership, granted it didnt last but he still did it, lambert guided a team out of League one. Keane has made loads of cock ups this season and yet we find ourselves a mere 3 points behind lamberts mighty team, plus we are in a cup QF next week, im not sure i see where one is infinitely better than the other to be honest. Keane shows himself up in the media at times, I believe lambert was up on charges this week for showing himself up in another light, they are not so very different. Start crowing about Lambert when he has done something more than guide a team out of virtual non league football. 1 win in 8 isnt it ? Great form, he''s got you going in the right direction.
  5. Lets run a poll on the biggest Despot, Kim Jong-il or City 1st, bloody tough one this.
  6. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="bluemike"]He wont be missing the local derby or any other game, the decision was so bad it was almost funny, never a Red in a Million years. [/quote]   Must have been a bad decision if Ipswich fans are coming out in sympathy [:)] [/quote]Just being honest CA, these prats are ruining the bloody game.
  7. He wont be missing the local derby or any other game, the decision was so bad it was almost funny, never a Red in a Million years.
  8. [quote user="Jim Smith"]Does anyone know if the card can be downgraded to a yellow because if it can i would think that would be the most likely outcome and then Holty will still miss the Leeds game anyway for accumlating 5 yellows. Still rather he missed that than the scum game. I think Leeds are bang average and Jackson/Martin could get some joy on the floor against their centre backs.[/quote]Mate If thats the case its better he misses the derby game cus we aint even that good.
  9. Jesus, what the hell you guys done to what was very good forum ?
  10. You can never say never Nigel, if liverpool can go into Admin, anyone can. lets be honest you were very close to it not long ago and fair play to your club for not going the final yard. Of course no-one at ITFC is proud of the fact we went into Admin and yes local companies did lose out, this is life im afraid, its not nice but it happens. The people running our club now can hardly be held accountable for the poor errors of others a few years back. As for Marcus Evans being a arms dealer, who knows, but its hardly relevent is it, and I know for a fact a lot of Norwich fans would have welcomed him if he had chose to buy your club instead of ours, thats just the way it is, and of course we would have mocked him just as you do. Yes we do owe ME the amount in full, BUT  the debt is only repayable IF we gain promotion to the prem (this is how I understand it) and as the prize for promotion currently sits around the 70-80 million mark we really arent in debt are we ? of course that is a pretty simplistic way of looking at it but that is how it is I believe. I hope in about 100 years time people will have long forgotten that ITFC went into Admin, lets face it most of the footballing world have long forgotten that NCFC did.
  11. If only you were fully informed, whilst your unhealthy lust for all things ITFC takes you over, you seem to conveniently "forget" or "ignore" the fact you must be approaching 30 million of debt yourselves, hardly a drop in the ocean is it ? As for the boot being on the other foot, just how is that exactly, we hardly look like we are going into the lower reaches of league football as you did. Ive met some really nice, decent Norwich fans who have become friends last couple of years, hence my reason for looking on your forum, good to have good banter with them, just a shame some cant see it that way.
  12. [quote user="City1st"]"Thought you had a rich backer to give you millions ?" Loaened, I think you''find is the word CA, loaned. Thta''s why the paupers are being charged interest of 7% on the £8m shares - and interest on £25m a debt that only cost Evans only £6 or £8m ! Nice work if you can get it. Lets hope no kids in suffolk get ''given'' their Xmas presents on the same terms As to a playoff semi final between us, I''m not too sure if the binners could cope with two full houses at poorman rd in the same season. There''d be people there who hadn''t been since 2002. As to there being a play off final at Wembley how would plod cope then ? Play the game at 11.30am. Divide Liverpool Street in half ? Or maybe tell Norfolk and Suffolk police to sod off and just let everyone get on with it. The ''firms'', faces'' and other assorted numpties from each side could be allowed a mass brawl on the pitch before the game, with any still standing having another go at half time. Be far more entertaining than any cheerleaders hoping about or marching bands. And who knows, a few mortalities would be natures way of improving the gene pool.[/quote]Your usual intellectual post I see, just a shame you show yourself up so frequently, its pleasing to know there are some decent fans on here that are actually prepared to have a chat with a rival fan, i guess there has to be a raving nutter on every forum. it really is quite unhealthy the amount of time you spill info about ITFC out of your mouth so to speak, as for turning a perfectly decent thread into something about mortalities really does say it all.
  13. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="bluemike"][quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="bluemike"]With what is at stake it would undoubtedly be bigger. [/quote]It''s only money [:)][/quote]True but we could certainly do with it !![/quote]   Thought you had a rich backer to give you millions ? [:D] [/quote]He has already but there may come a time he sails into the sunset, nothing is forever, so yes the money from promotion would be most welcome.
  14. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="bluemike"]With what is at stake it would undoubtedly be bigger. [/quote]It''s only money [:)][/quote]True but we could certainly do with it !!
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