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  1. I shouldnt think the players are bothered. They still have a very outside chance of the playoffs......
  2. Frustrates me somewhat that if this had been Cantwell playing he'd have been slated - again - but Leitner seems to have escaped criticism despite playing cr@p At least Emi should be back for Stoke
  3. Barclay hero

    Not Over Yet!!!!!!

    I still think he''ll go regardless of the result.  As for hating it - how can you hate a great escape :)
  4. Barclay hero

    Vile v Spuds

    Love the way theyve just had a final whistle screenshot on SSN - the players are still on the pitch, the ground is completely emptyWonder if AJ still loves Lambert.....
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    us v watford thread

    Ive been a Hughton supporter up to now but no longer.  Hes gotta go
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    What is stopping David Fox moving on?

    I think youre possibly right on Johnson and Tettey but it should also be remembered that we have come a long way very quickly - and even "New" players can get left behind very quickly.  If we recruited for where we want to be we would have an almost entire new team every season at the rate we''re going - and that takes money - lots of money - and is a big riskThe other point is that managers have favourites - as do we.  Its fine if the two are the same, theres conflict if theres not.  Hence why you and Morty dont get on, and why theres a lot of anti-Hughton sentimentMy own personal favourite from times past was Dave Phillips - it may be yellow tinted glasses but in my mind he was responsible for a lot of our rise to the top of the Prem in 92/93.  Certainly we werent the same side once he''d gone, although there may be other reasons that my mind refuses to remember.  Either way he fell out with Walker, got sold on and we were in Division 1 within 2 years.  What Im getting at is that in my mind Walker lost some of his shine at that time but ultimately he was the manager and because up to his departure he was so successful many other people thought he could walk on water.  Hughton had a tough act to follow and unless we end up winning a cup of finishing in the top 6 I think there are people that never will forgive him for not being Lambert - especially if their favourite players get sidelined

  7. Barclay hero

    What is stopping David Fox moving on?

    Why do we end up with childish squabbles on every post???Not sure that holding up Hughton''s opinion has too much weight when

    it comes to judging the quality of a footballer who can play football.
    Sorry LeJuge but Hughton is currently Norwich''s manager.  When it comes to judging players ability its the opinion of the manager and his staff ONLY that counts.  Not yours, not Morty''s, not mine.  And Hughton obviously believes that Fox doesnt offer enough to start, although its perhaps telling that he does feature on the bench quite often - so there is likely to be something there.I think you can argue til youre yellow and green in the face (refuse to use blue lol) which midfielders are fit for purpose which are not.  I dont think that either Fox or Hoolahan have much to offer Norwich going forward.  Both are knocked off the ball too easily and both rely on a different kind of movement up front to the direction we are currently heading.  Funnily enough I think the Wolf would relish service from a fit, confident Fox playing week in week out - more so than Hoolahan - but the Premier League is a very unforgiving place and whilst there was room to experiment with formations in League 1 and to a certain extent the Championship, there is none in the Premier League.  The fact that most teams play 4-5-1 or a variation thereof (eg 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1) shows that we have to do the same if we want to compete.  4-4-2 or even 4-1-2-1-2 is too rigid.  People have short memories - its only 2 or 3 years ago posters were calling on Lambert to "Ditch the Diamond" not realising that would mean the effective end of Hoolahan and Fox

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    Same ol Sh1.....?

    I know we''ve had several posts on Hull, Hughton etc but make no apologies for adding another as most of the existing posts seem to degenerate into the poster vs poster battles that we see a lot of on here and have gone completely off topicFirstly, the performance on Saturday was not up to standards.  I think we all know that.  OK its difficult to break down 10 men but too many people were off the boil.  In fact I would say only Turner (penalty aside) Redmond and Ruddy had reasonable games - Russell Martin probably had his worst game at CB, Johnson misplaced too many passes, Howson was anonymous, Fer had a couple of headers wide but that was all, RVW didnt play off the last man very often and didnt get picked out when he tried, Snodgrass kept falling over and then got wound up by the crowd, Garrido tried taking free kicks from central and right wing positions straight onto Hull heads, and Wes is just too lightweight for that kind of battle.  Very little second balls won, very little encouragement offeredHowever for once I dont think the blame can be left - totally at least - at CHs door.  OK the first 20 minutes was cagey - typical CH stuff - but not many sides will go hell for leather from the first kickoff away from home.  What I think was different was that - for once - Hughton tried to change it. First Sub at halftime - Snoddy on for Johnson - was quite attack minded.  Adding Elmander and Wes (in the hope that he could produce a bit of oldstyle quality) was the sort of thing our previous manager would have done.  Hughton cant however cross the white line - and so youre reliant on those that doMaybe leaving Redmond on would have been more attacking - perhaps putting Becchio on instead of Wes.  But Hull would have then won the physical battle.  Redmond was getting knackered.  The comment has been made about missing GH as well but we know that Holty isnt necessarily at his sharpest at the start of the seasonWhat Im ultimately trying to say is could anyone else - current manager, past manager, future manager, assistant managers, the wannabe managers on here - have done anything else with the players at our disposal on the day and got anything out of the game.  I''d suggest anyone - whether it be Lambert, Ferguson, Mourihno, et al - would have struggled with 6 or 7 players having an off day away from home

  9. Barclay hero

    Looks like it's Elmander!

    City 1st....youre as bad as my ex missus finding fault with other peoples

    comments and then saying the same sort of stuff yourself

    goalkeepers aren''t bit part players, there is only one keeper in a game

    so there will always be two not playing - that is not bit part

    So what about subs? Injuries? Why have we got 3 senior people on the

    books. Nash is by very definition "bit part" but may - or may not - play this


    we currently have one space left in the squad, we do not have the space

    or money for any ''bit part'', ''part time'', ''might do a job when we are stuck'',

    ''could help out with the bibs
    '' etc type of players

    Its a squad game. Some of the 25 will not feature more than a few minutes

    over the course of the season. Some may not even feature other than to take a

    regular place on the bench and as such they will probably spend more time with

    the bibs in your words....

    this blokes name has only come up because he isn''t wanted where he

    iswhereas our other signings have pretty much been players who were

    still wanted at their clubs and have been brought in not only because they are

    good enough to play full time, but because they will also develop with the


    Possibly. But remember that we only got The Wolf because Sporting were skint

    and we waved shedloads of money under their nose. Fer was seen as a possible

    injury liability by other Prem clubs. Hooper moved because he basically told

    Celtic he didnt want to spend more time North of the Border and the only other

    option was QPR. In fairness to Elmander if that IS his comment on Twitter (and

    appreciate there is plenty of doubt) then he clearly wants to come and play for

    us. That makes him more hungry to prove a point that Quagliarella, Alderweild,

    Toivonen et al

    players such as Fox and Peayalla, who apparently have dropped away, will

    be replaced at some time by players of the above quality and potential - not by

    misfits that have overexcited the usual dimwitted numpties

    Thats progress. Eventually (hopefully) we will look to replace Fer,

    Wolfswinkel, Hooper etc with whoever is deemed to be "Champions League" level at

    the time. We are looking to push on and this bloke will be of a level to help

    us to do that. He''s the next level up from Becchio - who is probably going to

    find City''s level has pushed above his own in a shorter timeframe than many will

    have thought (I think Becchio actually came here with the club having one eye on

    the Championship). I think we''re now looking to do more than just survive -

    remit this season has to be comfortable midtable and a cup run based on what

    we''re spending. "Little Norwich" is now a thing of the past although it has to

    be said not for many journalists and TV pundits....

  10. Barclay hero

    David Fox

    Mate of mine is currently at Norwich Airport waiting to board his flight - he claims to have just seen David Fox board a flight to Manchester.... transfer or loan perhaps?
  11. [quote user="Hackedoff"]Quagmire over Hooper all day[/quote]
  12. [quote user="Hackedoff"]Quagmire over Hooper all day[/quote]
  13. [quote user="Hackedoff"]Quagmire over Hooper all day[/quote]
  14. Exactly Purple.  The very people for whom all of the ills of the world - illegal immigration, the GLOBAL financial crisis, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the lack of employment opportunities, the lack of social housing, benefit scroungers, hard done by benefit claimants, England not winning a football tournament in nearly 50 years - are all caused by the EU and therefore we need to get out

    Not quite sure what will happen if Farage and Co ever get their opportunity to put their policies into place.  Think I''ll move if I do

    If anyone wants to see a typical advert for this side of politics, two words "Nadine Dorries".  Nuff said


    Anyway how the hell did we get to talking about Europe on a NCFC message board - we wont finish in 5th, didnt win a cup, and England didnt get one of the Fair Play spots....