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  1. ...as does that Fox fella for Plymouth.
  2. [quote user="Supermarket Sweep"][quote user="JF"]All clubs are selling clubs. It’s how that money is reinvested in the squad that defines where we will end up.[/quote]NopeI don''t remember players being sold prior to 71/72 or 09/10 so explain how we ended up then.If a player s offered far better money, what should be done ?How should PL contracts be paid by non PL income ? [/quote] Ron Davies, Hugh Curran, John Manning + others prior to 71/72
  3. Hope you''re not the same guy I saw reversing up a slip road on the A47 at Postwick a few weeks ago because they didn''the know where they were going?
  4. Legal. Very much doubt it. Still moronic in my book. You''re a lucky person not to be another road statistic.
  5. Len, if you turned around and went the wrong away along the carriageway, then you are first rate moron. Should never do that,whatever the hour,without police authorisation, just so so dangerous.
  6. Great last few minutes, well done Wigan
  7. Defford red card, studs up at speed. Wigan a bit lucky not down to ten.
  8. Can Wigan hang in there, looking tired now.
  9. Anyone watching? Just wondering why in the home stands that the first six rows are covered, maybe the prima donnas from the prem are afraid of too many verbals from the home crowd???
  10. I dunno, all these Germans coming in, according to Stan Boardman a few years ago, it was ''the Gerrmans '' who bombed his chip shop. Maybe this a different type of invasion, but best to still keep an eye on yer local chippy though!!! (Tongue very firmly in cheek).
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