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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59855179 Nathan Patterson: Everton close to £10m deal for Rangers & Scotland full-back. Newcastle look like getting Trippier so what other Prem clubs need a RB?
  2. Was the best tackler/"turn-over'er" in our side for 2 seasons...we miss that as much as his attcking ability.
  3. So we're playing like dross in a seemingly rudderless ship and you're blaming it on a 20 year old kid? He's obviously talented but playing out of position and doesn't have Normann next to him. You really are quite simple. I believe most people on here to live in a cave and eat coal...you'd probably like Tony Pullis to have replaced Farke.
  4. This sums up for me that you havent a clue fella. Totally different players in every way. Another persons threads to ignore. Clueless. I bet you never played the game, or definitely not past pub hoofball standard.
  5. Wow! We're really showing how "small club, small ciy" we are of late. Embarrassing.
  6. I partly agree with you. I also agree that maybe we think he's better than he actually is...possibly something he suffers from too. I like him too BTW, but the truth hurts sometimes.
  7. Who do we have who's close to Premier League standard then?
  8. The last 3 years of spending. Not sure of the exact figures on some but it gives you an idea.
  9. I'm all for this European Super League. Go on? Off you F@(K!
  10. As stated on another thread, I think Farke sadly had to go but I feel we should have waited for Knutsen who could have potentially been Farke II.
  11. I think we should have waited for Knutsen. We know what Dean Smith can do and he failed with a much better side in Villa so Knutsen would have been a Wildcard/Moneyball style manager. We were pretty much down anyway as not 3 worse teams, but he could have potentially been Farke II. He's just won the league for the 2nd time with Bodo/Glimt BTW, the ONLY 2 times in their 105 year history.
  12. Pukki's Goalscoring form with Brondby 2015–2018 Brøndby 103 (46) Uhre's Goalscoring form with Brondby 2018– Brøndby 101 (42) Very similar. Can lightning strike twice?
  13. ...for their game on Tuesday but not today. Odd.
  14. Leeds v Villa has just been called off so you never know.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59795735 Leeds Villa off now too.
  16. I think you'll find the player with the most tackles per game %age was sold to Villa...how many times did we profit from the turn-over/high press with him around. Was always going to be hard to replace but in him, a few years after Wes left, unbelievably “new Wes” was arguably better than Wes…so we live in hope. Maybe Tzolis can be Zaha-esque in a few years, Josh can be a Mario Gomez type player or fingers crossed Rachica will continue to improve. If we're looking too much at defence and still can't create/score goals, we'll continually fall down.
  17. Maybe due to all the time he spends in the gym getting ripped, he ripped something? ...and most of you dig Todd out for being "Modern Vain".
  18. I'd add, although he's good and we like him, I personally think he's great, but try and pick a Prem team where he'd be a massive upgrade on their current RB. It's a toughy. #hardtalk
  19. I think someone on here may suffer from high blood pressure, heart issues, skin disorders and digestive problems. Calm down ol'Fred, its Christmas, you'll get Gout, I did warn you.
  20. We all clapped Skipp the other week and he played a blinder and was the best Midfielder on the park. I say lets Boo EB before the game then clap him afterwards.
  21. Maybe we havent got £10m-ish, but we may have if we sell Todd. If so could Alfredo Morelos at Rangers be worthy? I know he can be a tad wild at times but so was Suarez and much like him, he certainly knows where the net is. He's 25 too so the right age.
  22. Spot on (pun intended). 6 of the 11 goals scored yesterday were pens. Football is broken.
  23. I thought Covid too longer than a day to show up on a test?!
  24. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59625399 ...although we only had one case and he wasn't there. Seems odd?
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