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  1. The shareholders are happy, we saw that on Wednesday with the huge pat on the back the board got!
  2. [quote user="Diane"]Well I must have watched a different game to some of you cause I think the scoreline is harsh and that up to 80 mins when I stopped watching thought it had been a better performance though I do appreciate that''s no consolationIf only Nelson had passed the ball to unmarked Wes, we''d have gone 2 up and it might have been a different 2nd half. Didn''t think their first penalty was a penalty. Our defending for their 3rd was shocking.Guess we didn''t bring subs on any earlier as Pritchard, Trybull and Jerome aren''t 100%, injury situation isn''t helping us[/quote] But Wildschut is! And didn’t Farke say Jerome could play 20 minutes if needed? Can’t believe people can defend this Deutsch Disaster
  3. [quote user="hogesar"]I know in simple terms we need results right now and not performances but im far happier after that performance than I am the last 3 or so before that.[/quote] And you accuse others of being Reading fans? You are happy with losing tonight rather than getting 2 points from the last 3 games! You really are a c0ck
  4. [quote user="hogesar"]I know in simple terms we need results right now and not performances but im far happier after that performance than I am the last 3 or so before that.[/quote] And you accuse others of being Reading fans? You are happy with losing tonight rather than getting 2 points from the last 3 games! You really are a c0ck
  5. No it’s not, we are in a relegation scrap!
  6. 82 minutes and 3-1 down and he goes like for like with Pritchard on for Maddison! And there are idiots on this forum that say they would rather take League One than foreign investment! Guess what, you may get your wish in May if this clown carries on much longer!
  7. [quote user="keelansgrandad"]Just how are we behind to a Cardiff side that obviously must be having an ordinary night? Reed seems in control in midfield, Murphy and Oliveira are finding space. Defending from set pieces is rubbish again of course. But nothing is happening. Is it the players or the coaching? I just don''t get why we are like this.[/quote] I thought the Deutsch Wundaboy had sorted out the defence though?
  8. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Yorkshire Canary: "Agree 100% derby. I am getting increasingly pissed off by the fans of the owners who are die hards cling to the fake news that we have been a wonderfully run club punching above our weight fir the past 20 plus years" But that''s exactly what we are. Name a comparable club who''s done better than us for the last 20 years, and I will name one that has done worse. Ask a neutral if Forest, Leeds, Derby or even Hull are bigger than us and they could well say they are.[/quote] There aren’t many that have been in the Prem, Championship and League One in the last 20 years are there? Southampton have been though, I’m sure there are others too, Coventry, Bradford, Barnsley, Sheffield Utd maybe
  9. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Cannot be asked to watch it anymore. Murphy is Pants and i have lost count of how many times it breaks down when he has the ball ![/quote] But he’s a potential 25 million pound player according to our great head coach 😂
  10. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]For the last 40 odds years we have flitted between the too two divisions with exception of that one year in league 1. At no stage have we had a big investor and for the most part have always been kept afloat by profits in the transfer market. Our ticket revenue for the most part puts us mid way in the championship. A move up or down from this is based upon good or bad managerial and transfer decisions. We may produce some of our own kids to develop and sell on but more important over this period is the ability to buy from lower league at modest prices and sell on whether that be a David cross in the 1970s or a maddison now. Part of this is not pretending to compete on high unsustainable salaries but giving young hungry players from unfashionable clubs a platform to show their wares and move on to better. This is not about spending money on facilities but investing in a good lower league and non league scouting network. Obviously in this set up if we make poor signings and managerial decisions then we will suffer get them right and we will prosper. This board has a track record of poor decision making and I don''t see that changing anytime quick. It is not so much the investment of owners that is important to me but the ability to make more good decisions than bad ones[/quote]That doesn''t add up. Despite having no big investment, unlike the vast majority of clubs in the top two divisions, we have flitted between the second tier and the first, and yet apparently the board has made many more bad decisions than good? A fair assessment, based on your post, would be that the board has had the club punching at least at its weight and often above because of a very decent track record of decison-making - certainly markedly bettter than many other clubs - but that any mistakes get more severely punished because of the lack of money. And that the way football finance is going even in the Championship any mistakes will get increasingly punished.[/quote] Did it punch above it’s weight when they oversaw the year we dropped into League One? It’s amazing how many people seem to gloss over the fact when they bang on about this board being so bloody fantastic!
  11. Because Wales are at home in the Rugby tomorrow
  12. The 8 game unbeaten run appears to have been the blip, judging from what happened prior to it and since!
  13. [quote user="Duncan Edwards"]20 games remaining or thereabouts.[/quote] Ah that’s when our illustrious owners chose the man from the Phone Company to takeover isn’t it?
  14. Even if we go down, which I don’t think will happen, it’s ok because we are a well run Community Club and people have stated on this forum it’s what they’d rather have than Delia going 😂
  15. [quote user="westcoastcanary"][quote user="norfolkngood"]well would you really want the Youth teams playing Farkes brand of football ?[/quote] "Farke''s brand of football"? Do you seriously believe we''ve seen "Farke''s brand of football"? The same nonsense was trotted out about "Hughton''s brand of football". As Nutty says, we are four months into the process of fashioning a team able to play a certain style of football consistently and successfully. If you want to catch a glimpse of "Farke''s style of football", watch some videos of Borussia Dortmund under Tuchel. [/quote] Why watch videos of Dortmund under Tuchel? People need to do their research and understand the way it works in Germany is that Dortmund and Dortmund II are totally different entities! And yes I do know because I lived in Germany for 7 and a half years!
  16. So Farke’s answers got “lost in translation?” Maybe there’s the answer to why it would appear that the players don’t know exactly what to do, that Farke’s tactics are getting lost in translation! It would certainly explain why his interviews to the media can appear rather strange most of the time
  17. [quote user="nutty nigel"]What these keyboard warriors never understand is that they are in the minority. Either that or are too timid to make themselves heard....[/quote] How ironic somebody with 36k plus posts talking about keyboard warriors 😂😂
  18. But it’s ok, we are a well run Community orientated Club so why all the beef on here? Even if we have another little jaunt to League One it will still be ok because we have absolutely quality people at the top running us brilliantly! As a side note, has anybody actually got any pictures of the hierarchy pissing our money against a wall, as we all know certain people on here like proof of what they are being told!
  19. [quote user="Diane"]Where''s the other 300 ish people who were there and not in your picture?Was there anything stopping more under 50''s turning up, were they refused entrance ??[/quote] Don’t you have to be a shareholder to attend? I think most shareholders would be over 50!
  20. Austria for me this weekend, thought it appropriate with the cold weather, so it’s an away win for Rapid Vienna. For the City bet, Draw ht, Cardiff ft
  21. LDC, you mention fans have a short memory and bang on about the Prem years, but make absolutely no mention of 2009 when under this ownership we reached the lowest point in 50 years, something that is regularly forgotten it would appear as it gets very little mention but there is a possibility we could be back there soon if this so called project carries on down its current path! It amazes me that people actually say it would be acceptable to get relegated again rather than an owner who’s not a true supporter! If it happens it will be interesting to see how people will actually feel!
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