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  1. I was going for the name turkeybinner fc A turkey as the new bird and captain as the new mascot Bernard Matthews to sponsor The binners would bring 14 to 25k fans and 3 stars or turkeys for the shirt! On the ball turkeys never mind the stuffing
  2. Before everyone shoots this one down straight away take a pause and think it through Norwich/Ipswich are 2 medium sized clubs never going to dominate football as long as there is a game. If both clubs were desolved and a combined East Anglian power house created the new club would be in a similar standing to Chelsea/Arsenal/Liverpool. Crowds of at least 50-60 would be assured A new ground for the new club could be built say at the showground and the name could be created combining the heritage of the legacy clubs. A bit like Inverness caley thistle Simples really if you are prepared for change
  3. Another hopeless head coach appointment in Farke Paul Lambert is available but I bet we won''t act until Hull or somebody else acts I see no reason to hold off swinging the axe and allowing the fans to get some hope back with the second coming of the Messiah
  4. The owners are from Suffolk! I like Mello yello suggestion give the fans a red/ green card ans let them vote pre the next game Red - nepotism and the stowmarket 2 to sell up Green - for them to stay Who could possibly object to that
  5. A joke chairman appointed by a joke owner who appointed a bad joke successor You couldn''t make it up
  6. Sack him and the stowmarket 2 will likely replace him with a coach from the 4th division of the Anglian combination they are that inept
  7. Only the stowmarket 2 need firing Alex Ferguson would struggle having them as owners
  8. It''s not my view just an observation from last night when talking to some seriously commited fans I agree crowds will dwindle and income will drop and the only way to remove them will be going in to administration
  9. Only 600 fans last night and some real hard core fans there last night Many are hard core Delia fans but last night a number of them were beginning to question whether Delia has had her day. For them to even suggest it was surprising It''s only going one way now and it''s incumbent upon all canaries who love the club to pile the pressure on the 2
  10. I would be pleasantly surprised is the stowmarket 2 have even understood there is an issue
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