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  1. The captain should have stepped in. That must be part of his role?
  2. Didn't we take 8-9,000 to Arsenal in the Carabao cup when we lost 2-1 TILY? I might be wrong.
  3. Don't we have to give them an even bigger allocation for cup games? That will really P me off!
  4. Leitner, Buendia and Krul replaced with: Gibson, Rashica and Krul
  5. I just want to get back to Carrow Road, have a few beers before the game and cheer my team on whatever league we are in OTBC
  6. Has anything been said about the Arsenal away tickets?
  7. A friend of mine Glen Altham has 4 tickets FB him.
  8. Not sure if it has already been discussed but now the season is over in the States could Caleb Richards be available to us? He seems to have done well over there.
  9. I see on the Canaries website that tickets are available again. The same thing happened with the Bournemouth game. Does anybody know why this is happening, perhaps selling the unsold expensive VIP seats?
  10. No so many of you keen to go to Brighton then!
  11. How can you put Robert Rosario in when you have Chris Sutton on the bench who has already played in that position
  12. Wetherspoons opposite will be an interesting banter point pre match across the river!!
  13. They could always change the words to 'On the Ball City' for themselves
  14. You have got to claim your free beer on the website today and I think they send you a voucher.
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