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  1. It's never your fault It's never your fault Delia Smith, It's never your fault!
  2. A new manager might give him more chances of playing?
  3. At least he got his long term injury sorted out while he was with us!
  4. Do I recall Ip5w1ch fans doing the same, just saying 😀
  5. We don't like being humiliated Mr Smith so deal with it!
  6. The commentator made a good point, how many Norwich players would get in the Villa side?
  7. Some guy called Terry Butcher, think he done ok for himself 😱
  8. Is the delay to him not getting the Villa job as there were reports of him around Norwich the beginning of the week? I hope not.
  9. I heard from a reliable sauce we are going to form a new club in a new stadium with Ipswich. They have already agreed a new name for the club keeping City as Ipswich have always wanted to be a City but splitting the first names up of the new club keeping wich from Ipswich and Nor from Norwich. Wonder what the new club will be called 🤣
  10. The captain should have stepped in. That must be part of his role?
  11. Didn't we take 8-9,000 to Arsenal in the Carabao cup when we lost 2-1 TILY? I might be wrong.
  12. Don't we have to give them an even bigger allocation for cup games? That will really P me off!
  13. Leitner, Buendia and Krul replaced with: Gibson, Rashica and Krul
  14. I just want to get back to Carrow Road, have a few beers before the game and cheer my team on whatever league we are in OTBC
  15. Has anything been said about the Arsenal away tickets?
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