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  1. Previously when I wen there I parked here http://www.walktrot.com/new_page_4.htm. I found it very convenient and - because you can book a spot online - no worries about arriving late
  2. £10. Just bought mine today. Had long chat with person in ticket office. Seems like very few sold yet and expect lots to be available on the day
  3. When I went before I used this parking http://www.walktrot.com/new_page_4.htm You can book online, easy walking to the ground and easy to get away after the game
  4. From what I have seen of Brown and Strihavka, the two are not really comparable. To me Strihavka seemed quicker and more mobile. I think he will connect play well and will make goals as well as score them.  
  5. Also went to game and agree with Baldyboy''s comments. Competent, professional performance without creating a huge number of chances. 4-0 flattered us as we scored 3 in last ten minutes when players were tired and lots of changes had been made. Gallacher (1st half) and Lewis (2nd half) were largely spectators as I guess they will be for most of the season. Back four were competent in my view. Cave-Brown played right back for most of game - looked competent defensively and very positive going forward. Made one crucial challenge in second half - not sure about in the air though. In the second half Rossi Jarvis played right back when Cave-Brown went off having initially played holding midfield when he replaced Brellier after half-time. Not sure what this says about starting right back - presumably both are behind Hughes and Otsemobor? Brellier and Fotheringham looked a workable combination to me. Fotheringham looked completely different from what I saw last season. Brellier looked rusty and gave the ball away twice in positions that could have cost us had we been playing a stronger team. I thought Croft was OK - looks to have lost some weight from last season. Ryan Jarvis did OK on left but presumably is behind Huckerby, Lappin and Eagle for that position. Cureton and Strihavka looked really good. Strihavka is tall and powerful, but very quick. Looks to pass the ball but also good aerially - nearly scored twice from corners. He won the penalty, made the Cureton goal and socred a disallowed goal that I thought was good. Doc, Shacks, Drury, Fotheringham, Cureton and Strihavka all played 90 which pleasantly surprised me. All in all a very  enjoyable night.
  6. According to Radio Norfolk - 2-1 to Exeter.
  7. From N&P stand ypu would not be able to see properly because defender''s leg between you and Huckerby. Not sure what replay people are referring to but if it is the one on Canaries World suggest you may be swayed by the commentary. You really can not see clearly from the angle of the camera. Yes Huckerby went down pretty easily but IMO from my view at the game the defender made definite contact with him and not the ball. Incidentally, you could also argue that the clash between Etuhu and Marshall should have been a penalty because Etuhu got the ball and Marshall did not. There was contact - therefore penalty? May explain why Marshall stayed down?
  8. In Jarrold stand level with River End goal so had good view. Definite contact with Hux and none with ball. Stonewall penalty IMO. Goal should have been disallowed though for Hux''s straight arm to defender.
  9. I stayed - it seemed to me that about half stayed. The City stand seemed particularly empty. I don''t understand why they did not go round straight after the game. We seemed to wait for ever for them to come out. I was really disappointed with his comments. He is an employee of the club and I don''t think he should be saying who is and who is not a true fan. I think there are many true fans and they have a wide range of opinions about many things. For me, I feel we have had a very disappointing season - better second half than first though but I could not bring myself to leave before the players had gone round.
  10. Just heard this on Sky Sports - what do we think?
  11. Not sure why we are discussing this. He has already signed. If he hadn''t, he would not have been allowed to play yesterday, I think, because he was on loan from Preston.
  12. Could anyone really have 80 houses?  
  13. Any idea where most reliable information will be on whether the game is on? I guess it is currently OK but will depend on today''s weather?
  14. From what I recall, Nigel''s contract was extended at a time when the Wednesday job was vacant and there were worries that he might be lured there. At the time I thought the board had done well securing his services for a prolonged period. Not so sure now
  15. Premier - I think you have a point but if we win a cup I think you will see a much bigger celebration than the one today. I think most people were just happy to come back from 2-0 down and get a point. I know I was. Yes, at the start of the game, I hoped we would win but given our recent form away from home and being 2-0 down within 10 mins, I was happy and relieved with the way we came back. I know that we ''should'' be beating teams like Millwall and Coventry but frankly we haven''t been so I think people were celebrating not losing! Sad I know, but given the kind of season we have had to date, understandable IMO. I also don''t think we should draw too many conclusions from individual results based on the position of those teams. For example, in the promotion year we lost at home to both Watford and Bradford, from what I recall - who were struggling towards the bottom of the table. We did well at home against Luton who are a half decent side, I think.
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