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  1. Exeter 1 - 2 Norwich (chadwick) Line Up Lewis, Hughes, Doc, Shackell, Dublin. Eagle. Spillane, Croft, Chadwick, Cureton, Strihavka
  2. http://www.dundee.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=72253 This is Paul Dixon''s response to us having a bid rejected for him. So the headline says it does not bother him that Norwich were interested and he is happy to stay at Dundee. Fair enough obviously a player with no ambition and a player I certainly dont want playing for us!!
  3. I agree 100% phat canary, How he can blame supporters when 24 000 of us turn up every week and watch horrors like yesterday and especially Sunday!! He and the players did not come over to the fans once on Sunday and only Dion and Gallagher today I have been supporting Norwich for 20 years and this has never happened before, I have never seen 9 passionless players playing for Norwich (Excluding Dion and Hux) if they dont care about wearing the yellow shirt they should all p*ss off.  
  4. As a spectator at the match on Saturday I would like to make a few points: Yes it was wrong to use such language with children present and perhaps the song made to Dion Dublin was in bad taste however I am disillusioned to find yet again the word "RACIST" being mentioned with regard to Norwich City Supporters, this is a very strong word and is used far too commonly and I suggest the person making these comments should get his facts right before making such accusations. You may or may not remember a few years ago an article in the press with regards to Alex Ferguson being heard talking about Dion Dublin and his manhood. This is common knowledge and has been part of football banter within Dion''s former clubs.  If you remember Dion actually smiled at the Norwich supporters when the chant was being sung which indicates he had taken it in good spirits. Also at the end of the game Dion was the only one in the QPR Pen area salluting the Norwich faithfull for a good minute or so. Next time please think very carefully before making such accusations.  
  5. I think the current player interested in the position is Dion Dublin.  When he was at Celtic he stated he wanted to get into coaching.  Was that the reason he turned other clubs down and came to us?                  
  6. http://www.teamtalk.com/teamtalk/News/Story_Page/0,7760,2483_902696,00.html   Open link and it states that Paul Jewell is looking to save his transfer kitty for the Summer - Hopefully no bids for Ashton from him then!!!  
  7. Hope you get well soon Roy, Will certainly miss your unique comments on all things Norwich City. Look forward to listening to you again in the very near future.
  8. There was also a huge canaries flag in the crowd at Live 8 too.. Quality!!!
  9. The hotel is definitely going to go ahead and work will start in August.  Whether it has the facilities you mentioned we will have to wait and see.   
  10. Parkin has signed for scum down the road.  Ipswich and Watford were the only clubs who had a bid accepted for him hence the reason he was allowed to talk to them. Bit gutted really but im sure there are plenty of other players they are looking for
  11. sorry to hassle everyone but if anyone is driving tomorrow what route are you planning to take. cheers
  12. Just asking a quick favour from anyone who knows please:- Im driving to Selhurst tomorrow for the 1st time I have had lofts etc in the past, Just wondering what the best route to take is. I have heard its awful to find etc. Any pointers in the right direction would be a great help, Thanks OTBC
  13. I dont come on these boards often but after just getting back from highbury and reading this rubbish from all your supporters who have given up and cant be bothered with the result etc. i have had to post this: How can you criticise a team when a: you were not there to see the game and b: you havent even seen the action yet to judge who was to blame for goals etc. As I said I went to the game and the whole team did myself and the travelling fans proud. Yes Henry scored 3 goals but no defender in the mid to bottom range of prem teams could do anything to stop him.  As you say we knew we probably wouldnt win today but we gave it our all and any defender would struggle against Henry and the co. I agree maybe change fleming and holt but to blame them today is beyond belief. Arsenal were good but 4-1 was generous and we played very well.  So next time please wait until you blame the players and management because today there was nothing else we could have done. Rant over do any other fans who attended the game today agree with me??
  14. sorry to burst put an end to your speculation but Shackell was suspended after getting sent off against west ham reserves when we played them away. Would like to see him start though
  15. Just read this on the skysports website.  Says that we are considering getting him in on loan.  He is loaned out to St Etienne but is not happy and wants to come back to England. I dont know a lot about him I dont think he was given much of a chance at Liverpool.  Any thoughts?
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