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  1. [quote user="crabbycanary"]What happens to some of you supporters when something goes wrong in your personal lives? Is it (really?) the end of the World? What happens when one of your kids makes a mistake? Do they get bawled out/ banished to the cellar, ostracized by all other family members? For crying out loud. Whenever we lose, and lose badly, I deliberately do not come on this forum for a few hours,as it is normally carnage. When we lose, it is obvious things haven''t gone to plan, and certain people have made mistakes (be it Managers or Players) Yesterday was not expected by anbody on here, including me, but jeez, I do despair on how some of you go about your daily lives if something goes awry. It must be tragic living in and around, some of you.     [/quote]Spot on.
  2. [quote user="Chunky Norwich"]The OP is not saying he (she?) was happy with the performance, they''re just saying they are shocked at the level of reaction to one game when Hughton and the players are still trying to find their feet.   I completely agree [/quote]He :PExactly. I was apalled by the performance. But manager and players will learn quickly, the last thing we need are fickle fans getting on their backs after one game!
  3. So I get home from Fulham, and the overreaction on here is absolutely mindblowingly staggering. I cannot believe some of what I am reading. Did any of you fickle people go to the game?Yes, it was a TERRIBLE performance. One of the worst I can remember in recent times. Yes, Hughton got his tactics wrong with the negativity in the first half. Yes, it''s a heartbreaking start to the season.But, people want him sacked?? Calling him ''clueless?'' Show a little respect people, it''s ONE game. If it is the same after ten games I would understand some venting, but my word give me a break. Hughton clearly felt he hadn''t set out our stalls right as he bought on a second striker at half time. People saying our players didn''t even try? What a load of rubbish. The reality is in the EXTREMELY hot conditions Fulham outplayed us. I bet you it doesn''t happen again next Saturday.I''m proud of the large majority of our fans who sang the team on till the very end, you know who you are if you did, true fans. Just remember where we were three years ago, take a breath, and look forward to next Saturday, because we will be out to prove a point. And for crying out loud, get behind the team.City till I die.
  4. My best mate is a Reading fan, and he despairs with him. Personally, I went to see Reading v Brighton a couple of weeks ago and, although he is quick, he can''t take the ball with him! Never helps defend either, really cannot see Lambert going for him.
  5. He is woeful! I hope this thread is a joke.
  6. [quote user="JF"]The abuse of Bale was disgusting. A Chimp is more evolved than the morons doing the monkey chants. First time in years Iv''e been embarrassed to be a Norwich fan.[/quote]I second this, it went too far. I too felt embarrased and ashamed, it was disgusting to hear.
  7. [quote user="CDMullins"]Anybody thinking Norwich City are going to spend £40 Million on transfer fees this summer should be put in a mental institute.[/quote]This! Some of what i''ve seen said on here has been insane. In all likelihood will be about 15-20% of that!
  8. Lets how every single player our appreciation, even the subs. Lets hear some: Theres only one Declan Rudd!In all seriousness I think this would be a great thing to do! Or at least go through every player asking for a wave! Ruddy, Give us a wave... Tierney, Give us a wave.... Would be awesome!
  9. Incredibly late but if im allowed to still do one il say liverpool to win!chris
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