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  1. [quote user="jed exodous"]Maybe its The Suns article today or maybe the bookies know something else, but we''ve gone from 16/1 to around 3 or 4/1 to win the league.  QPR have gone from 1/33 down to around 2/5 according to oddschecker.   Interesting... [/quote]Jed - I wouldnt read too much into that. I expect a couple of large bets will have been placed on us or Cardiff and the bookies are probably reacting to that rather than any insider info. Similar to when Paul Lambert was Red-hot favourite to take over at Burnley based on rumour and gossip.Possible though!
  2. Alex - True. It will be a very fascinating few days, it a shame that this case is starting to over-shadow our game on Monday. Ive read so many different opinions and ''Insider'' news that Im just going to wait and see what the verdict is. I personally cant see QPR losing out on promotion as a result, all hell would break loose. I just hope that whatever happens it will be settled next week and it wont drag on and on.
  3. http://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/championship/promotionAll the bookies have stopped taking odds on the title - So they obviously arent sure. (The exchanges are taking money though as you would expected)Promotion odds are available, odds slightly shorted to adjust for the hearing. Cardiff at 10/11 look very good when you take into account the potential for second place, a play-off victory, or a possible QPR points deduction.
  4. Yep, the point being that theres no use reading too much into a sun article. Which luckily most people have not.I personally dont think anything will come of it, a large fine and nothing else. But we shall see.
  5. Afternoon all, from sunny Corfu. Still slightly embarassed to be a football fan after the frankly disgusting game last night, thank goodness that the Argentinian Huckerby saved the day.The standouts have already been chosen, so we will go further afield. Theres a decent one in Ireland, one in Singapore, and one in Scotland that are all around the 1/7 mark, and I shall go with the best looking one in Scotland - Fort William v Keith (Away win, 1/7 with mcbookie)In this fixture over the last five seasons, Keith have won all five, conceding only three goals. So I am surprised the match is not at shorter odds. This should be a ''Cert'', although Fort tend to throw up one big shock result a season.. However I doubt it will happen here.Best of luck Shack et al.
  6. Ive been doing the BBC predictor for a while, and Ive always had us drawing with Portsmouth and beating Coventry, with Cardiff beating Boro and drawing with Burnley.I have no idea whats going to happen, but I will certainly have one eye on Burnley on saturday, hoping that they still have something to play for on the final weekend.
  7. Cheers as ever NN for keeping the stats upto date.Good to see a tight finish at the top as well. Best of luck to all. Beausant has had a fine run, and great to see Inchy up there after our battle in 08/09.
  8. Jas - Although I havent seen enough games to comment personally, Curetons goals alone may tell a different story to his overall impact on the attack. Yes he has scored 14, but how many more goals could we have scored if we had a striker who could lay the ball off to others? How many more could we have had with a striker who actually gets hold of the ball and can link play? The nature of Cureton is that he will score more goals for you, but his presence in the team means other players will have less opportunities to score. Whether or not his presence is beneficial to the attack as a whole, and not just his personal stats is what matters. As I said Im not making a case either way.
  9. [quote user="The Sweeney"]Very high ratings for a side against a very poor team[/quote] What would you give then? Besides the reason they were poor is probably because we played well.
  10. Wiz - Sorry to change the subject, but on the thread about whether we will go down or not I think your the only one who thinks we will go down. Now I know your game, and its all harmless fun, but Im just curious whether honestly you think we will go down. Im talking your honest thoughts, not your personas thoughts [:)] Back on the subject. Roeder is obviously a strong willed man, and I think his reactions will gauge to what extent the board support him this summer. He isnt afraid to get on peoples bad sides, and I bet he wont hesitate to criticize the board. So im going to wait to see what happens this summer, Glenn is obviously preparing a massive overhaul of the squad (Which is desperately needed), we will see how the board reacts to this. Should be interesting either way. But for now, I think the board have sold us short in recent years. But as usual I dont want to comment too much on matters that im uninformed on, as I have relatively no idea of the goings on behind the scenes at the club.
  11. [quote user="1st Wizard"]Lets do it for our 100 year old striker? sod off Roeder.............lets do it for the fans!..................who pay your bloody wages.[/quote] And dont get me wrong I agree with this. But I would be very confident that Glenn has used the ''Lets do it for the fans'' rallying call several times in training, meetings, pre-match team talks etc. If he hasnt id be very worried. But as none of us are in the changing room we cant say for sure.
  12. I see where he is coming from. Horses for courses in terms of players and tactics. But im a firm believer of playing the best lineup (Dependent on form), they will then adapt to the conditions.
  13. [quote user="ricky knight"]come on all the clubs Dion has played for we are his hearts desire, yea right. you believe he came back for another year because he loved us all so much, yea right.[/quote] Why do you think he came back then? Given that his family was in Coventry, im sure he has earned enough to live off, and he has going on 40. Im not saying we are his hearts desire, im saying hes an honest bloke who would fight tooth and nail to keep us up. I wish every up and coming footballer had the same attitude to the sport.
  14. [quote user="ricky knight"]I agree do it for the fans, no disrespect but Dion goes at the end of a season and wont give a rats axse about us, harsh yes but true, just shows though dont it, why not do it for Hux another gone at the end of the season and deserves the acclaim more imo.[/quote] I disagree with Dion not caring. The bloke didnt have to come back for another season, cant say for sure but I bet he would be devastated if we went down. But yes as you say, if Hucks is leaving as well then do it for both of them.  
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