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  1. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]have we got him ? he is meant to be a special talent ![/quote] Yes, subject to approval.
  2. AFL (Aussie Rules), and hoping my team (West Coast Eagles) makes the Grand Final. The AFL and football season''s are polar opposites with a slight overlap so I get to enjoy sports all year around.
  3. I''d take Gary Mackay-Steven (winger) and John Souttar (right centre half/right back) from Dundee United in a heartbeat. They are the type of youngsters that will develop into very good players in the near-future. Could take bids somewhere between £1.5 - 3m to get each player, but likely worth it in my opinion.
  4. I prefer to look at Jackson''s goal as a moment of brilliance on both Fox and Jackson''s part, rather than a defensive error of a player who a) was on loan, and b) was playing for a Club that didn''t really have much to play for at that stage of the season. In addition, De Laet was also part of the defence that limited us to just the one (definitive) goal that night. I guess it all depends upon how you view the proverbial half full/half empty cup...
  5. I personally believe the reason to be that prospective deals have been in discussion since we beat Portsmouth to go up, and that it''s only now with the football season being completed that Clubs are looking at their lists for next season and are now in a position to decide about who to keep, and who to let go, and at what price to sell. Bidding wars only really come about when two Clubs start bidding around the same time - McNally and Lambert have probably already laid the ground work for most of the deals they hope to conclude this pre-season, and in doing so have stolen a march on other Club''s managers/Chief Executives. An example would be the proposed Elliott Bennett deal - it wouldn''t surprise me if discussions concluded in January with a gentleman''s agreement to leave it until the Summer, with City given first refusal, as a softener for not signing him in January, allowing Bennett to stay and help Brighton get promoted.
  6. I read the ""If Norwich were a Championship club, we wouldn''t be having this conversation" bit as Morison meaning that if instead of Norwich a Championship side had submitted the £2.8m bid, then he would have stayed at Millwall, thus backing up what he said earlier about wanting to move specifically to the Premiership as opposed to wanting to escape from Millwall. I can see the different intervetations others have suggested though. I don''t think it hurts to be reminded that as supporters we have a much greater vested interest in our Clubs than the average talented footballer. Sure, we have been blessed with some amazing talent at the Club who have fallen in love the Club, the City and the Norfolk area, but those players are few and far between, most players nowadays will nomadically circum-navigate the British Isles playing for whomever will pay them the most for as long a period as possible, and I think that''s the trade off we have to accept for prising promising talent from other Clubs, and alternatively selling on the ones that don''t meet the required standard. In short, I''d take a promising striker wanting to play football and muck in for the cause over a less talent who wants to play for us as he has a soft spot for the Club/City/area. Surely that ties in with Lambert''s "hungry" criteria for scouting players..? Ideally, a hugely talented City boy would be even more appealing, but where would we find such a person in this off-season..? 
  7. Pete, any idea whether the games out in Germany are likely to be behind-closed-doors affairs?
  8. Holt will soon be adding a new tattoo to the wrist as I believe the birth of his and his wife''s 3rd child is imminent...
  9. Lansbury, he just seems to me to be a year or so ahead in terms of experience and British football know-how, therefore of more use to us in the Premiership next season. Pacheco, for all his undoubted ability seems still to be finding his feet and the rhythm of playing week in, week out. Let''s hope that this is all academic and that both are back in yellow and green next season in one guise or another...
  10. They (the father and son who threw their season tickets at Gunn) are just one of the many components over the last two years that have led us to being promoted to the Premiership - take them out of the equation and who is to say that the same outcome (being promoted) would/wouldn''t have been achieved.
  11. On a slightly different note, does anyone think we''ll be signing players from abroad? I may be forgetting someone fairly obvious, but who was the last player City signed from a non-British team?
  12. I''m hoping for a pre-season tour of Germany as my better half fancies going there during the Summer for a holiday. I''d love to watch City play Borussia in a pre-season game, which I think could be possible due to Lambert''s links to Dortmund.
  13. Not too sure of the words, but have heard this track multiple times on ''Chris Moyles'' longest readion show ever'' show, and there must be a way of incorporating that into a Norwich song. As the track is fairly new I doubt that anyone else is using it.
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