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  1. Well Thomas Chalkley once wrote : ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know’ After tonight''s supine effort I think that this must apply to all those Hughton supporters who still ignore the evidence that has been presented to them .
  2. I''d vote for Morty and Ricardo as they are the acknowledged football experts allegedly. Also witness the way they relentllessly attack many posters on here. The Messi''s of the message boards I reckon.
  3. [quote user="canary forever"]The river end upper middle section is united as hughton outers to be honest. I found little support left for him as we were leaving the ground yesterday Otbc[/quote] As a upper River Ender myself I can confirm this. On my walk home I also heard this this statement forcefully expressed many times.
  4. Blimey, what’s all this rubbish about the squad that Gunn inherited? Some of you seem to have forgotten that as head of player recruitment Gunn recommended many of that squad to Roeder.
  5. Please, please, please can we put this misconception to bed? Let’s not forget that the squad that Gunn inherited from Roeder contained many players that Gunn, as Head of Player Recruitment, recommended. The squad that Gunn took over was his as much as Roeders. Gunn’s record as manager was abysmal and the man had to go.
  6. [quote user="GoldenNugget"]Got to say that I think the post is a little bit mis-leading, the majority of that 28.57% was with a team that he inherited, a team that didn''t want to be here, and a team that under any manager would of struggled to hit that 30% win mark. So lets be a little fairer and a little less short sighted. He has a 50% record with ''his'' team, he was given the reigns by this board, and they have whipped them away after one bad performance, do you realise how completely ridiculous that is? of course the timing was horrible because of the short amount of time he was given after he was given there full confidence to lead the team. Do you see how weak this makes us appear, '' we have complete confidence that he is the right man to lead us forward'', undefeated pre-season and 2 games later, one win one loss, "We feel like we need to go in a new direction".....come on, I know that some people didn''t want Gunn in as the manager, but that post while your welcome to your opinion, like everyone and anyone is, is completely misleading and doesn''t look at the big picture at all. [/quote] Come on now Nugget! Its about time that you and many others on here remember that Gunn was Head of Player Recruitment before becoming manager last season therefore many of the team that were relegated were signed on his recommendation..
  7. [quote user="Saint Canary"]I think he is already accountable to be honest.  He has signed 7 players and not one of them have had any impact. I do however feel that even Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson would have all struggled to turn our situation around from the position that Gunn got the job.  At the time he was given the job there was just 10 days left of the transfer window, we had massive holes in the squad, no striker who can score goals and a defence that ships goals for fun.  Lets be frank we were desperate just for numbers let alone  qaulity and if only having 10 days to sort it all out wasn''t enough of a problem, he had no money with which to do it.  I can''t think that his hands could possibly have been more tied.  Were shopping in the bargain bin, it''s no suprise we got some dented tins. Even if we get relegated I would stick with this management team for at least another.  The club is in desperate need of some continuity and stability and you can''t expect City''s deep rooted problems to be sorted out by anyone in just a few months.  The chronic neglect that the footballing side has received in recent seasons is going to take a season or more to start to put right. In some ways the prospect of just staying in this league scares me more than relegation.  If we just somehow manage to stay up, I just see more of the same to come next season.  At least if we go down, we can almost start again, give some youngsters a chance and hopefully start to build a team than can grow over a few seasons.  To be honest, I find that far more appealing than the prospect of seeing more short-term fixes, papering over the cracks and another relegation battle.  [/quote] Once again, I’ll remind you that as head of player recruitment Gunn shares some responsibility for the team he inherited.
  8. IBA Wrote Sure the board have made mistakes. So have I. So have you. Hamilton, Grant, Hughes, the scottish invasion.... all were terrible errors WITH HINDSIGHT. Yes and FORESIGHT is even better.
  9. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="the1englishman"][quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="can u sit down please"] Agree 100%. It makes me laugh that your not considered a supporter if u challenge the status quo! [/quote] Really? You know it happens to me all the time![^o)] [/quote] Thats only because you are one step away from being a troll like smudger. You flip flop your opinion left right and centre, you have become nothing more than a joke on this board. Try sticking to your principles for once without the constant changing of your own opinion, and maybe just maybe you might be taken a lile more credible. [/quote] Two words: Last one ends in OFF! [/quote] How very true Englishman and I notice that you got the usual well thought out response from First Witless. No doubt, he will reply to this post in a similar vein.  
  10. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Sir Daz"] Our only hope now is to appoint a specialist fire fighter with the experience of getting teams out of trouble and to spend our way out of trouble  on top of the champoinship quality loanees. Gunn''s signings have made no impact whatsoever but i don''t necesarily blame him for that, he was the wrong man at the wrong time and the board can add that to their ever lengthening list of mistakes. [/quote]hello.. HELLO.. Wakey Wakey! its the players stupid.. a new manager WILL take us down because he has to work with the worst squad in the clubs history.... jas :) [/quote] Very true Jas but just ask yourself who was head of player recruitment until recently and who signed Killen, Gow, McDonald, Mooney, Carney and Lieger and who is reluctant to start them?  I''m afraid that Gunn must shoulder some of the blame as he has played his part in putting together the worst team in the clubs history as you so correctly describe them
  11. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="Scooby"] "Far beyond the Misty Mountains" Wiz?  I suspect most of us wish that you''d kindly b*gger off there, or perhaps locked deep within the mines of Moria would be more suitable, no internet connection there. If we choose to follow our team through thick and thin then we will bl**dy well do so!  For whatever reason people give, and I don''t believe anyone has to justify themselves to the likes of you, it is entirely their business.  Whether it is for the love of our club, a fortnigtly trip to have a beer with friends and watch some footy, or just to escape the Mrs and screaming kids for a few hours........frankly, none of your business. But they are all REAL fans none the less!  Unlike some. I don''t ever recall hearing anyone walk up to Doncaster before a match and say "Please Neil, can we have some failure"  I expect however, that that is exactly what you would ask for, If you could ever be bothered to get out of your armchair. And yes, I have renewed and will continue to do so. [/quote] As I said to star, so I say to you Scooby: I''ve only seen two games this year, but by choice, I refuse to shell out anymore cash on an imploding club run by fools, you disagree, thats your right, as it is mine to say different to you, without having to defend and prove my supporting past every bloody time: But especially for you I''ll add this, when City are a league 2 club, I hope you will still enjoy being a real fan! [/quote] Oh yes First Twit, I will still enjoy being a real fan were the club to land up in league 2 even though I would not enjoy the descent to such lowly levels. No, I do not support the board and yes, I have renewed my season ticket but having been a supporter since 1947, I resent your criticism of my continuing support for my club. You sir, are a deluded old fool and more like First Witless than First Wizard.
  12. For me its tribal. I was born and brought up in Norwich therefore the city commands my support through thick and thin. I guess its like family loyalty.
  13. Blimey Wiz, I suppose that never ever in your long and illustrious career as a poster (or should that be poseur) on this forum have you started or contributed to a anti thread about a Norwich player, manager or board member? Talk about pot, kettle and black.
  14. Hope that you are right rjwc22 but the trouble is that I feel the same before all of citys games. My optomism has been poorly rewarded this season.
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