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  1. I think I''m right in saying its Paul Lamberts Birthday tomorrow, and I was just wondering how cool it would be tonight if we all sung happy birthday to him????   If not Happy Birthday Paul
  2. Think i got my timings wrong but THIS time next week it''ll be: Hallow Neel, cor blas we cudda dun bettaaaaa, or wat a start to the season     (this is my sad attempt to mimic cabbage call in text speak for anyone who hasn''t got a clue wot i''m on about)
  3. And someone living near the Welcome to Suffolk sign should write something sarcatis towards the scum.......I cant think of anything...the Guinness has been flowing too well since 5pm!!!!
  4. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"] Lol! While the Barclay and Snakepit were a bit quiter than normal last Saturday, its the rest of us that need to make noise. Come on the Jarrold Stand (we use to make a load of noise in the 03-04 promotion season) and the sleepers in the River End. Lets roar the team on! Dont bother to wake up the biscuit chasers in the Morgue (aka GW. / City) stand.[/quote]   I take exception to being called a biscuit chaser young man [:)] I''m in the City stand but not in the posh bit where you get free biscuits. [/quote]   Hey CA, are you moving next season to the Jarrold Stand???? CAnt remember what its being called but the area with Hucks???
  5. So do I tim as I have money on him being top scorer and us winning league outright..............serious money!
  6. Why oh Why are you lot replying to him, with eejuts like this you just need to do what PL and the rest of the team do and keep quiet and do the talking on the pitch! BTW Dirty Leeds need to win 3 games more than us to overtake us and I really cant see that happening!
  7. Will u be the girls i normally drool over when my attention gets taken away from the game??? I''m up for a good old sing song! However I gotta watch my voice as I got Sally Army tomorrow and Choir Practice Monday!
  8. [quote user="lincoln canary"] spainboy is a gay boy spainboy is gay boy lalala lalala his team are f ing useless his team are f ing useless lalala lalalala hes a tax dodging nob head hes a tax dodging nob head lalalala lalalala   fell free to add.............................................   [/quote]   When I get home I drink 10 pints, and I get F***ing Plastered, I kick my wife and S*** my dog, Cos i''m a dirty northern B******!
  9. So what would the score be then if the team of today played the team of 12 months ago? A point noted by Neil Adams on cabbage call a couple of weeks ago!
  10. Mine was buying 2 season tickets!!   Morning Jay & Daryl
  11. [quote user="First Wizard"] As it now looks certain that Curo is leaving may I wish him all the best for the future. [/quote]   I second that, thanks for all you''ve done Jamie lad and the best of luck!
  12. [quote user="pete_norw"][quote user="Broadstairs Canary"] [quote user="sonyc"]I reckon today was important because its points on the board, not another extra game to fit in or even a replay. And 2010 has started in the best way. Reckon Lambert will be delighted today[/quote] Apart from the money that comes from it I don''t see any point in Norwich playing cup football. Unless you are a middle ranking Premier League team with a big squad all the cup offers is injuries, fatigue and suspensions. In our current state being out of all cups is a blessing ... and not even in disguise. [/quote] And as I have said in other thread, every cup match we have lost, Weve bounced back in the league and getting stronger, who needs these extra games right now,    [/quote] Its the old cliche come true.....concentrate on the league, and look where it has got us
  13. I dont read and post very often but just interested to know why everyone is so convinced he is gonna go??? So he has scored 19 goals this season so far.....But am I right in thinking he is unproven in any league above this one??? Dont get me wrong i''m not slating him! But who would want him and more importantly would he want to go? I appreciate as a football club we are skint but surely keeping him and promotion will earn more money than a one off transfer fee! OTBC
  14. I agree with Sir Quinny, and just look at the diamond he unearthed in Cody Mac, brought the horse to the club too.
  15. I agree with Sir Quinny, anf just look at the diamond he unearthed in Cody Mac, brought the horse to the club too.
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