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  1. If people want to criticise earnie then let them, it''ll only serves to fire him, I already think he plays like a player who has something to prove and that is only serving to help us. Personally if I was a welsh fan I''d rather have had earnie at the end of those chances that bellamy had.
  2. maybe we need to stirke a sponsorship with cotton wool firm, because were certainly going to be relying on them an awful lot this season.
  3. death of canaries, nailed it. I agree the football, the competive nature, the friendliness is better here, but as you say anyside whose any wants to be in the premier or there''s no point playing.
  4. i''m hoping ramrod was joking about rather being in the championship than the premiership.
  5. could be our only option if earnie gets injured, personally see nothing to lose here, but wouldn''t be holding my breath on it.
  6. even allowing for leon suddenly going, and cotterill maybe changing his mind last night, shouldn''t we be in a position where we have backups and plans across the board. We''ve taken a risk, I hope we can get through to january and not live to regret it. I have a worry this season could come down to, oh we did well, but we didn''t quite do it cos of injuries and weak squad cover. Our first eleven is as good as any out there, our depth, or lack of it, is very alarming though. Fingers crossed everyone stays fit.
  7. I''m sure we all, but it''s gone now and we didn''t buy, it''s a risk but that''s the managements choice, so lets just hope injuries and suspensions don''t start to pile up.
  8. not sure why people want people hunter as the manager, who cares if he''s 90 per cent responsible for the turn around, we should be content with the order that''s working. WE have no guarantee that hunter would work better as number one than number two, As someone who has rarely been a worthy fan, we should be content that he''s found someone that plays to his strengths and covers his weaknesses, why break something that has started well, if it all goes pear shaped then you could talk abut change. Right now worthy, hunter, all the way down to the tea lady seems a working formula in a working order, lets not mess with it too much.
  9. interesting thread, one of my chief complaints about nigel last season was that he hadn''t learned from previous seasons as all managers should be. This season he seems to have picked up a lot of plus points for being willing to develop and learn a few lessons as long as he doing that that can only benefit the club. NO manager has no question marks about him, and the managers who recognise that and do something about it are the managers you want in charge of your club.
  10. they could win the right to playoff against the fourth from bottom team in the league, the sides already in europe should be the ones excluded. ANything that makes the thing more interesting is certainly welcome.
  11. argh you might live to regret that pete, torquay are tenth in league two and not playing too bad, we should win, but this is norwich and the cups, the two go together like strawberries and shaving cream. Lets just try win every game,s urely a settled confident side is the key, were not chelsea or liverpool we can''t afford to be arrogant about games and with our squad as well. Few injuries then a rest few, but not changing the whole team a win is always better than a defeat.
  12. didn''t he come off the bench on saturday? Would be pleased if we did, but I wonder if blackburn might have use for him this season.
  13. I think we''ve all been rumbled lads, I was hoping my love for luton town wouldn''t be uncovered, damn and after all them posts made and time spent here.
  14. should be an interesting game, derby are the kind of team who could blow hot or cold, so i''ll take a draw, a point away from home wouldn''t be too much bad.
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