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  1. Marshall 7 - Didnt have much to do, but claimed crosses well and came off his line quickly when needed, made good decisions, nothing he could do about the goals.Bertrand 7 - Looked quality, very comfortable on the ball, excellent tracking back and closing down, got forward well and good reading of the game, very impressed with this guy.Shackel 7 - Good tackling, made some timely interventions in the second half.Pearce 7 - Again good strong tackling, his reading of the game and general open play was very good.Otsemebor 6 - Did enough, never really stood out but nothing wrong bar being caught in possession once, would have liked him to have got forward more in first half but Hucks was woeful, having said that he didnt in the second either when croft was quality.Huckerby 4 - Looked devoid of confidence and ideas, lots of misplace passes and kept getting caught in posession, did take his goal well but thats all he contributed all game, if we had another left sided out and out winger he wouldnt have continued after half time. Responsible for wasting alot of our possession in the first half.Fotheringham 7 - Quiet first half, much better second, started to dictate the play then.Pattison 8 (MOM) - Absolutely quality, got back and forward plenty, broke up the play and played the simple passes well, dominated midfield.Russel 6 - Average game, did as many good things as bad, was at fault for the first goal by backing off.Croft (on 45) 7 - Was a real handful, had good end product, lots of penetrating runs, we always looked like scoring with him on the pitch, should start in place of Huckerby next game.Dublin 6 - Never really got to grips with their number 5, didnt win much in the air, did have one header against the bar, i dont think we would have conceded the second goal with him on the pitch but i dont think we would have scored with him on it, sods law really.Cureton 5 - Was never in the game, made some good interceptions in the first half, couldnt see the 5yrder he put wide as it was the other end of pitch but contributed very little all game, i dont think he should play unless he can contribute more than this.Rigters (10 mins) - Settled in quickly when he came on, battled, made a nuissance of himself and some nice touches, shame he got injured within a few minutes, i hope its not as bad as it looked.Evans (20 mins) - Put himself about well, again some nice touches, two shots but straight at keeper, i think he should start ahead of cureton next game. All in all came away from the game very happy, it was the most organised Norwich side I have seen since the championship winning side and they were passing the ball, despite the attrocious conditions, with real aplomb, was a joy to watch.But we lack two strikers, this is why we lost, we put cross after cross in the box but no one was there or when they were it was fluffed, I guess thats why we are 17th (as of start of play).  We should get the necessary points to put this season to bed and as long as he is given the backing to rebuild i have high hopes for us next season and beyond.Bristol City on the other hand should be very concerned, they were not in that game at all bar 10 minutes towards the end of the second half, both goals came at the end of each half, the second from a free kick (which wasnt one) being punted into the box.  I cant believe they are top if thats how they play.I''ve read on here they dont mind going up and being beaten every week, which is probably a good thing as they were worse than Derby.
  2. Regardless of your own personal feelings with regards to the managerial appointment or the board, both are here for at least the remainder of the season, with that in mind if we are to avoid relegation we need everyones support.Put down your swords and get behind your team.  Good luck Glenn Roeder. Ps.My own personal views, im unsure:- Experienced, has managed teams in both leagues, so if we did get promoted would not be out of his depth in the premier league (ala Worthy).- Good contacts through out the game - Mixed track record, there are positives (2 7th league placings, intoto cup) and negatives (2 relegations), but I feel the negatives should be tempered with the fact that with one, he has major surger and the other, he lost his assistant, both surely must have had an effect on events?
  3. If people would try and divert their attentions from the us vs them public brawl that this message board has been degenerating into for some time, what course of actions would people like to see happen going forward?Personally:Grant to resign/made redundant.When he was appointed I felt the board had made a good decision, he had all the attributes of a possible up and coming manager, unfortunately in my opinion this has proved not the case. For me, at this stage in his career, he is a little nieve, I appreciate his honesty and cander but I think his expectations on how to operate in the transfer market, in light of the recent TV money boost to the prem, is unrealistic.  My other concern, I am a firm believer in playing a settled side, familiarity and team work is worth its weight in gold, look at the Romainian side of the 90''s as a good example.  Grant admitted he took each game as it comes and planned the team accordingly, I agree tactics should be on a game per game basis, but not personnel, there isnt any one that special amongst our opposition in this league that warrants planning a team around.  One thing that has been completely out of his control (and Worthington''s last season) is the sheer number of injuries, I found this staggering.With regards to the board.I dont think they can be held to blame for where we are now, its easy to point the finger with hindsight, the appoinment of Grant, for me, at the time was the correct one, I cant comment on the financial side of things but I genuinely believe they have the best interests of the club at heart and so will give them the benefit of the doubt.  Should another party become apparent, who has similiar ties to the club (i.e. not someone looking to invest with a view to making money, because you wont) and can inject more money than they can, then I believe this party should be invited with open arms, whether this means they resign or not is up to them. The team.The money situation within the game with the recent new tv deal has now reach new and rather silly heights.  NO ONE outside of the premiership can compete with that now unless they have some sort of sugar daddy.Going forward we have to rely on youth, its the only sustainable policy given the current financial climate.  Fortunately we have a good infrastructure in place.  The board my do all they can to further this areas development as its going to become key over the next five years.  In light of that I would like them to appoint someone who has a proven track record for nurturing youth and expand/improve our scouting network to this end.
  4. Well its on the official site now, I really cant believe how unlucky we have been over the last few years with the number and severity of the injuries we have been getting, its like our players are made of glass for christ sake.
  5. [quote user="St.John Cooper"]1-1 great, that is why i said I hope the 2nd half is better!  Still it hardly gives one confidence for the other 44 games over what is it again...oh yes 90 minutes plus stoppage time (you forgot to add.) Does it you? 2-1 now which makes us all happy 3 points would be good but i still have serious doubt over our quality! But would be more than happy to be proved wrong! Whether we agree or disagree at least we all have good taste and support the same team (LOL) OTBC   St.John     [/quote]Cant offer an informed opinion on the match as im not there but it sounds like we still have a problem giving a performance for 90 minutes, but as its early days of the season im not overly concerned.I''ll reserve judgement on how we will do when i know more about our signings, so i would give it the usual 10 games.  I do think Fotheringham is going to be a revelation with a decent pre season behind him.
  6. [quote user="St.John Cooper"]Its is only the first home game agreed, its not the losing which is so bad but the way we are losing. We look awful, the first few games set the tone for the season, give the players confidence and belief.  We are not doing this, and if by the end of the season we miss out on the playoffs by a point or 2 or worse are relegated by a point of  2 you want be saying but it was ok as we lost games early on. Every point is crucial!  How I would have liked a extra pont to 2 from the beginning of our lat premiership season, it would have kept us up!.  No doubt you thought it does not matter its only the start of the seaso, chill out, do something else.  I know what I would takes the points, you would just accept what reults come your way...pathetic   OTBC   St.John [/quote]no i just know a game is over 90 minutes and a season 46 games.... 1 - 1
  7. otbc? are you trying to be ironic?its half time of the third game of the season and we have won 1 drawn 1, chill.
  8. Over all I thought it was an encouraging display considering theres still a few key players out. David Marshall (8) - excellent first half, some real world class saves, couple of flaps at some crosses in the second half (would have 9 otherwise) but general play was very good, looks an excellent signing. Jon Otsomobor 7 - How fast is this guy?  Saw him close down bellamy in the later stages and was surprised. Defensively solid, looks like he will be good going forward just didnt make much use of him. Shackell 7 - Covered alot for Doc, which meant he was occassionally out of position, with teh right partner wil be a defensive rock. Gary Doc 5 -  Dreadful, caught out  of position and  ball watching alot in the first half, improved in second. Adam Drury 6 - Steady eddy, ok first half, improved second half when he started to get forward more, hoofed a bit too much in the first half. Daryl Russel 6 - Did ok, signs that he will be useful, just looked a little off the pace at times and held back on occassion in the first half presumable because it was a friendly. Fozzy 6 - Pretty anonymous, im expecting this guy to boss the midfield with his vision/passing, can see the potential one incisive pass that was intercepted by Boa Morte would of have been very tasty. Hughes 5 - Tried hard but passing is attrocious. Chadwick 7 - Nice ideas but kept running down too many blind alleys in the first half, improved in second and was always an outlet. Cureton 7 Positioning was good, made himself available, passing was a bit poor in first half. Strihavka 6 Very tidy player, i think it will take him time to settle, doesnt seem quite on the same wave length as the others, but i think will prove a very good player when he does (i wouldnt expect much from him till the new year). Sub Martin 7 on a limited amount of time but look good on the ball and ran at players. Chris Brown 7 Put himself about and took his goal well.  A good season can make a player, which he has had this time around. dublin 6 nearly teed up the equaliser, wasnt on pitch long but strong in the air. croft 7 very direct, pace, looked very handy.
  9. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]Ok. All ready? A player we sign for 500,000 signs a 4-year contract. He''s 23 with potential for significant improvement and a future release clause is negotiated which says that if a Prem/equivalent club comes in with a bid for 1,500,000 we have to sell him if he wants to move. Now, what happens if his market value increases to 4,500,000 during the second year of his contract. We realise what is happening and offer him a new, improved contract with a higher release clause - but he refuses to sign it. Must we then transfer the player for 1,500,000 when he is now worth 4,500,000? Does anybody know the answer? OTBC   [/quote]I think BlyBly is using this to highlight the connundrum our Manager/Board face guys as opposed to wanting to know the anwser.Nice try mate but i fear you''re trying to get blood from a stone with some people on this board, they will argue that they should have negotiated better etc etc.... you can''t negotiate unless you have the upper hand... which is what the player has i.e. he wont sign unless you do it
  10. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"][quote user="KidCanary"]I keep reading posts by people moaning about the board selling players and what not, which i dont really understand.Both Earnshaw and Etuhu have release clauses in their contract, the club AT THIS STAGE has no say on whether the players stays or not, once that minimum fee has been met.Whether you want to blame the board for having such clauses in their contract is up to you, but you wouldnt have got these players with out them.The board can''t win.If they dont get players in, they get moaned at.If they introduce clauses that enable them to get said players in, they get moaned at.The players have chosen to leave and this situation/these clauses are the nature of the beast these days.For every Cureton there are 10 earnshaws......[/quote] If they want get out clauses then they are not 100% commited so dont sign them and dont be held to ransom! [/quote]You cant then go and complain when the standard or amount of players the club ends up signing is not what you expect, because finding good players who want to join us with out such clauses in our current standing is going to be nigh on impossible.  That or they will have to be predominantly foreign players.
  11. [quote user="ricky knight"][quote user="barclayendboy"][quote user="ricky knight"]what a crock, we should not be signing players in the first place with these sort of clauses, surely we want committed players from the day they sign, these clauses do not show a overwhelming desire to play for the club, so dont SIGN THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.[/quote]But if the manager has targeted these players and we do what you say he will then be forced to go for second best and that will then start you lot of moaners of again about signing second tier players, christ i would hate to be on this board with fans like you lot get real norwich are not the man utd of the championship if we don''t agree to these clauses they will sign else where .[/quote] let them go what good are they for 6 months or a year anyway, blimey some of you lot will excuse anything, i suppose if Hucks goes, it will be for the good of the club, he was never any good anyway, we have got that fellah from hitchin, top scorer got to be good, delia said so, blimey, there is none so blind, as them who wont see. [/quote]Your basing your argument there on some thing no one has said.Its like me saying every thing is fine we have 5 million in the bank and we will definitely be getting a world class midfielder.Theres no point arguing any thing but facts, which is half the problem with this message board, every one gets wound up by assumptions they have made.
  12. People are angry about the situation and are taking it out on the board, i can understand that, it will settle down once people have a chance to think about things, i dont think either midfielder (if Safs goes as well) will be missed as much as people think due to their inconsistancies, be that through performance or injuries.  They will be missed if we dont manage to replace them, purely down to numbers mind.Stating things like "why was the amount so low" and why would the board allow such a clause is in my mind pretty stupid.  The club will want to get as high a return as possible, surely everyone can agree on that, its in their best interests.  If someone goes for 1.5m or 3.5m then its because thats the most they could negotiate.People are right to feel angry, im fed up of people staying with our club 2 seconds, starting with Ashton, who gave us a total of 1 year, but direct you''re anger at the people responsible, which is surely the players.All the power is with them, i really cant see how any one can argue otherwise.@Jas, im sure there are players out there that arent mercenaries i.e. huckerby, but you can count them on one hand with no fingers, add to the fact that we arent the only club chasing said players, you end up limiting you''re choices greatly.I would like to see another midfielder signed, i liked the suggestion of Ben Watson from Palace thats been bandied about.I would like to see Rossi Jarvis and Spillane given a chance as backup/cover this season.I think we have more to come from Fozzy, lets see how he plays after a full pre season, i dont think he should be judged on the sporadic appearances of last season.
  13. I keep reading posts by people moaning about the board selling players and what not, which i dont really understand.Both Earnshaw and Etuhu have release clauses in their contract, the club AT THIS STAGE has no say on whether the players stays or not, once that minimum fee has been met.Whether you want to blame the board for having such clauses in their contract is up to you, but you wouldnt have got these players with out them.The board can''t win.If they dont get players in, they get moaned at.If they introduce clauses that enable them to get said players in, they get moaned at.The players have chosen to leave and this situation/these clauses are the nature of the beast these days.For every Cureton there are 10 earnshaws......
  14. [quote user="mbncfc"]I whole heartedly agree with every word. Well put. [B] [/quote]Here here, what amazes me is i really think he believes half the stuff he states.
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