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  1. i''d like to thank nigel for all the laughter he give me when i read about every s**t signing he made (there was more bad than good) and most of them were loan signings who could not wait to get back to there own clubs.  nigel done well in winning the championship but i would like to thank him for leaving us in a respectable 17th a worse position than when he took over. like all the other hypocrites i''d like to say thanks for the good times(few and far between)
  2. MORTY- are you on the clubs payroll or just completely blind to the fact this club has gone backwards since the promotion year. get you out of this site i reckon doughnut!
  3. if anyone wants the club to progress we need to get rid of doncaster,delia and boring nige,the 3 of them take us for mugs and have took us backwards over the last 3 years.
  4. Im not judging anyones loyalty, you all seem to be missing the point, i said at the start if someone has an opinion that differs from someone elses you are not classed as a true supporter by a certain select few who in my opinion make things up on the internet just to sound good.
  5. i think recent titles and trophies will tell you they are not quite as good as any other scottish team and i''m sure chris sutton could back this up. sounds like you are a closet ger.
  6. matt, take your pick of the norwich strikers to do well in scotland, use john sutton as an example, could not make it at millwall but holding his own in scotland. if nacho is so good how come he cant even get into a second rate scottish team.
  7. sob, just read your reply to yc, because you think you are mr norwich does that give you the right on a previous post to tell people they have no right to be on the message board. like i said earlier any monkey can claim to have a season ticket, shares, credit card or even their own brick in the jarold stand. its very easy to spin people a line on the net. all the city stuff you claim to have makes me think that you are not genuine because most real fans will feel that they dont have anything to prove.
  8. "take out the prem teams and we may get excited". so do we not enter in the fa cup this year because it also has prem teams play in it, do we rest our overpaid players in the fa cup incase they get tired or injured and upset any promotion push. and is it worth getting excited about promotion because guess what death of canaries it would be full of prem teams. how many people will still hold the opinion of the mickey mouse cup if and when we reach the quarter-final, i''ll bet there will be alot of support then and no asking for players to be rested
  9. Going to wembley for the milk cup was one of my proudest days as a city supporter. Today i read on another thread that we should not bother with the mickey mouse cup. i can only assume that these posters are  the youth of today who follow the views of chelsea man utd and the likes who feel it is worthless. i can assure you it was not worthless 21 years ago, and a good cup run could be what we need. i for one do not believe that ncfc is above playing in this compitition.
  10. ade is one of the best workhorse strikers about for this standard. he must have something about him concidering how many managers have paid  a million++++ for him. could do worse than ade,we could play thorne
  11. matt, if you are a true supporter why are you asking in a previous post to sign s**t like nacho nova. Am i a true supporter? its like i said earlier anyone can come on the web and say they have been going to games for years, but have they??? i would say i''m as true as the majority of posters. 
  12. After reading several posts today, it would appear that anyone who dares to have an opinion that is different from someone else''s is not a true fan. Certain people write total rubbish on here and expect people to agree with them. This site is not for people who stick to their views, it would appear it is only for those who constantly change their opinion. Anyone can come on a website and say they have had a season ticket for x amount of years, and feel that this gives them the right to have the only good views for the club, but how many of these so called fans who post are true supporters?????????  
  13. cupid stunt change the letters in your name and you might be right!!! good player but plays for himself!! of course he plays for himself (its his job), i dont do my job for anyone else apart from me and my family. the man is out to look after himself and i''m sure you''d be the same cos i know i would
  14. david nugent best in the championship, are you for real yellow rider? how did you come to your conclusion when the championship has the following players: forssell; jerome; hartson; dunn; gera; skacel; lawerance; mcsheffrey; rasiak; idiakez; bakke; stone; healy and not forgetting our very own ernie and hucks to name a few.  i''m sure people will disagree with some of my choices but not many will have nugent on top of their list.
  15. what a great point. maybe worthy does feel abit threatened about possible new managers at the end of their playing career. i dont know if sutton would fall into that catagory but then again you never know!!!!
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