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  1. I hear what you are saying but what about all these contact that Gunn was bleating on about on here a few weeks ago which included Sir Alex and the like - if nothing is going to come of Gunn''s post then why is he there
  2. O come on you lot take Wiz like the pinch of salt that you have with your meals - at least he gives me a laugh and is not as boring as some of the posts that we have on here - Keep it up Wiz you are a gem
  3. So does anybody feel that the younger of the Sutton Brothers on a free transfer is worth taking a punt on.  I certainly do - has proved his scoring credentials and like his agent said a young british striker for nothing when we are looking at Sharpe for 2.5 mill.
  4. yeah and with all these contacts that Gunny says we have then maybe we can expect a few more decent signings - I wait with baited breath !!!
  5. Anybody agree that the local derby on Sun was too late in the season to give either team the impetus to go on and win the game - neither team could go up and neither team could go down and with only one point seperating them in the league it was always a good draw on the coupons.  Needs to be at the beginning of March at least to ensure that there is still enough of the season left to warrant a game where things could still be at stake and not an end of season clash that will affect absolutely nothing.  
  6. Good point Ricki and exactly what I was thinking earlier this evening when three down.  Grant must be careful because the ''patient'' city faithful (joke) will not be content with youngsters being played next season only to get thumped every game.  There again the way some people go on about the youngsters being played maybe they will be happy with that.  They must be blooded gradually when we are hit by injuries and the like and not played just because the fans demand it.  Just because you are 16 or 17 does not mean they can all come and set the league alight.  Martin started off well and was talking a couple of games ago about getting another 5 goals in the remaining games and since then he has not scored.
  7. Same old story - one step forward and two steps back.  Unless we do well in the transfer market in the summer can''t see it changing much next year either.
  8. Why does Worthy seem to appear on every post on this board.  It is getting very boring and why can''t the man just be left to get on with his life.  Very petty and childish any one would think that he was the worst manager we ever had.  As I said in another post he was one of the few managers that brought any silverware to this club and also got us to a play off final.  You try doing any better with our finances.   This hounding of the man even now he has left the club is quite beyond me.
  9. GJL Mid Norfolk Canary - and you would have turned down 600,000 would you - can you imagine going home to the missus and saying ''I''m gonna resign and not only find myself out of a job but will willingly put myself 600,000 out of pocket as well'' - yeah right.  Who in their right mind would do this.  At the end of the day the board had him on a contract and you cannot fault the man for being willing to see that contract through with all the disloyalty in football at this present time.  After all he was only one of a very few managers that brought us silver ware to the club as well as taking us to a play off final.  Not bad in my opinion.
  10. Sorry Smudger got to disagree with you on this one - just because somebody leaves and turns his career around does not mean that Norwich done the bad deed in getting rid of him in the first place - He was not cutting the mustard with us and we got rid of him due to this fact - how many players leave clubs and then flourish elsewhere - look at that midfielder at Liverpool who has just left West Ham and played a blinder on Saturday against Arsenal.  Could not even get in the West Ham team.  No - it is easy to blame the club for everything but I am afraid that it does not work out like that.  So Cureton has had a good season this year but how long ago was it he left us prior to us mentioning his name again.  Did not hear anyone wishing he was back when we were in the Premiership or when Colchester were in the First Division last year.  How many years do we have to go back before we say we were right in letting someone go.   If Henderson leaves cant see many people arguing with that but that does not mean to say he cant flourish elsewhere and if he does will we all be saying we should have kept him.  Catch 22 is''nt it - if they leave and they are rubbish elsewhere club made a good decision but if they flourish then club is in the wrong.  Thats life and we just need to get on with it.
  11. 3 - 0 to a team who has a goalkeeper called ''Gurkin'' - just about sums us up really - losing to a load of veggies - I''m sorry but this defeat smacks of the old Costa Del Norwich again - think they have done enough to survive another season so now taking it easy cos they know they not playing for their futures cos the club aint got the money to replace them - until this mindset is replaced  we will never do anything and be prepared for another season next year of the same old dross - Always thought Smudger was a bit extreme but now starting to think along his lines !! Still they will get 25000 next season for every home game so like I said ages ago and what Smudger said earlier - why should the board worry when the pockets are being filled by easily pleased fans. 
  12. Cerainly is and will be in the top two next year - onwards and upwards
  13. The only reason this club does so well with crowd attendance and season ticket sales is because there is no other club within a reasonable travelling distance for the fans to go and watch - unlike London, The Midlands or the North West where there is an abundance of clubs to go and see we are very much in the backwater of the footballing world with our nearest rivals being 40 miles away hence we class this as a local derby.  I bet if we were situated anywhere else than out in the sticks then this club would struggle to get 24000 a  game as it cannot be for the excellent football that we are playing.  Maybe this is the reason that other clubs do not get the support we get because they have other competitors nearby which begs the reasoning that we only go because it is all we have got. 
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