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  1. blahblahblah

    Fabio Quagliarella

    There''s still time - we got Dion Dublin at the age of 37
  2. blahblahblah

    28 points from 15 games ?

    Can we get this ?

    Just looking back over previous 10 championship seasons for the number of points for 6th place :

    06/07 : 75

    07/08 : 70

    08/09 : 74

    09/10 : 70

    10/11 : 75

    11/12 : 75

    12/13 : 68

    13/14 : 72

    14/15 : 78

    15/16 : 74

    Mean average of these is 73, but 78 would definitely get us over the line. Most common score for 6th in the last 10 seasons is 75 points. We are looking at just under 2 points per game if we want to get top 6.
  3. I think they might think that a bit weird.
  4. Sadly, the telly is attached to the wall. Guess I will just have to get a kango in.
  5. Hi

    As the title says, just wondered.

  6. blahblahblah

    Transfer window Janauary 2016

    I''d like to think that we were a little bit of tinpot, and a little bit hardball. Hard-pot if you will. Or Tin-ball. Take your pick.
  7. None taken djc - all good sport :-)
  8. Excellent suggestions darth, inchy and djc. I must confess that peeling the pie off had not occurred to me, as it appeared to be the most structurally sound part of the pie. But now I concede that there may be some value in this. I like darths hole suggestion, but fear it may require more applied engineering than I may be able to muster when armed with a plastic fork or wooden stirrer. I shall indeed attempt to man up in future djc, and am currently applying for a gcse night class in manning up at the city college. Lesson one appears to be hiding your emotions after getting bad news, so I shall use the cup result as a case study.
  9. Excellent advice darth, with only one problem. In waiting for the core temperature to drop, there are only 45 minutes in the second half. I fear that I may be the last to leave if I waited for the filling to be anything less than molten.
  10. It being the FA Cup, where anything can happen, I was able to take my boy to yesterday''s game. As is usual on match days, the successful eating of a chicken balti pie eluded me. It appears that the base on the pie I had was too soft to handle the filling, so I attracted to eat it upside down. This was successful to a point, that point being when balti filling sort of exploded out of the remaining pie casing.

    However, this post is not to complain. The fault I fear, must lie in my technique. I was wondering if anyone has hints or tips on the art or science of a successfully eaten pie.

    Yours, with a distant balti aroma,

  11. Burnley to beat Charlton at home please.

    Good luck Mr Angry and all pups.
  12. blahblahblah

    Ticket for Saturday required

    there might be something come up on the twitter account twickets - they have an app which allows you to filter certain events too. All tickets are sold at or below face value.
  13. blahblahblah

    12 goals conceded this season to crosses

    "Naooaraoaoaooooaoaaouaooauaoauxwich need to sort their defence out. Big time. "

    Thank god I''m not you any more...

  14. blahblahblah

    12 goals conceded this season to crosses

    Narowich. Oh for an edit button.
  15. blahblahblah

    12 goals conceded this season to crosses

    Watched the everton game on Saturday at home ( yah boo sucks untrue fan etc ), and they mentioned that Narowich had conceded 12 goals so far this season to crosses.

    I''d read somewhere that Gary Nevilles'' opinion on crosses was that if a cross gets into the box, then the full back has failed to do his job.

    So, why are we allowing so many crosses to get into the box, and why are we so bad at preventing goals from them ? Is it a concentration issue ?