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  1. Assuming Onel can’t play (and I think that’s a big assumption at this stage) I’d play Idah. Power as well as pace I would say is a better option in a game like this.
  2. That’s the sort of team and statement that usually backfires NWC! I’d rather play our best team as it gives us the best chance of picking up the points. Worry about Brentford, once we’ve done that.
  3. No one has categorically said Hernandez is out, have they? Just Cantwell.
  4. Am I missing something about McLean? Surely he’s nailed on to start?
  5. The Brentford and Swansea matches are basically home bankers and the form Watford are in you’d expect them to win at Blackburn. No real surprises here.
  6. I thought Onel make a big difference when he came on and was exactly what we needed. Credit to Farke for that one.
  7. I think that pitch can take a lot of credit for Brums first half performance.
  8. How did their CB stay on the pitch? The high challenge 2nd half was probably a red with VAR and he’d already got away with several.... And the one with Pukki through on goal, the same guy just completely missed the ball!
  9. As odd as it sounds, Watford picking up some form really ramps up the pressure on Swansea and Brentford. As long as we keep picking up points, this could actually be a good thing.
  10. After arguably the best overall performances of the season (taking into the conditions on Wednesday) why would anyone want to change the team? Just my opinion but I don’t think you can change a team that’s performed so well over the last couple of matches.
  11. I don’t understand this culture of having to air everything on social media, whether it’s, Todd or anyone else. Just live your own life and those that care, will know what’s going on anyway.
  12. Yep, good performance today, aside from the obvious. Was great to see the two FB’s bombing forward again.
  13. We’re always going to give away goals if we take risks keep trying to play it around at the back. Which I fully understand and accept. Our first goal was created due to playing it around at the back and likewise theirs was the same. It looks brilliant when it comes off and silly when it doesn’t. But we can’t have it both ways!
  14. He certainly seems to have an issue whereby he’s not on the pitch past the 75th minute when he starts a game, however he is playing. Could be ankle connected.
  15. The fact that Hernandez is on the bench today and Placheta isn’t surely suggests that the former is considered a better option currently?
  16. What we definately don’t want to see is a Skipp, Rupp, McLean midfield. They are all too ‘samey’. Despite their obvious talents, I think we have the same problem playing Cantwell and Buendia either side of Pukki. We are too one paced and one dimensional. Especially with the afore-mentioned midfield three. I now guarantee that all of these five will start today!!!
  17. As mentioned by some earlier, I think there’s a strong argument to see if Idah can be this seasons Steipi. Play him behind Pukki at no 10 to be a physical presence and a nuisance to defenders. This should leave Pukki far less isolated and also create space for him as Idah will draw in defenders. We’d also regularly have more than one person in the box (for a change) and much more of a goal threat.
  18. I can’t take anyone seriously who honestly thinks Placheta is a better winger than Hernandez. Despite having all the pace in the world, he never uses it to go forward. He’s like the winger version of Fotheringham! Also, when last at this level, Hernandez got 9 goals and 9 assists I believe. Placheta has 1 and 1 so far. PS I’m not writing Placheta off and I expect him to come good but currently, he’s way off Hernandez IMO.
  19. Thanks Bee. I always rated him and wasn’t sure why we signed him to never give him an opportunity. It’s a great point about the time it takes a player to get up to speed again following an injury as this appears to be lost on some people. It’s particularly relevant this season due to the matches being so regular, players are being needed to fast track recoveries, which rarely works.
  20. Canos wasn’t fit at the start of the season either I believe, due to a long term injury?
  21. If this post is just for a bit of fun then fair play. If it is for any meaningful debate, I’m out.
  22. Talking of ex-City keepers, I didn’t realise Gunn was at Stoke. What’s the betting we find our rhythm and shooting boots tomorrow, pepper the Stoke goal for 90 mins and Gunn has the game of his life!
  23. We dropped down to 2nd at pretty much the exact same time last time we went up, following a similar blip. Out of the next 7 matches, 6 are very winnable and the other is Brentford. I’m not panicking yet.
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