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  1. Canary Renaissance

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I think you may be! From the club’s listed within the article only Sheffield United is a Premier League club. I am not convinced we would be outbid by them. Moreover, their internal wrangling over club ownership may well prevent early activity in the transfer market. More than that, I suspect that our brilliant scouting team, along with Stuart Webber at the helm, will announce a few surprise captures well before other clubs can get near them. OTBC
  2. Canary Renaissance

    Football has kept me connected to the city

    I must admit that I hadn’t heard of him until I read the Guardian article. He has also written this a few days ago............... https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/may/20/radicalism-rebellion-and-robert-kett-a-walk-through-norwichs-history There are some great photos in the article as well. For those of you wanting to take up Nuff Said’s recommendation to read some of his works, here is a list. · 2002 Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Award, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things · 2002 Commonwealth Writers Prize (Eurasia Region, Best First Book), shortlist, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things · 2003 Booker Prize, longlist, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things · 2003 Somerset Maugham Award, winner, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things · 2003 British Book Awards, shortlist, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things · 2003 Betty Trask Prize, winner, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things · 2006 Booker Prize, longlist, So Many Ways to Begin · 2010 BBC National Short Story Competition, runner-up · 2010 University of Nottingham, honorary doctorate · 2011 BBC National Short Story Competition, runner-up · 2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, winner, Even the Dogs · 2017 Costa Book Award, Novel, Reservoir
  3. Canary Renaissance

    The inner game of football

    Agreed LDC - spot on observations. Nice read!
  4. Canary Renaissance

    Football has kept me connected to the city

    It’s good to read a thread without any animosity or barbed comments! As a youngster (aged 10 and 11) I would walk to the ground with my brother from the Heartsease Estate. We sometimes arrived before the gates were open but as long as we could buy a packet of Munchies from the vendors who carried trays with a strap around their neck and then claim our place sitting with feet through the railings behind the Barclay goal, we were happy to enjoy the build-up. At the end of the game we would pop over the road (literally) to the British Rail engineering shop where my father would be working hands full of grease and diesel oil. I think the repair shop for the rail engines and coaches was on the site now occupied by Yellow Storage Unit and a tyre replacement bay? We would then walk home, a much tougher walk up the Harvey Lane hill, especially if we had lost!
  5. In the quiet period before the message board heats up again readers might be interested in the following: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/jun/22/jon-mcgregor-made-in-norwich?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Like so many of us that have left the ‘fine city’ (due to career moves), football has certainly kept me connected to the city.
  6. Canary Renaissance

    Bolton Players may refuse to play their next game (BBC Report)

    Obviously the tense and fraught issues surrounding the sale of the club are the root cause of the current impasse. Given that both the individuals involved in selling and buying the club are mavericks (to say the least), the whole thing is so unpredictable that it could well end up with the EFL having to sort things out through their disciplinary committee. That could drag on past the end of the season. It is almost impossible to second guess what might happen in the short term about the two remaining fixtures. Those currently at the Bolton helm appear to have lost interest. I’m not convinced that the youth players at the club will want to play a part in resolving the issue. There is nothing obvious in the terms and conditions for the EFL disciplinary procedures as to what might happen next, but I’m not a lawyer. I think it’s a case of watch this space. In the meantime let’s get over the line by winning tonight. I’d take a draw, but my heart might not last out if we have to rely on a late late free kick!
  7. Canary Renaissance

    Bolton Players may refuse to play their next game (BBC Report)

    Hmmn....More detail now being given on the BBC website. It includes a statement from the Bolton players and the fact that they threaten to refuse to play both of their remaining games. Here is a snip from the statement: "With deep regret, we have decided not to fulfil our remaining fixtures unless we are paid. We understand that this will disappoint our fans and for this we sincerely apologise. "We realise this may be seen as drastic action but we feel we have no other options left. This decision has not been taken lightly and is not a reaction to this one particular incident.
  8. Canary Renaissance

    Bolton Players may refuse to play their next game (BBC Report)

    Leeds would lose the 6 points as indicated above, so they would have 76 points. WBA would lose just 3 points (given that they won only one of their games against Bolton); WBA would only be 2 points below Leeds (on 74 points) and their goal difference would remain unchanged on 26.
  9. Canary Renaissance

    Bolton Players may refuse to play their next game (BBC Report)

    I agree Wacky WIAFTM, sense will prevail but it is unchartered territory. I suspect that Leeds fans will be praying for a hard line from the EFL. Shame!
  10. I am not sure of the potential impact of this. Worst case scenario is that it all ends with the EFL deciding to void all Bolton fixtures this season. Whilst the consequential points reduction for Norwich, Sheff Utd and Leeds will be a loss of 6 points for all three clubs, the goal difference change may be important. I think Norwich and Sheff Utd will lose the +5 goal difference as a result of the 3 -2 and 0-4 results (for Norwich) and the 2-0 and 0-3 results for Sheff Utd; the Leeds games against them only resulted in a +2 goal difference bonus for Leeds (2 - 1 and 0 - 1). By my calculation that would mean that Norwich only have a +7 goal difference advantage of Leeds, not the +10 we currently enjoy. I'm sure it won't matter in the end after we beat Blackburn tomorrow (2 - 0)?!?!
  11. Canary Renaissance


    To announce two pre-season friendly games.......

    against Colchester and Aston Villa

  12. Canary Renaissance

    Is Leroy Lita still a Norwich City Player?

    He may have been wearing red tonight, but I am convinced he was playing for the Norwich cause.

    Lita or Ched Evans.......no contest!

  13. A massive thanks to a quiet star. Great pass, great season, great pro.

    Ipswich is not a great place to live if you are a Norwich fan, but tonight is different.

    Jimmy Bullard anyone?

  14. I found this.........


    ....................... through a link on the Guardian website (always a good read in itself).


    I’m so proud to have Grant Holt in our team. As you will read, he has many admirers. Fat? A bit harsh, but there can be no doubting his quality.


    An idea for a dull Friday or a Saturday without a game..........


    The best neo-Nazi looking eleven

    The youngest looking eleven

    The eleven with the most old-fashioned footballer type names

    And there’s more..................

    Suggestions anyone?

  15. Canary Renaissance


    Let''s not forget the role Ian Culverhouse will have played